Who We Are
Cloudteam's concept was founded by long-time friends Lou Exline and Kris Kocan in July of 2011. Prior to launching cloudteam, Lou was on the business and Kris on the technical side of consulting. Over a long dinner, they discussed how frustrated they were with the consulting industry. The discussion varied, from candidates receiving relentless calls from competing consulting company recruiters, all trying to fill the same client positions; to customers interviewing and selecting a person for a position and another showing up. Spending hours writing all the issues down on several napkins, they decided to design a system and process that would eliminate these issues and change the industry.
They set up shop in Titusville, FL and started to go to work, employing a small, motivated development team and investing a great deal of time and money.
Cloudteam’s goal is to address the issues that exist in the industry today. Candidates and customers are going to enjoy our emphasis on qualifying, transparency, training, privacy and service. Not to mention our ability to reduce margins by eliminating friction. Eliminating friction means candidates make more and customers pay less!