Join the staffing revolution

Why use traditional consulting companies that are still operating on mundane outdated processes? These inefficiencies cause friction, which in return slows the process and increases the costs. Let us help you streamline your hiring process.

Move to the cloud, get rid of the friction

  • Low Markup
  • Real-time Updates
  • Total Control
  • No 3rd Parties
  • Privacy
  • High Margins
  • No Updates
  • Partial Control
  • Costly 3rd Parties
  • No Privacy

Join the staffing revolution

Our candidate profile personalizes and dynamically showcases your skills and experience to the customer.
Video Introduction
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a three minute video worth? Take advantage of our video introduction to accentuate your communication, professionalism and enthusiasm.
We showcase the skills and proficiency scores that match the customer's project first. No more trying to figure out what order to list everything.
What better way to sell yourself than have other people do it for you.

Have the information you need to make informed decisions

Our goal is to remove some of the uncertainty out of job hunting. We provide real-time position updates and more.
Applicant Comparisons
Find out how well you stack up to other candidates. Discover what other skills and certifications may help improve your marketability?
Feedback on Interviews
No more guessing how well you did on the interview. We provide first-hand information that comes directly from the client.
Scoring System
Our scoring system is job specific and based on how well you match the position. It also considers other factors, including; hourly rate, skills and certifications, education, number of recommendations and how well you’re rated.