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ETL Informatica Data Engineer
Information Technology company
ContractContract to Permanent
Information Technology company
Jacksonville, FL ( Map it )
No permanent US residency required
W-2 and C2C available
Jacksonville, FL
ContractContract to Permanent
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Job description

If you are a strong ETL developer with proven BI (Informatica preferred) experience, we encourage you to submit your interest. In this role you will join a team with a Subject Matter Expert who can help guide and train you.

Education requirements

• Bachelor's degree in IT or related major.

Experience requirements

  • 5+ years of related work experience.
  • Strong experience in utilizing ETL tools.
  • Experience with Informatica or other ETL and BI tools.



• Support root cause analysis of data anomalies
• Work with SMEs to determine a remediation path and provide SQL.
• Support with documentation of the process and changes implemented.
• Support with updating historical data for consistency.


Work hours

Full Time Scheduling.
About us:
Cloudteam has been disrupting the staffing industry since 2011 with our tech tool supported recruitment and staffing teams that have enabled us to offer top level placements with higher compensation and at lower cost to our clients.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Skill Proficiency Years Experience Percent Used
ETL Developer
3 - 6100%
3 - 675%
Informatica Developer
1 - 375%
Data Engineering
3 - 650%
Position Recruiter
Brian Cabral
Technical Recruiter