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Information Technology company
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IT Project Analysts provide value-added expertise in the coordination of technical information technology projects and work initiatives to ensure that goals or objectives are accomplished within prescribed time frames and funding/budget parameters and meet customer expectations. This position focuses on technical projects related to the design, development, execution, implementation or maintenance of systems or software.

  • They ensure that plans, activities and issues are tracked; project management processes and standards are followed and regularly reported to the Project Manager/ Department Manager.
  • IT Project Analysts maintain the content of project/ work initiative plans and ensure the quality and integrity of project information.
  • Analyzes project/initiative work efforts to ensure schedule, scope and budget meet agreed to expectations.
  • Provides trend analysis for continuous improvement. Ensure project documentation, plans, reports are maintained timely by PMs
  • Assists in project meeting facilitation and preparation
  • Assists with forecasting project cost estimates, project status reports, financial reports.
  • Provides support in the development and maintenance of processes and templates.
  • Provides budget forecast and tracking support Coordinate management process meetings and prepare presentations.
  • Provides support in the use of all project management tools.
  • Performs regular (e.g., weekly) analysis of project status and their schedules.
  • Contributes to preparation of multiple project status reporting. 
  • Performs analysis of historical data.
  • Performs trend analysis and re-projections 
Skill Proficiency Years Experience Percent Used
Project Management
1 - 3100%
Agile Methodology
1 - 375%
1 - 375%
Project Planning
1 - 375%
Continuous Improvement
1 - 350%