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Certified Scrum Master - Web and Mobile
Information Technology company
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Information Technology company
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Jacksonville, FL
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The certified Scrum Master is responsible for leading project teams and facilitating the Agile approach within these teams. Additionally, the certified Scrum Master arranges meetings, sprints, and demos. The day-to-day responsibilities of a certified scrummaster include developing and maintaining Agile training, providing guidance for entry-level engineers, ensuring that processes are aligned with the goals of the business, and measuring processes against the corporate quality goals. Certified Scrum Masters work with a number of colleagues, including engineers, production employees, project managers, supply chain personnel, and logistics employees. They usually report to the director of engineering or engineering department lead. Individuals in this position typically work full time in an office environment, although overtime may be required depending on the needs of the CSM's employer.

CSM jobs typically require a minimum of 10 years business management experience and three to five years' experience as a Scrum Master.  Scrum Master certification and relevant education is required as well, and CSMs must demonstrate strong knowledge of Agile processes, concepts, and principles. CSMs must have excellent interpersonal, multitasking, and analytical skills; they must also be able to easily read and understand production specifications. Additionally, CSMs must be able to work well independently or in a team environment.

  • Lead a team in design, implementation, testing and validation of programming code and products.
  • Document and communicate expectations, resolutions and product information.
  • Set schedules, facilitate discussions and resolve problems.
  • Guide and shape team-oriented behaviors and interactions.


Preferred experience:

  • Web and Mobile
  • Healthcare Vertical - Medicare
  • PMP certified


Q: How does your team operate and what’s the primary communication method? High pressure? Laid back environment? Daily work flow?
A: Agile Scrum Master environment – High Pressure environment in an Agile workflow. Looking for a Scrum Master to have had 3+ years of strong hands on experience in an Agile environment. 

Q: What are the Primary Job Duties? 
A: Conducting ceremonies on a daily basis, sending out status reports and proactively working with the team to uncover impediments 

Top Soft Skills/Background:
A: Being able to think outside of the box, be flexible with the team and someone who has a strong sense of System Analytical skills would be a great match

Skill Proficiency Years Experience Percent Used
Scrum Master
3 - 6100%
Agile Methodology
3 - 675%
Application Development
1 - 375%
Project Management
3 - 675%
1 - 350%
Position Recruiter
Dino Lango
Technical Recruiter
SCRUM Master Required
PMP Preferred