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This lead position is a member of the core team responsible for the development and deployment of a new sales channel that supports sales for Group Healthcare. Sales Channel Management is a multi-disciplined team representing the key areas of Distribution strategy support, Sales Compensation program design, Agency setup and onboarding, and sales channel reporting and analytics. This role will also assist with the development of the data systems required to be successful in each of these areas. The lead will work with many teams across the enterprise to develop solutions that result in successful sales compensation, channel relationships, while driving desired sales behaviors and outcomes. This role provides leadership, support and direction to team members in developing and executing the vision, mission, objectives, strategies and plans as it relates to the development of this sales channel.

This work includes: understanding needs, objectives, and requirements; developing effective options, IT technical programs, and service solutions; planning and execution of strategies to achieve targeted objectives; support for issue resolution and opportunity development; identifying, evaluating, and driving implementation of improvements.

Essential Functions


  • Collaborate with and influence decision makers, lead and manage assigned work:
  • Ensure team members understand needs, objectives and requirements of the customer
  • Engage team members to participate in identification of opportunities
  • Ensure team members commit to implementing high quality solutions, on time, and on budget
  • Lead development, prioritization, and management of work plans
  • Manage and track issue identification and resolution
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on project activities for Sales Channel Mgmt.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report performance of work plan
  • Monitor, evaluate and report performance of core business processes
  • Lead implementation of required adjustments as needed
  • Communicate results and improvements
  • Develop and maintain core business processes to help achieve targeted objectives.
  • Coordinate alignment of SME’s, lead and support team members to become a positive, collaborative, effective, high-performing consultative team      
  • Establish and maintain tools, procedures
  • Works with cross-functional teams to gather and integrate evaluations of customers’ environments, performance problems, and potential alternatives in support of Sales Channel Management.  
  • Validates, analyzes, and interprets information from technical areas to make effective cost and process decisions.
  • Leads the development of formal presentations and presents to Senior Leaders and key decision makers across the enterprise.
  • Understands and applies policies, processes, procedures and State and Federal regulations
  • Serving as Internal Subject Matter Expert on Sales Channel Management
  • Defines voice of the customer feedback for purposes of planning and solution matching.
  • Manages the packaging of observations into a format useful for go to market planning teams and capability planning teams.

Team Development:

  • Proactively works within a cross-functional team environment to identify, interpret, and communicates recently discovered trends and issues.
  • Presents options, solutions, and results to the broader team to educate and gather new ideas.

Required Work Experience:

  • 5+ years related work experience or equivalent combination of transferable experience and education
  • Consulting with and influencing decision makers and their respective consultants by evaluating performance and providing recommendations for improvement

Additional Required Qualifications:

  • Experience validating, manipulating, analyzing, and interpreting information from highly technical areas to make effective, cost and process decisions.
  • Experience leading cross functional teams within and outside a division.
  • Management experience including developing/coaching, planning/organizing, delegating and the ability to work in a matrices, team-based environment and culture.
  • Experience with web-based reporting tools.
  • Experience developing and making presentation to decision makers and senior leaders.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working with large organization.
  • Experience applying policies, processes, procedures and State and Federal regulations related to the health insurance industry.
  • Experience with Healthcare systems, applications and technology.
  • Experience with Healthcare reporting and consulting capabilities.
  • Experience with Sales and Renewal Processes.
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Project Management
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1 - 3100%
1 - 350%
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