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LDAP Security Engineer
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Information Technology company
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Miami, FL
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Job description: 

Capgemini's is in the process of securing the infrastructure of one of its biggest clients in the Miami, FL area. We are using ForgeRock OpenAM/OpenDJ that essentially use LDAP under the layers. This is a critical component of our technology stack and is already integrated with a diverse set of services. We are also in the process of expanding the LDAP footprint by integrating more technologies. We regularly add capabilities thereby increasing the foot-print of the production systems as well. 

The team member will be responsible for proto-typing, designing and delivering robust, scalable, distributed and replicated LDAP infrastructure. In order to understand technical and business requirements that will drive solutions, (s)he will be expected to collaborate with managers, lead engineers and members of the client's security group. Resulting software, products and services will then become the standard for subsequent environments. Solution will vary in size/scope and technology as well as time-frames with an expectation of some parallelization across solutions. 

Given the industry advances and the client's requirement to upgrade most of the technology stack, there's an opportunity to define the strategic LDAP infrastructure platform to enable security as well as enable the business/mobility requirements of the future. 

We're looking for an enthusiastic, innovative technologist with good communication skills who's willing to get their hands dirty whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture. 

The successful candidate will be expected to: 
• Drive the determination and implementation of solutions (large or small) across LDAP infrastructure space 
• Deliver initial PoCs and document the design and architectures for these solutions 
• Drive the productio of the solution across appropriate engineering and operations teams 
• Research vendor and open source solutions and determine fit into strategy and architecture 
• Interface with technical contacts at external vendor providers and other internal teams to ensure a holistic solution 

Skills Required - Technical 
• Excellent understanding of enterprise LDAP deployments 
• Excellent understanding of the internet protocols TCP/IP, LDAP/LDAPS, SSL/TLS etc. 
• Proven development experience in scripting like shell, Perl, etc... on Linux systems 
• 5 -7 years Hands on experience with LDAP products, preferably with OpenAM/OpenDJ and ForgeRock. Other similar experience with other LDAP products on Linux platform would be also considered. 
• Experience working with LDAP ACIs 
• LDAP integration of third-party products 
• Familiarity with Kerberos 
• Java/Scala development 
• Experience working in prominent distributions of Linux like Redhat, Ubuntu, etc. 
• Experience troubleshooting issues in a distributed system 
• Ability to work with globally distributed teams 
• Excellent spoken and written communication [English] skills 
• Passion to learn and contribute 
• Ability to handle outage/incident situations 

Skills Desired - Technical 
• LDAP server-side plugin development [C, Java] 
• Experience with UnboundId LDAP server 
• Custom ACI design 
• Experience with LDAP load testing tools like SLAMD 

Soft Skills Desired 
• Experience operating in large, siloed enterprise environments 
• Good communication skills 
• Experience working with globally distributed teams 

Skill Proficiency Years Experience Percent Used
Security Engineer
3 - 675%
Juniper SSL VPN
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Olga Kozlova