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Information Security Operations - Malware Analyst (AVP)
Banking/Financial company
Banking/Financial company
Jacksonville, FL
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Jacksonville, FL
Permanent Position
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Luda Melanich
Senior Technical Recruiter

As the Information Security Operations - Malware Analyst, you will be responsible for the in-depth analysis of malicious documents, applications, and other threats that target the Bank infrastructure. As such, one of the central tasks of this position will involve the reverse engineering and dissection of the respective program code with the help of different static and dynamic analysis solutions. You will also support other groups within the information security operations space during ongoing cybersecurity incidents as well as pro-actively observe the threat and attack landscape for patterns, changes, and trends.

Key Responsibilities:

  • You will dissect and analyze artifacts from potentially compromised bank systems with the help of static and dynamic analysis solutions
  • Identify infection vectors as well as respective possibilities for remediation, and correlate findings with information from the endpoint and network level if required
  • Support the security operations center and other groups with CSO information security operations during ongoing incidents and investigations, and advise stakeholders regarding the risk and behavior of involved malicious software applications

Skills and Experience:

  • 5+ years of experience in the Malware Analyst role
  • You should be highly technical and be proficient in the Malware tools
  • You will have knowledge in the field of IT security, incident response, and/or computer forensics
  • Good knowledge of concepts, methods, and approaches for statically and dynamically analyzing potentially malicious artifacts as well as assessing their respective risk and behavior
  • Good knowledge of common network protocols, especially on the application layer
  • Knowledge of common software vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and exploitation methods
  • Capability of a strong interest in automating analysis tasks in a short amount of time, e.g., with scripting languages such as Python or PowerShell
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Cyber Security
Information Security
Network Protocols