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Jacksonville, FL 32099
Senior Technical Director
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Senior Technical Director
Dec 2004 - Jan 2016

Top Skills Integration Enterprise Architecture IT Strategy Here's the thing. . I like what I do. I'm not a pro athlete (that requires being. . athletic), I'm not a famous artist or a big time surgeon. I did always want to be a pilot, but that's another story. . I like what I do because I like to build technology solutions to business problems and I love to work with people. I don't tell people what to do, I help them see why we should do it. I don't ask people how they will get around a roadblock, I lead them around it. And I believe that every relationship you build is an investment that will pay off many times over. . But in the end, above all else, I really, really love to deliver.

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Senior Technical Director
Information Technology
Jan 2000 - Jan 2004
Jacksonville, FL

iSolutions was a small local consulting company started and led by former CSX employees for whom I have a great deal of respect. Which is why after 10 years at CSX I decided to join them and the dot com boom. While iSolutions was small it was a great example of how having the right people with great ideas can deliver as well as big shops. But with less overhead. The most significant implementation I helped deliver was a b2b website where healthcare providers could order medical supplies. Online ordering with catalog searching and shopping carts was still in its infancy, and this site was among the first of its kind. My other significant achievement during this time was as a consultant for CSX, when CSX implemented the first generation of the Onboard Reporting System (OBRS). OBRS is an onboard tablet computer used by the crew to report work done during their trip. This was another first of its kind, with particular challenges and innovative solution on the device, wireless communications and messaging.

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BroadVision Client Services Manager
Jan 2002 - Jan 2002
6 months at BroadVision were an incredible learning experience and wouldn't trade it for anything. I learned about developing business, selling a brand, managing budgets, P&L, and what happens when a company grows really fast and the dot com bubble bursts. I also travelled more in this short time than any other time in my career.
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Developer > Project Manager > Manager
Information Technology
Jan 1990 - Jan 2000
It all started here for me, working at CSX while I was finishing school. This is where I learned how to write software. Nothing against my college programming classes, but it's not the same until something you create is used in real life by real people. This first tour at CSX is also where I first learned to manage projects and lead others. One of my favorite accomplishments here was the development of PRISM: a price management and publishing system used by CSX's Sales and Marketing team. After this initial implementation in the late 90s it has been enhanced and upgraded a number of times, and continues to be in use today.
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Computer Science
University of North Florida 1991
University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business
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Enterprise Architecture
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