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Cloud Architect
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AWS AWS S3 Cloud Computing IaaS MS Azure Network Administration Cloud Architecture Enterprise Architecture Linux MS Active Directory
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Recent Experience
Cloud Architect, System and Network Administrator 03/16 - present
AWS AWS S3 Cloud Architecture Cloud Computing Enterprise Architecture IaaS Linux MS Active Directory MS Azure Network Administration RedHat Ubuntu WebServices
Hybrid Cloud System and Network Administrator, Cybersecurity Engineer 08/17 - 11/17
AWS AWS S3 Cloud Architecture Cloud Computing Hybrid Cloud IaaS MS Active Directory MS Azure Network Administration Private Cloud Public Cloud VMWare Enterprise Architecture WebServices
System and Network Administrator, P-systems Engineer 10/00 - 12/16
AWS AWS S3 Cloud Computing IaaS MS Azure Network Administration

  • Erin is a Cloud Engineer who worked in the Cloud Computing Team at IBM where she provided IBM IaaS for high-performance and high-available servers, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. She has experience designing Enterprise Architecture processes, procedures and standards within a cloud environment.
  • Erin has utilized security tools such as Splunk and she has performed threat assessment and vulnerability testing for servers, applications and websites. She has handled orchestration using Puppet, Chef, Tivoli and other applications to keep up with systems operations and security.
  • Erin has worked on Databases on AWS for Windows, Oracle, DB2 and big data on AWS. She has experience installing and maintaining Dockers containers.
  • She has provided system administration for windows and designed, developed and deployed websites and applications.
  • After leaving IBM, Erin worked consulting for a few very small companies in the Chicago area, she then accepted a temporary consulting project at Aon Insurance where she worked extensively on building ISO images to install new systems that would meet MBSS (Minimum Baseline Security Systems) to ensure that all Hippa requirements were met as new Virtual Machines would come online.
  • At the position with Aon, Erin also covered almost all support for IAM, including writing new policies in Json. Currently Erin is working on completing a project to move OpenStack banking application to new AWS cloud environment and setup of new Active Directory Domain.
  • Erin is fluent in Spanish and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University as well as a Top Security Clearance issued by the IRS which is valid until 2018.
  • She is located in Chicago, IL and is available to relocate upon an offer. Erin has excellent communications skills and is available to interview and start a new position immediately.

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Cloud Computing
MS Azure
Education and Certifications
Computer Engineering
Michigan State University 1997
Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Amazon Certified AWS Cloud Architect Associate,
Basic Chef Fluency Certifies,
Willing to relocate?:Yes
Relocation preference
Any location
Prepared to Travel:No travel (0%)
Employment Type:Any
Security Clearance:No clearance
Citizenship:U.S. Citizen