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Business Systems Analyst/Contractor
8 years experience W2 Jacksonville, FL
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Business Systems Analyst/Contractor
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Black Box Testing Integration Testing System Testing Agile Methodology BSA Business Requirements Project Management Quality Assurance Scrum SQL
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Recent Experience
Was finishing the Thesis 08/18 - 07/19
Analysis Machine Learning Matlab Microsoft Excel Neural Networks Pattern Recognition Regression Testing RMI Statistical Analysis VBA Simulation
Business Systems Analyst/Contractor 01/17 - 08/18
Compliance BSA Agile Methodology Project Management Scrum Problem Solving Billing System Analysis
Technology Business Analyst/Contractor 01/16 - 12/16
Compliance SQL Agile Methodology Business Requirements Data Integrity Data Warehousing Scrum Business Analysis

8+ years of experience as an IT Business Systems Analyst with in-depth experience in project analysis and analytics. Developed root-cause analysis and solutions by collaborating with key stakeholders and team members in Agile-Scrum environments. Has an extensive background creating use cases (user stories) and writing test scripts, and is also proficient in all aspects of Excel, SQL and statistical analysis.

Computer Science and Software Development

  • C/C++
  • Java2
  • VB/VBA
  • PL/SQL
  • HTML
  • Statistical Inference
  • SAS
  • MS Test
  • UML
  • RUP
  • ERWin
  • SAS
  • Design Patterns
  • TCP/IP
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • Toad and DB2
  • SQL Server
  • Rational Rose
  • CMMi
  • Matlab
  • Visio
  • Selenium
  • SharePoint
  • Linux

Software Testing

  • Extensive Black Box testing experience: functional, regression, smoke, load/stress, and boundary testing.
  • White Box testing experience: unit, integration and system testing.
  • Responsible for writing test plans, producing test reports, creating test metrics and providing recommendations on automating test strategies based on business requirements and technical specifications.

Software Development

  • Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). A member of a collegiate group that created a web application. We began with requirements specifications and design, and then proceeded to the analysis phase. Java and JFC/Swing were used to develop the web application, and mySQL was used for the database. Before the project was released into production, the software was tested for adherence to design, robustness and bugs, and the web application was released with nary a problem. The project was done in accordance to RUP's iterative Software Development methodology.
  • Software Engineering. Another group project developing the inaugural web page for Volunteers in Medicine in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Developed use cases for software development: requirements gathering, analysis, design, construction, testing, deployment and maintenance.
  • Developed comprehensive Class Diagrams, State Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams using UML methodology in RUP and agile environments.

Excel Experience

  • Planned, designed, and implemented spreadsheet applications using VBA, macros and pivot tables
  • Created spreadsheet analyses with “what if” scenarios for ad-hoc financial reports.
  • Performed data modeling, sensitivity analyses, trend analyses, performance measurement and data cleansing

SQL Experience

  • Planned, designed, and implemented database applications including stored procedures, functions and views.
  • Built and maintained SQL scripts for data analysis and extraction.
  • Performed quality assurance and testing in a DB2 environment.
  • Worked with business stakeholders and application developers to identify business needs and address those needs for reporting.

Statistics and Analytics Experience

  • Thesis title: Statistical Pattern Recognition of Healthcare Data using Fuzzy Clusters, Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning Ensembles
    • Ensembles created using fuzzy clustering algorithms as base learners
    • An Artificial Neural Network was used as a meta-learner
    • Bagging, Boosting, Decision Trees and Stack Generalization ensembles are the focus of the thesis

The thesis explores the efficacy of different machine learning ensembles. Breast, lung and lymphatic cancer datasets from the UCI Machine Learning Repository were used. The project was written in Matlab, SAS, and Java.

  • An in-depth inferential statistical analysis using VBA and Excel. The analysis was a preliminary review for the thesis. Datasets used were
    • Mental health in-patient and out-patient data from the CDC.
    • Inpatient admissions from the Imperial College London
  • Multivariate regression analysis, cluster analysis and descriptive statistical analysis using SAS on heart disease data from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.
  • Classification and Regression Tree Analysis (CART) of risk factors in heart disease using SAS Enterprise Miner. Data from the UCI Machine Learning Repository was used.
  • ARIMA Box-Jenkins analysis and forecast of Alabama and US employment. Data was from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.
  • ANOVA analysis of Internet network traffic. The transaction times between RMI and CORBA invoked objects were examined.
  • Created an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in C/C++. The experiments were to assess those at risk for hypertension, diabetes and AIDS. Health care data from the CDC in Atlanta was used.
  • Presented a multivariate regression analysis of population growth in Birmingham, Alabama MSA and its impact on in-patient admission to UAB’s medical complex.
  • Created and presented a multivariate regression analysis of traffic accidents in Alabama. Statistical analysis was requested by the state government for a highway safety program.
  • Tested financial software that used Monte Carlo simulations and stochastic methods. Proprietary software was used to forecast interest rates.

Top 5 Skills
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Black Box Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Agile Methodology
Education and Certifications
Bachelor's in Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Bachelor's in Economics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Willing to relocate?:Yes
Relocation preference
Any location
Prepared to Travel:Up to 25%
Employment Type:Any
Security Clearance:No clearance
Citizenship:U.S. Citizen