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Solutions Engineer 02/19 - 02/19
Solutions Engineer 10/18 - 02/19
Database Management Project Management
Solutions Engineer 02/19 - 02/19

Supported day to day delivery of full stack Enterprise GIS geospatial products and services including managing servers, services, data storage software security and updates, including Web Portal applications and dashboards, ArcGIS Online, story maps.
• Leadership, budget, department forecasting planning, implementing and managing projects.
• Full agile development lifecycle participation defining scope, goals, risks, resources and deliverables, triaging with developers, embedding with client, providing daily stakeholder reports, knowledge transfer.
• Development experience including COTS, GitHub, ArcGIS Online and Web Portal Applications. Strong data management reviewing, analyzing and collecting data from GIS, KLM/Z, CADD, GPS and Raster files for creation of new and modification of existing maps, themes, layers, and data across different resources, meeting FGDC metadata standards.
• Quality Assurance & Quality Control to ensure quality standards and deadlines are met or exceeded. Experienced in SQL Server, Oracle and SDE database management.
• Provided senior interface with business clients to ensure quality on time, on spec project delivery.
• Deployed ESRI upgrades, patches, tuning and monitoring, managing user access and GIS HelpDesk.
• Performed Enterprise GIS development and support managing servers, services, data storage software security and updates, including Web Portal dashboard and applications development and deployment.
• Critically analyze requirements to design and develop feature-rich test cases.
• Agile development process participation, triaging with developers, embedding with client and defect management. Skilled in using and explaining GIS, CADD, GPS and Raster files for creation of new data and maps created by spatial analysis.
• Quality Assurance & Quality Control for various data. HelpDesk and GIS Wiki support. Developed and implemented project plans and work assignments ensuring product quality with on time and on budget completion.
• Highly effective collaborative communicator and takes great pride in helping align technical objectives and business goals.
• Prior DoJ FBI CJIS security clearance. ITIL, FEMA EOC certified. Technical: ESRI GIS Full stack: ArcGIS 10X, ArcGIS Pro, FME, Schnieder-Electric, Arc FM, Server, Schematics, Portal, Systems Monitor, ArcGIS Desktop, Server, WebApp Developer, ArcGIS Online, Model Builder, GeoMobile, Collector, SDE. Trimble: GEO3, GeoXM, ProXRS, TSCe, Office Pathfinder.

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RENR *GIS emphasis Texas A&M University
Tyler Junior College
Certified Internet Webmaster,
Willing to relocate?:Yes
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Any location
Prepared to Travel:Up to 50%
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Security Clearance:No clearance
Citizenship:U.S. Citizen