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Front End Developer
26 years experience W2 New York, NY
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Front End Developer
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CSS HTML JavaScript node.js Agile Methodology Bootstrap Express.js Git MongoDB jQuery
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Front End Developer 06/19 - present
CSS HTML JavaScript Redux React.js
MERN Stack Developer 09/18 - 05/19
Agile Methodology AWS Bootstrap CSS Express.js Git HTML JavaScript MongoDB node.js Redux React.js
MEAN Stack Developer 01/17 - 08/18
Agile Methodology AngularJS Bootstrap CSS Express.js Git HTML JavaScript JSON MongoDB node.js Typescript

Over 5 years of experience as a Full Stack Web Developer creating Single Page Applications using MERN and MEAN stack technologies such as React/Redux, Angular 2/4/5/6/7, Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB.
• Expert in developing User Interface (UI) Applications and professional Web Applications using Web Standards, HTML5, CSS3, Object Oriented JavaScript, Media Queries, Flexbox, as well as libraries like Bootstrap, Material, and Semantic.
• Created Single Page Applications with React using JavaScript and Object Oriented concepts to create components, action creators, reducers, forms, events, and routers, as well as with Angular 2/4/5/6/7 using TypeScript to create components, services, directives, observables, pipes, template driven and reactive forms, as well as routes for multiple components utilizing Router Guards.
• Proficiency in creating plain JavaScript applications using HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, and jQuery for building user-friendly and flexible high-performance applications.
• Used Bootstrap, Flexbox, and Media Queries in responsive web design that fits all devices with different viewport sizes.
• Experience in server-side programming using Node.js and NPM modules such as Espress.js, Mongoose, and JWT.
• Experience in developing RESTful API's using Node.js and Express.js.
• Experience in testing API's using Postman and Newman CLI, as well as building test suites using Jest and Mocha.
• Experience in relational database systems like SQL, PostreSQL, and NoSQL database MongoDB.
• Experience using Mongoose to integrate the MongoDB database into web applications and perform CRUD operations on collections.
• Experience in using project management tools like JIRA.
• Vast experience in version control using Git and GitHub.
• Involvement in different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle and working in an Agile development environment with participation in SCRUM meetings.
• Experience in deployment of the front end as well as back end applications to AWS and Heroku.

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Agile Methodology
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St. Petersburg Conservatory
St. Petersburg Conservatory
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