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Java Application Architect
15 years experience W2 Jacksonville, FL
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Java Application Architect
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Java CRM Project Management Requirements Gathering Stakeholder Engagement System Design Oracle Hibernate IBM WebSphere Spring
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Recent Experience
Application Architect 08/19 - present
Applications Architecture
Professor 08/19 - present
Software Development Manager 09/10 - 07/19
CRM Java Project Management Requirements Gathering Stakeholder Engagement System Design


  • With more than 13+ years of experience in IT, I built a strong and diverse foundation for designing innovative software applications and directing engineering teams in maximizing development.
  • Whether handling existing infrastructure or developing new architecture, I acknowledge the challenges and collaboration required to accomplish market impact and performance efficiency.
  • It’s an art to leverage my team's mixed abilities to achieve the best results.
  • I welcome that daily challenge because I believe in the importance of forming strong teams.
  • While the organization may grow and teams may change, my focus remains grounded in people.
  • I look forward to many more years in this industry.


  • Built a solid user-centered iterative design process by focusing early on users and tasks and having empirical measurements and testing of product usage to fulfill user requirements at EVERIS Argentina.
  • Accomplished innovation with an end user focus in designing a friendly user experience for the CMS developed at GLOBANT Argentina.
  • Consistently achieved high quality assurance ratings by reducing the number of issues found during QA phase for major projects by 65% using code reviews and peer validations brought into the development process.
  • In the same line, number of post release issues was minimized to zero at WEB.COM.
  • Identified and put in place work corrective actions to keep attrition rate at zero for several years in a row at WEB.COM
  • Reduced costs by $450k per year through migrating 1M+ legacy customers into the forward-looking customer care platform at WEB.COM.
  • With documented success in managing multiple, simultaneous projects, I will boost your revenue through organizational applications to ensure your employees are maximized.
  • Additionally, I can reduce spend through detailed analysis of challenges to strategize an individualized and quality solution.

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Project Management
Requirements Gathering
Stakeholder Engagement
Education and Certifications
Master's in Computer Science
University of Buenos Aires 2017
Bachelor's in Holos
University of Buenos Aires
What's New in the OWASP Top 10,
for UNIX System/C/C++ Programming,
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Any location
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Employment Type:Any
Security Clearance:No clearance
Citizenship:U.S. Citizen