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Director of Global Network Engineering
22 years experience W2 Newark, DE
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Director of Global Network Engineering
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Project Management Data Center Network Infrastructure Auditing BGP Cloud Infrastructure Global Deployments Hybrid Cloud IT Leadership Network Engineer
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Director of Global Backbone and Edge Network Engineering 01/18 - 04/20
IT Leadership Network Infrastructure NFV Project Management WAN Data Center Network Engineer Hybrid Cloud AWS Auditing BGP Cloud Infrastructure Global Deployments Network Security OSPF
Director of Global Network Solutions Engineering 01/11 - 01/18
Data Center Project Management Network Design IT Leadership Auditing Compliance Problem Solving VPN Hybrid Cloud Network Engineer Network Infrastructure NFV WAN BGP Cloud Infrastructure Global Deployments Load Balancing Network Security OSPF
Director of Global Network Architecture Services 01/04 - 01/11
Data Center Project Management

  • As a leader in network architecture and design he is very knowledgeable with all of the IP Services required to design and deploy network solutions. This includes DNS, DHCP and GSLB as well as various other required IP services such as TACACS, NTP, Syslog, and SNMP. He has experience deploying each of these solutions across various network deployments over the past 20 years.
  • IP Address Management (IPAM) tools like Infoblox and Bluecat have always been required to manage large blocks of IP address space. He is very familiar with both of these solutions and would consider himself a user of these tools for the past 20 years. Although, as a leader in IT, he did lead the team administering the Infoblox solution for about five years.
  • GSLB solutions like Cisco’s GSS or F5’s Big IP have also been included in his designs and he is very familiar with these solutions, how they operate and how to integrate them into my designs. As far as administration of these tools he has also led similar teams and has hands on experience with Cisco’s GSS.
  • In regards to the Unix/Linux command language, he is very familiar with language and its application although he would not consider himself an expert but perhaps intermediate.

  • Deployed a global multi-tenant, fully automated Versa SD WAN Solution and saved firm over $1 million dollars' in operational expenses year over year.
  • Simplified the network edge by virtualizing network technologies utilizing a network functions virtualization (NFV) strategy. This reduced total capital and operational expenses by decoupling network functions from proprietary hardware and supporting a pay as you grow model.
  • Transformed the data center core infrastructure by implementing a spine leaf architecture utilizing VXLAN and BGP routing providing layer 2 adjacency and increased scalability.
  • Developed a global data center design with configuration standards and supervised all global deployments. This helped ensure standardized deployments saving time on builds and simplified troubleshooting efforts.
  • Leading teams to develop and automate manual efforts utilizing scripting, API’s and Unix/Linux programming.
  • Led efforts to build out a hybrid cloud infrastructure using AWS direct connect with a transit VPC.
  • Collaborated with network security and architecture teams on multiple data center consolidations including 12 major US data centers down to two and the consolidation of 4 EMEA data centers down to two.
  • Led teams across the globe in the design, certification and implementation of various network related projects, system migrations, data center redesigns, new technologies and product evaluations, some of which include:
    • Internet architecture in US, APAC and EMEA utilizing full redundancy, dynamic routing, application delivery controllers and global load balancing.
    • Client network architectures in the US, APAC and EMEA utilizing a fully redundant, scalable design providing stateful failover and supporting over 5,000 client endpoints.
    • Route health injection (RHI) solution to provide seamless failover from primary to backup data center.
    • Overlay transport virtualization (OTV) design and standards documentation to provide layer 2 adjacency across geographically dispersed data centers.
    • IPv6 Internet WAN and web hosting solution utilizing Citrix application delivery controllers (ADC) to provide IPv6 to 4 conversions.

Experience working with a variety of vendors and technologies, some of which include:

  • Switches: Cisco Nexus 7k, 6k, 5k & 2k. Cisco Catalyst 9k 6k, 4k, 3k, 2k, Juniper QFX, EX, Arista 7K
  • Routers: Cisco CSR 1k, ASR 1K, 9K, ISR 4K, 3K, Juniper SRX, MX, vMX
  • Routing Protocols: BGP, OSPF, EIGRP
  • Technologies: Versa SD WAN, Arista VXLAN, MACSEC, VMware, NSX-T, Cisco DMVPN, MPLS, OTV, QOS
  • Tools: Splunk, Wireshark, Ehealth, Netscout, CA Performance Manager, CA Spectrum, HP Opsware
  • Automation: Python, Ansible, REST API, Unix/Linux

Education Rutgers University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate (In progress)
  • CCNP – Cisco Certified Network Professional (inactive)
  • Government Security Clearance Level - FISMA 6C

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Project Management
Data Center
Network Infrastructure
Education and Certifications
Bachelor's in Computer Science
Rutgers University
AWS Solutions Architect Associate (In progress),
CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional,
Willing to relocate?:No
Prepared to Travel:Up to 25%
Employment Type:Any
Security Clearance:Confidential
Citizenship:U.S. Citizen