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Full-Stack Developer - CIeNET
9 years experience
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Full-Stack Developer - CIeNET
Information Technology
Jan 2016 - Jan 2019
I am a full stack web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails, Worked as a full-stack developer, leading small team. React, frontend Javascript. I really
  • Application development from ground to production enjoy building software that solves
  • TDD/BDD development a problem for a client. That is what
  • Devops experience with AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku is all about
  • solving real problems!
  • Third-party API integrations like Google APIs
  • Payment gateway processing with Paypal, Stripe And I'm an engineer at heart. So I
  • Front-end development with React, Angular get really excited about things like
  • Continuous Integration with CircleCI, TravisCI implementing elegant solutions using Ruby on Rails and designing RoR developer
  • Objectiva /// 2013
  • 2016 efficient re-usable React As a Ruby on Rails developer, I developed various kinds of web components. applications for clients and internal usage. Mostly worked as a team member, and became team leader of 5 members of full
  • stack developers on 2016. Before becoming a full stack developer, I worked as an architect
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Information Technology
Jan 2012 - Jan 2013
in software product development (C, C++). This background Learned and implemented several modern web technologies like Ruby on Rails, HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript. provides me with a strong foundation in software engineering. Maintained and developed several internal applications. One of the best aspects of a career
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I definitely
Liaoning University 2012
Computer Science and Technology
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