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4 Skipper Lane
Salem, SC 29676
Nursing Research & Scholarship Manager
47 years experience W2
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Extensive clinical, academic, and administrative experience

  • Clinical expertise includes women's health and nurse-midwifery
  • First non-physician provider in a community hospital, experience in establishing a birth center and education programs
  • Doctoral education focused on outcomes-based research using secondary data analyses, informatics, research ethics, and translational research
  • Experience using large data sets including the National Maternal Infant Health Survey, American Association of Birth Centers Perinatal Data Registry TM, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, Birth Certificate Data, and administrative data for quality improvement projects

Nursing Research & Scholarship Manager
Mar 2019 - Jan 2020
  • Supervise and assist graduate and doctoral nursing students research, quality improvement, or evidence-based practice projects
  • Assist members of the nursing departments develop research and EBP projects
  • Prisma Health-Upstate IRB Alternate
  • Consultant for Nursing Research Committee
  • Develop Resources for non-clinical graduate preceptors
  • Promote nursing research among Prisma Health-Upstate collaborators
Nursing Project Management
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Associate Professor
Jul 2010 - Jul 2018
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Dimensions of Professional Nursing
Jan 2013 - Jan 2014
  • Course focuses on nursing history, theory, and communication
  • NUR 302: Trends in Healthcare Delivery
  • Includes an overview of regulatory, best practices, political, and payment issues in today's healthcare environment
  • NUR 401: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • Focuses on research methods, research ethics, and implementing evidence into practice. Students develop an evidence-based practice poster and host a poster session.
  • Basic statistics using SPSS on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (unweighted)
  • NUR 402: Ethical Issues in Contemporary Health Care
  • Review current and past issues of healthcare ethics.
  • NUR 404: Nursing Leadership
  • Include leadership theory and application in the clinical setting
  • PE 227: Women's Health Issues
  • Reviews health-related issues specific to women's health within the physical education department
  • Administrative responsibilities include maintaining the nursing budget, hire and orient regular and adjunct faculty, meet with community stakeholders, organize departmental and community advisory committee meetings, attend Maryland Deans and Directors meetings, recruit and advise students
  • Develop and coordinate surveys on student, employer, and graduate satisfaction and program effectiveness for continuous program improvement
  • Create and develop curriculum for two programs that have common bodies of knowledge, coordinate scheduling with other department chairs and program directors
  • Develop student and faculty policies and training
  • Member of Hood College Middle States Accreditation Committee, HealthyU, Health Professions, and Curriculum
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Jan 1999 - Jan 2010
  • Provide guest lectures on nurse-midwifery at Hood College
  • Panelist for the conference on Contemporary Civil Rights Issues with a presentation on health disparities as related to women's health
  • Hybrid Education Certificate
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Medical Devices
Jan 2007 - Jan 2010
Department of Obstetrics Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Full-scope nurse-midwifery practice with deliveries at University of Maryland Medical Center
  • Supervise medical students, obstetrical interns, and family practice residents in labor and delivery
  • Supervise and develop training experiences for nurse-midwifery students in ambulatory and labor and delivery settings
  • Participate in scholarly activities of the department and mentor obstetric residents on their senior research projects including data analysis
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Nurse-midwifery program faculty member
Jan 1999 - Jan 2007
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Family Community Health Department Coordinators
Jan 1998 - Jan 2005
* National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission steering committee
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Baltimore Assistant Professor
Jan 2010 - Jan 1999
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Senior practicum (undergraduate elective in maternity nursing)
Jan 1987 - Jan 1998
  • Intrapartum Midwifery
  • Gynecologic Midwifery
  • High-Risk Midwifery Care
  • Senior practicum (undergraduate elective in maternity nursing)
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PA Nurse - Midwife
Medical Devices
Jan 1992 - Jan 1998
Frederick, MD
Schipper & Bienkowski PA Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Full-scope nurse-midwifery practice within an existing medical practice
  • Developed a free-standing birth center from
  • Birth centers provide home-like environments for low-risk women, providing a safe, high quality environment for childbirth
  • Served as co-director of the birth center including development of accreditation materials
  • Reported accreditation data that focused on patient safety and outcomes
  • Support perinatal quality through data collection, reporting, and chart review for both hospital and birth center births
  • Deliveries at Frederick Memorial Hospital and Frederick Midwifery Center
  • Protocol and policy development for hospital and birth center practice.
  • Privileges included first assistant for cesarean sections, repair 3rd and 4th degree perineal lacerations, and vacuum-assisted deliveries
  • Supervision of nurse-midwifery students from Community-Based Nurse
  • Midwifery Education Program, Georgetown University, and University of Pennsylvania
  • Hospital committee to promote breastfeeding
Nursing Perinatal
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Nurse - Midwife
Medical Devices
Jan 1984 - Jan 1985
  • Established first nurse-midwifery practice at Frederick Memorial Hospital
  • Developed protocols for nurse-midwifery practice designed to provide safe, high quality care in a community hospital
  • Helped develop the privileging process for nurse-midwifery practice
  • Develop collaborative relationships with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers to establish a nurse-midwifery service
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Nurse - Midwife
Medical Devices
Feb 1984 - Aug 1984
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Full-scope nurse-midwifery practice with births
Jan 1982 - Feb 1984
  • Provide best practices for nurse-midwifery within a inner-city hospital environment
  • Collaborate on protocol and policy development for patient safety among a high-risk population
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Labor and Delivery/Postpartum/Nursery
Jan 1980 - Jan 1983
* Responsibilities include nursing care of women and infants during intrapartum and post-partum hospitalization, education of women and families to promote optimal patient care, relief charge responsibilities
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Registered Nurse Experience
Medical Devices
Jan 1981 - Jan 1982
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Responsibilities include ensuring best practices in maternal child health clinics home visits to improve perinatal safety and continuity of care
  • Other responsibilities included supervision of STI and infection disease protocols, and child health for at-risk populations
Nursing Registered Nurse Perinatal
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Clinical Nurse
Medical Devices
Jan 1976 - Jan 1978
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Responsibilities include nursing care of women and infants during intrapartum hospitalization in a high-risk environment, education of women and families to promote optimal patient care
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Union Memorial Hospital Nursing
not provided
University of Maryland
University of Pennsylvania Nurse
Johns Hopkins University
Certificate Johns Hopkins University Business of Nursing
Certified Nurse
RN 246487
RN 256244-L (inactive)
American Midwifery Certification Board Research Committee
R051317 (inactive)
Midwife MW-008180-L (inactive)
Project Management
Registered Nurse
Excellence in Teaching Award ACNM, 2004
Nurse-Midwifery Specialty, 2003
Excellence in Teaching Award ACNM, 2003
Nurse-Midwifery Specialty, 2003
Ortho-McNeil/ACNM Foundation Scholarship, 2003
National Capitol Area March of Dimes Nurse - Midwifery Leadershi, 1996
Sara Fetter Scholarship, 1982
Roberta Ball Scholarship, 1982
Dr. Samuel McLanahan Award, 1973
Local Service, 2009
Frederick County Commission for Women, 2009
Maryland Nurse - Midwifery Peer Review Committee, 2008
MCH Leadership Conference "Traction for Change" sponsored by a g, 2007
from the Health Resources Services Administration, 2006
Maryland Nursing Workforce Commission Alternate, 2006
2005 Planned Parenthood of Maryland Advisory Committee Frederic, 2001
of Dimes Professional Advisory Committee-Frederick MD, 1988
Peer Review Committee Maryland ACNM, 1987
National Service, 0
American Association of Birth Centers Research Committee, 0
Peer Review Panel: Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, 0
Peer Reviewer: Biological Research for Nursing, 0
Peer Reviewer: The Physician and Sports Medicine, 0
Grant Reviews: A.C.N.M Foundation Fellowship for Graduate Educat, 2015
Visitor-Division of Accreditation American, 0
Site Visitor-Accrediting Commission for Midwifery Education, 0
Senior Site Visitor-Accrediting Commission for Midwifery Educati, 0
Past NIH Diabetes Prevention Education Program ACNM Representati, 0
Grant Support, 2016
Care First Hood College Award, 2016
$50,000 award for simulation laboratory equipment, 2016
Nursing Support Program II Carol Snapp (PI), 2016
Grant from Maryland Higher Education Commission funded by Maryla, 0
Includes developing a partnership with Frederick Memorial Hospit, 2006
Carol Snapp (PI) MCH Leadership in Nursing, 2006
Training Grant sponsored by HRSA T80, 0
Annual Direct Costs: $165,600, 0
Total Direct Costs: $828,000, 0
Utilized the grant to incorporate leadership education within gr, 0
Developed a curriculum and schedules for the MCH leadership stud, 0
Required data management and reporting on program goals and prog, 0
Original Research, 0
Snapp C. Stapleton S. R. Wright J. Niemczyk N. A. & D. Jolles pu, 2019
Snapp C. A Water Birth in Community Settings research poster ses, 2019
Snapp C. A. (2018 October). Preliminary Analysis of Water Birth , 0
Snapp C. A. & S. K. Donaldson Physical Exercise and Gestational , 2008
Recent Presentations, 2018
(poster): Developing a Collaborative Model for Nursing Education, 2018
Disparities in Women's Health as part of the Celebration of 50 Y, 2014
& 2014: Nurse-midwifery in the U.S in Modern Western Culture), 2010
& 2014 Birth Lecture and Laboratory session for Introduction to , 2012