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Arlington, VA 22246
5 years experience W2
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Information Technology
Dec 2019 - present
Irvine, CA
Created a Poro Clicker mobile Supported ATI (Automation, Insights, Tools) team in testing game during a Riot Thunderdome efforts through a risk-focused testing approach in a hybridized with a small team and shared it Agile/Waterfall development environment. with Rioters internally. Assessed reliability of code in automation test scripts in Hosted a Player Facing Gameplay risk-focused testing approach. communication event on a bi-weekly cadence, averaging Tested implementation of new automation into ATI's automation 40,000 views. framework through integration and unit testing. Cultivated a community of Esports fans at NOVA Community Provided qualitative feedback to SDETs on intended behaviors of College. Club grew to 300+ automation. members in 6 months. Created several tournaments with high Acted as a liaison for New World QA, one of ATI's customers, and club attendance. provided assistance with diagnostic processes when ATI products would have any problems. Achieved Challenger, top 0.0004% of all players on the RIOT GAMES * Quality Assurance Analyst North American server in the Jul
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Jan 2017 - Nov 2019
Los Angeles, CA
popular MOBA League of Legends. Created and implemented Test Suites via TM4J on JIRA for Playtest usage to optimize day to day workload. Assisted in product delivery process of multiple large scope Streaming champion projects. Examples include Aatrox, Evelynn, and Gaming Qiyana. Coding Lead testing on implementation of new tools to streamline Writing design work?ow and improve testing quality across disciplines. Karaoke Primary testing methodology has been Whitebox Testing Exercise (Integration testing of new content and Regression testing of Worldbuilding champion and systemic iterations). Assisted in the evolution of Playtest craft at Riot Games, allowing
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writing Lua for Riot Game Editors, variants of
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