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Washington, DC 20599
Assistant Director
10 years experience W2
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Assistant Director
Aug 2020 - present
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senior supervisory special agent
Jan 2017 - Jan 2017
  • Serve in the Office of the Secretary as a recognized expert and technical authority on law enforcement and security matters. Responsible for the development and implementation of department-wide contemporary policy, staffing models, and budget. Direct oversight of the seven (7) law enforcement and security programs and thirty-five hundred (3,500) employees
  • Lead a team of Special Agents conducting comprehensive reviews of the Bureau law enforcement and security programs, internal affairs investigations, and review serious incidents to ensure compliance with policy and statutory requirements
  • Deliver, edit, and maintain executive correspondence to the White House, Congress, and the DOI senior officials on law enforcement and security inquiries
  • Coordinate national-level law enforcement emergency operations with other Federal agencies and DOI bureaus including supporting the US Customs and Border Patrol with southwest border operations, and narcotics and human trafficking across the US Virgin Islands. Lead a multiagency response to resolve the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) demonstrations
  • Department representative to the National Security Council and the Office of National Drug Control Policy committees on law enforcement initiatives affecting DOI interests across the United States and Federal Territories
  • Direct the National Training Office at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) providing leadership and guidance on training matters and manage the DOI Investigative Training Program for uniform officers transitioning to the Special Agents job series
  • Designed a department-wide single notification system that mobilized 450 officers and agents to hurricanes across the United States and US Territories in support of the FEMA, National Response Framework Emergency Support Functions
  • Fluent in the National Incident Management System, All-Hazards Emergency Management coordination and Continuity of Operations Accomplishments
  • Lead DOI multiagency southwest border law enforcement initiative increasing apprehensions by 4,000 percent
  • Developed a Department-wide notifications system mobilizing over 450 employees to national emergencies and disasters
  • Conducted over 25 comprehensive programs reviews driving new policy development reducing risk across the Department
  • Standardized internal operation procedures, annual work plans and budget formulations maximizing productivity
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Attorney recognition awards and Chief Certificates
May 2013 - Jun 2016
New York, IA
  • Personnel Security Officer and deciding official directing investigative teams to conduct and adjudicate background investigations for security clearances ensuring compliance with 5CFR731 and national security regulations
  • Provide thorough "whole of person" concept consideration of employee background information degree of risk and recommend proper adjudication decision to approve deny or revocation of security clearance
  • Establish all necessary remedial administrative actions or precautionary measures for an employee to meet minimum standards to obtain/maintain a security clearance
  • Directed nationwide contemporary law enforcement and security training programs and policies for a 700-member staff fulfilling Department requirements often exceeding national training standards employee development reducing risk exposure and work-related injuries lean budget cycles
  • Analyzed the labor force demographics and governed the recruitment and processing of 9,000 candidates to fill police officer vacancies creating a diverse workforce the communities served Accomplishments
  • Reduced the employee hiring processing by $200k annually and expedited background investigations within 3 months
  • Cultivated strategic partnerships with law enforcement agencies and the private sector resulting zero cost employee development programs
  • Recipient of 40+ commendations for outstanding Police Service
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Lieutenant, Traffic Safety Unit
Jul 2011 - May 2013
New York, IA
  • Commanded a full range of law enforcement services including two uniform patrol stations, criminal investigation, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) representative, marine and canine units, horse mounted patrol and the SWAT team
  • Served as the law enforcement subject matter expert ensuring timely completion of investigations, oversight of field office operations, and conducted inspections and internal control evaluations, to ensure policy compliance
  • Mastery at generating statistical reports containing crime trend analysis, visitor injury assessments, and resource violations resulting in innovative law enforcement and security strategies significantly reducing crime
  • Promote a harassment-free work environment, encouraged equal opportunity employment, and established a fair and equitable selection process to fill vacant positions with the most qualified candidate
  • Responsible for the operational and administrative budgets and hiring official to ensure appropriate staffing levels
  • Exercised exceptional leadership and delegated authority as a deciding official for disciplinary and adverse actions Accomplishments
  • Lead the field office continuity of operations and managed $20m in facility and equipment repairs resulting from the 2012 Super Storm Sandy Lieutenant, Icon Protection and Intelligence/Counter Terrorism Unit (SP-083-05-09) April 2009
  • July 2011
  • Led national and regional security operations on the National Mall, Monuments, Memorials and Iconic structures specializing in designing integrating and implementing layered physical security measures, ballistic and blast mitigation, CCTV systems, access control, Criminal Prevention though Environmental Designs (CPTED), counter-surveillance techniques and guard contacts exceeding $1.5M annually
  • Recommending official implementing contemporary physical security measures and ballistic/blast mitigation technical driven concepts during the modernization of the White House Visitor Center, Washington Monument, Martin Luther King and Lincoln Memorials.
  • Conducted red team exercises, security surveys, and risk assessments identifying vulnerabilities at Federal facilities and national monuments and memorials
  • Provided leadership and direction to the Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Unit (ICTU) detectives and the representatives on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). Responsible for developing actionable intelligence, investigate criminal activity, and identifying emerging terrorist tactics
  • Delivered oral and written intelligence briefings to government executives and partnering agencies to facilitate communications and investigative efforts for high profile events
  • Developed a credible and accurate intelligence-led policing model analyzing information, crime statistics and identified vulnerabilities to appropriately staff and deploy assets for criminal investigation and to highly publicized special events Accomplishments
  • Integrated police officers and counter-surveillance teams with technologically advanced security systems reducing guard contracts by $800k annually at Federal facilities and National Monument and Memorials
  • Designed an Intelligence-led policing model to staff and prepare for Law Enforcement and Security operations
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Long Island University Post Campus 1991
Criminal Justice Education, University of Virginia
FBI National Academy 259th Session, Quantico, VA