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Scrum Master 09/19 - present
Agile Methodology PMO Product Owner Project Management Scrum Scrum Master
04/19 - 09/19
Scrum Master, Program Manager 04/18 - 04/19
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Metrics Operations & Commercial Technology Scrum Team Customer Satisfaction Pre-engagement: 3/10 The ultimate measures of Agile progress are delivery of Value in Current: 8/10 Production, and customer happiness. Our primary customer base has estimated their before and after happiness scores as follows: Improvement: 166% The chart shows the trend of Average Resolution Time of issues since the merging of both smaller teams into one Scrum team, with a single Product Backlog. With one exception, where we ?ushed out a batch of early stories, the cycle times have steadily declined over roughly 13 Sprints. The Pie Chart shows the proportion of issue types created during the Agile engagement. The New Feature type is used to note action items or areas of focus generated from the previous Sprint's Retrospective feedback. 3 Steve Hallman 205-222-0525

  • hallmansm@gmail.com
  • TheAgileCouch.com
  • linkedin.com/in/stevehallman The Cumulative Flow Diagram shows the work status of issues over time. It can reveal if a process results in issues "stuck" in a given state, or positive / negative trends. Work delivered to Done (usable by customers) was non-existent pre-engagement, picks up at the beginning of the engagement, and is now a steady rate of delivery. The in?ection point shows when the two sub-teams were uni?ed to one Scrum Team with one Product Backlog. Work in Progress decreased, even while more work was accepted via a Sprint Backlog. This also includes a shift from 1 primary customer to development of more broad solutions to 4 different customers. Created vs. Resolved Issues shows the steady increase of Value delivered (green line) since the beginning of the Agile engagement. You can see the in?ection point in early January when the two teams were uni?ed and began practicing Scrum together. As the team has increased its Product Management perspective and outreach, we have continued to add a healthy backlog (represented in red) which is discussed with our downstream business partners and prioritized based on value, contract deadlines, and dependencies.

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