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Jacksonville, FL 32221
Cybersecurity and IT Technician
7 years experience W2
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Junior level IT professional and current student of a 400-hour Cybersecurity Immersive Bootcamp program and Army Reserve Officer with a background in computing forensics, security management, cyber prevention and training with understanding and knowledge of NIST 800-53. Skilled in cyber risk prevention, awareness training, and monitoring. Passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT) with the drive to learn and grow in the cybersecurity space. Able to work long hours under stressful environments to complete objectives and goals. Seeking employment with an organization that values success, self-driven individuals, dependability, with the desire and willingness to learn new concepts.

Cybersecurity and IT Technician
Information Technology
Jun 2020 - present
Jacksonville, FL
400-hour Immersive Cybersecurity program. Focused primarily on Cyber Security Analysis, hands-on learning with AWS Cloud 9 with virtual machine settings, network segmenting, port analysis, and provisioning. Proficient in network systems configuration. Scripted in Linux/Bash. Analyze traffic and ports, command line interfacing, ARP tooling, OSI and TCP/IP. Established interconnections by segmentation and subnetting nodes and/or system devices.
  • Operates using Linux to navigate directories, set up files, and permissions performs Shell Scripting commands.
  • Proficiently operates and manages networks, software, hardware, routers (wireless), switches, and CAT 6 cables.
  • Manages the public-key infrastructure, transport encryption, securing applications (virtual and cloud systems), access control, and internal reports.
  • CompTIA 7 step for troubleshooting.
  • Password protection length and authentication.
  • MiTM, spoofing, social engineering attacks.
  • Cyber awareness Malware, Spams, Phishing.
  • NIST 800-53v4 Jacksonville Sheriff's Office -
Cyber Security Linux NIST Provisioning Routers Social Engineering
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Nov 2017 - Jun 2018
Sarasota, FL
and printer.
  • Ping and tested with IPCONFIG commands to ensure connectivity.
  • Monitored radio and computer chat troubleshot issues reboot or replace devices as needed.
  • Practiced security policies and procedures through 3 step authentications.
  • Provided customer service and support citizens.
  • Skilled de-escalation of threats.
  • Skilled in law enforcement principles and practices knowledge of standard operating procedures judicial procedures civil and constitutional laws Completed reports in a timely manner and ensure all the facts noted in the narrative collect evidence in a safe manner and placed all evidence the property room as evidence and ensure successful prosecutions
  • Performed routine traffic stops and investigated car crash incidents and completed car crash reports issued citation (s) and driver exchange Demonstrated sound judgment decision-making skills ability to work and build a relationship with others built good relationships and liaise with community groups and individuals
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IT Field Technician
Jun 2017 - Sep 2017
Saint Petersburg, FL
Served as an IT Technician performed all technical needs including but not limited to IT help desk, IT support and repair, networks and security, hardware and software deployments, CCTV and surveillance systems (both IP and analog), door access controls, phone systems and VoIP, server maintenance, and many more.
  • Applied knowledge of basic networking, TCP/IP, DNS and routing.
  • Proficient understanding of the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of computer hardware and components (Ethernet, VoIP, Security Devices).
  • Strong understanding of Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems, the registry, group policy, device drivers and more.
  • Proficiency with malware remediation, removal, and the ability to explain how and why malware penetrates corporate environments.
  • Office 365 including Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint Online. Familiarity with ticketing systems, network tools and other tools are a big plus.
  • Strong understanding of virtualization technologies, server architecture, domain environments and advanced networking.
  • Strong organizational and inter-personal skills.
  • Polite, efficient, and customer-oriented attitude.
Office 365
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Detention Deputy
Jan 2015 - Jan 2017
Tampa, FL
  • Supervised inmates in open-house and secure house units and initiated counts of the inmates at regular and irregular intervals maintained control and discipline, and prevented the passage of contraband into the institution
  • Patrolled both the interior and exterior of the premises to ensure the security and integrity of the institution. MILLTARY EXPERIENCE
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Criminal Justice
Florida A&M University
Military Police Captain Career Course Phase 1
Military Police Basic Leadership Course
ROTC Ranger Challenge: Camp Blanding
leadership Development and Assessment Course
Cyber Security
Office 365
Social Engineering