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Jacksonville, FL 32206
Safety Director - Infrastructure Solutions Platform
31 years experience W2
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Environmental, Health and Safety Management Professional with more than 30 years' experience in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and utility industries. Strong record of accomplishments in reducing recordable and lost time accidents, reducing worker compensation claims costs, developing loss prevention, EHS program development, as well as establishing and maintaining a motivated team. A proactive, results driven, team-oriented safety professional with a proven success in regulatory implementation, compliance, educational training, and lean process improvement. Excellent organizational and analytical skills, strong work ethic and interpersonal skills, with a drive to see things through completion. Highly skilled trainer, communicator and team player.

Previous employer, Insituform Technologies, is the world's largest installation contractor of cured in place piping (CIPP). Experience also includes 12 years of working as the Contamination Assessment and Remediation (CAR) contractor for FDOT all over the state of Florida. The work included horizontal and vertical drilling, contaminated soil and groundwater removal, construction of retention ponds and associated stormwater systems ( all within the FDOT right-of-way).


  • Zero Recordable injuries for Insituform in first quarter of 2020, lowest ever for the Company
  • Reduced automotive and workers comp losses by 38% in 2019, saving the Company $448,000
  • Reduced recordable injuries Company-wide by 32% and Total Recordable Injury Rate by 23% in 2019
  • Reduced Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) company-wide by 53% in 2019
  • Reduced preventable motor vehicle incidents company-wide by 30% in 2019
  • Improved leading indicators/hazard recognition and near miss reporting by 31% from 2015
  • 2018
  • Excavation, transportation, and disposal of approximately 231,000 tons of lead contaminated soil from 440 properties in Jacksonville, Florida's Urban Core with zero vehicle accidents
  • Negotiated long term storage or reuse of more than 900,000 cubic yards of arsenic contaminated soil with Florida Department of Environmental Protection, saving Florida Department of Transportation over $40 million that would have been required for impacted soil disposal
  • Managed more than 400 construction and environmental projects over a 15-year period with zero OSHA recordable injuries Successfully completed the first hazardous waste landfill closure in Puerto Rico
  • Performed consulting/remediation work on 9 different Superfund sites
  • Managed environmental assessment of 70 properties, removal of 54 underground storage tanks, and remediation of more than 30 properties for the I-10/I-95 Interchange Expansion in Jacksonville, FL
  • Negotiated long term storage and reuse of more than 900,000 cubic yards of arsenic contaminated soil with FDEP on SR 207, saving the FDOT over $40 million that would have been required for soil disposal
  • Developed and implemented hazardous materials, and storm water, erosion and sedimentation compliance inspection programs for FDOT District 2
  • Developed and prepared draft Technical Special Provisions/EH&S Specifications for removal and management of lead-based paint on several FDOT 2 bridge maintenance and demolition projects. Performed EH&S review and provided written comments to FDOT for Specification 560, Shop, Field and Maintenance of Structural Steel. Was awarded a certificate of appreciation "In Recognition of Outstanding Accomplishments and Contributions" from FDOT District 2 Environmental Management Office
  • Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School - Reviewed clients Environmental Assessment Report and provided $1 million cost saving recommendation, helping the Duval County School Board to reinstate and complete the project construction expansion after having been previously deemed too far over budget to undertake.


  • CHST - Construction Health & Safety Technician (No. C2282), Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  • OSHA #500/502 Authorized Outreach Trainer OSHA 10/30 Hour Courses (No. 38-0106691), OSHA
  • Certified First Aid/AED/CPR Trainer (No. FL 847), EMS Safety
  • CESCO - Certified Environmental Compliance and Safety Officer (No. 655243547), NREP
  • REM - Registered Env. Manager (No. 592901611), National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP)
  • Certified First Aid/AED/CPR Trainer (No. FL 847), EMS Safety


Areas of expertise include: Program Management, Construction Management, Project Management, Behavior
Based Safety, Hazard Recognition/Mitigation, Industrial Hygiene Monitoring, Incident Prevention, Inspection/Auditing, Risk Management, Coaching/Mentoring, Environmental Assessment and Remediation.

  • Significant experience in construction and operations management
  • Advanced knowledge of environmental, health, and safety regulations
  • Strong leadership and negotiation skills
  • Advanced knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, and coordination of people and resources
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently with little or no supervision
  • Experienced with working with multiple clients, concurrent projects, subcontractors, and vendors
  • Excellent oral communication and written communication skills, including coordination of and participation in conference calls and meetings
  • Ability to lead diverse groups of people and achieve results through teamwork
  • Attention to detail and the ability to multi-task, identify customer needs, provide ideas and solutions, and achieve superior customer satisfaction
  • Ability to data mine statistics using Smartsheet or similar program
  • Excellent estimating, proposal development, procurement, purchasing, and financial management skills
  • Proven ability to manage small, medium and large-scale projects from conception to completion
  • Ability to collaborate with team members and serve in the capacity of a subject matter expert
  • Excellent analytical, problems solving, decision making, and time-management skills
  • Proficiency with computer software and administrative and clerical procedures for entering, transcribing, managing and storing records in written or electronic form
  • Conduct research and respond to requests for information
  • Identification of risks and development and delivery of risk mitigation plans
  • Ability to develop and or review project plans and schedules
  • Provide detailed written reports of project activities and program status
  • Making timely recommendations to clients and upper management
  • Microsoft Products, including: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel;
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard, SmartSheet, SharePoint, and Workday

Safety Director - Infrastructure Solutions Platform
May 2019 - May 2020
Jacksonville, FL
  • Promoted from the position of Area Safety Manager. Responsible for U.S. based Safety Operations of Infrastructure Solutions Platform Companies (approx. 600 million sales), including 7 manufacturing and distribution facilities and 24 offices. Leadership, management and mentoring of 7 safety managers, and approximately 56 installation crews, and Fleet safety program consisting of more than 600 commercial vehicles.
  • Reduced Recordable and Lost Time rates, Improved the claims management system, developed safety auditing system, completed accident investigations, assisted project managers and engineers in all aspects of safe project operation. Responsible for the design, authoring and implementation of corporate safety policies, Safety and Industrial Hygiene programs and written safety procedures. Communicated corporate trend analysis data for tracking accident/injury reporting including lost time injury rate, severity rate and medical cost rate.
  • Worked with senior management to direct the development of an effective strategy to assess and mitigate strategic and operational safety-related threats/risks, manage crises and incidents, and safeguard the organization. Established safety systems within the Company and drove changes to enable continuous risk reduction. Communicated corporate trend analysis data for tracking accident/injury reporting including lost time injury rate, severity rate and medical cost rate. Established safety systems within the Company to enable continuous risk reduction, initiated proactive vs. reactive safety initiatives aimed at reducing workplace injuries, sought out and implemented new technologies which assist in the identification of workplace hazards, track recommendations, and monitored overall effectiveness. Hired, led, mentored, and coached Safety Professionals in all procedures for safe work operations.
Project Management Sales Commercial Safety Director Safety Training Safety Guidelines
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Area Safety Manager - Southeast
Mar 2015 - May 2019
Jacksonville, FL
  • Responsible for Safety Operations in the Southeast Region of the U.S. including 5 offices, 1 manufacturing and distribution facility, and 11 installation crews. Co-authored 19 new chapters and revised 27 chapters of the ISP Safety Manual. Led a team that developed a pole mounted air/electric grinder system that is being used to conduct surface cutout of CIPP liner eliminating the need to perform confined space entries. This innovative process resulted in approximate 25% reduction in confined space entries, reduced employee risk, and improved operational efficiency.
  • Provided leadership, guidance, and subject matter expertise on safety, heath, environmental and DOT related company policies and procedures, safety orientation and training for newly hired employees, quarterly safety training to established employees, conducted assessments to address critical safety issues, mentored and coached project managers and engineers in all procedures for safe project operation, managed reporting requirements for OSHA and EPA, organized all files and related requirements for OSHA record keeping, performed random inspections of job sites, facilities, equipment and vehicles, assured compliance with the governing federal, state and local health & safety regulations performed accident investigations and claims management, and maintained a level of continuing education to move safety programs forward.
OSHA Project Management ISP Safety Training Safety Guidelines Safety Director
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Health and Safety Officer
May 2011 - Mar 2015
Jacksonville, FL
  • Responsibilities included on site safety support of 15 to 55 employees in conjunction with lead/ash impacted soil remediation of 440 residential/industrial properties for the City of Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Implemented the site-specific health and safety plan, conducted daily safety tailgate meetings, coordinated development and implementation of JSA's, JTR's, and JTO's, tracked hazard recognitions, conducted hazard management, behavioral modification, near loss/miss/ investigations, loss/incident/accident investigations, and follow-up reports.
  • Conducted site orientations, employee and subcontractor training, maintained medical and training records, managed subcontractor safety, conducted industrial hygiene monitoring, scheduled medical monitoring, determined appropriate PPE requirements, conducting periodic site safety audits to ensure compliance with Federal, State and local safety and environmental standards, approved work permits, high hazard permits.
Safety Director Safety Guidelines Safety Training PPE
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Senior Technical Consultant / Site Superintendent
Apr 2010 - Mar 2011
Jacksonville, FL
  • Responsibilities included, Subject matter expert providing environmental health & safety support to 28 Apex offices located across the U.S.
  • Supported housing privatization contracts at various military bases covering issues such as mold, asbestos, pesticide management, and herbicide application to control invasive plants at stormwater retention ponds located in the base residential housing areas.
  • Supervised remediation of a former lead smelter in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Prepared activity hazard analysis and job safety analyses for demolition, excavation, stockpile management, pug mill operations, equipment decontamination, waste handling, soil/debris loading, and personnel decontamination.
  • Trained 18 site remediation personnel conducted safety inspections, environmental inspections, erosion inspections, confined space entry, materials/waste management, industrial hygiene, manifesting, documentation, competent person training, excavation permits, stormwater erosion maintenance, and groundwater extraction, treatment, and discharge, conducted tailgate safety meetings and providing additional health & safety training on various topics.
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Nov 2007 - Dec 2010
Jacksonville, FL

Responsibilities included:

  • Preparation of health & safety plans, waste management plans, decontamination plans, lead paint management plans and work plans to support client projects.
  • Provided HAZWOPER Site Health & Safety Officer's to client sites to support construction, demolition, and environmental projects.
  • Conducted industrial hygiene monitoring to ensure a safe work environment for client/site personnel to ensure activities were performed safely and in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations and appropriate documentation was collected.
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Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Apr 2009 - Apr 2010

EH&S management of 175 employees and Primary Point of Contact on all environmental and safety matters for a specialized Department of Public Works maintenance contract (approximate $20 million annually) with the U.S. Army JRTC mission at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Work included maintaining over 5,500 buildings, all associated utility services, and 196,000 acres of grounds, bombing ranges, associated roads, and training facilities. The work also included interior & exterior electric, plumbing, natural gas, boilers, HVAC, railroad and grounds maintenance, heavy equipment operation, roads and bombing range maintenance, emergency response and fuel spill and hazardous materials cleanup, carpentry, locksmiths, fuel systems, overhead cranes, sheet metal, and welding operations.

  • Developed objectives to maintain an effective Health and Safety Program in order to achieve zero incidents
  • Prepared and implemented EH&S Standard Operating Procedures for multiple disciplines and job tasks
  • Developed and maintained a working relationship with Post Safety, Environmental, and Contracting Officer
  • Prepared, implemented, supervised, and managed SPCC, DOT HAZMAT/FMCSA, and HAZWOPER programs to ensure compliance with Federal, State and local safety and environmental standards, including site safety permitting systems
  • Conducted project hazard assessments and prepared site-specific Health and Safety Plans
  • Implemented health and safety training programs to ensure associates were knowledgeable and competent to perform their work safely
  • Provided safety and environmental technical expertise and consultation for pre-job planning.
  • Conducted random facility and job site safety inspections and audits
  • Provided safety and environmental technical support during hazardous material spill cleanups (i.e., tanker spills, equipment rollovers etc.)
  • Prepared and submitted environmental & safety reports and related deliverables
  • Prepared/approved AHAs and JSAs for a wide variety of tasks and operations
  • Identified PPE requirements, ordered and inspected PPE
  • Developed and delivered training for topics such as asbestos, confined space, fall protection, PPE use, forklift operation, FMCSA, HAZWOPER, HAZCOM, HAZMAT, fire protection, motor vehicle operation, etc.
  • Developed and implement a safety advocate & safety committee programs & chaired the safety committee
  • Developed contract specifications for EH&S matters for procurement of subcontract services. Reviewed and approved subcontractor health & safety plans and environmental submittals. Served as liaison to contractors or subcontractors to ensure contractor safety programs were following site requirements
  • Conducted near miss reviews, incident investigations, vehicle accident investigations, and prepared root cause analysis reports and or corrective actions
  • Maintained OSHA 300 and 301 logs and Completed year-end reporting
OSHA Project Management Plumbing HVAC Forklift Carpentry Underground Utilities Safety Training
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Environmental Project Manager
Aug 1992 - Nov 2007
Clermont, FL

Responsibilities included:

  • Project management from proposal through completion and collection, safety management, and contract management on more than 400 environmental projects, including construction, remediation, and environmental investigations in Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico. Additionally, performed as Regional Transportation and Disposal Coordinator, and Contract Manager for FDOT District 2 Maintenance Contract with responsibility for managing a professional staff consisting of project managers, scientists, geologists, engineers, laborers and equipment operators. Performed onsite environmental health and safety (EHS) support on over 100 projects, which resulted in on time performance with zero OSHA recordable incidents.
  • Conducted EHS management, environmental compliance, soil & groundwater remediation, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management and disposal, stormwater pond & utility construction, subsurface investigations, Phase I & II environmental assessments, demolition, lead and/or asbestos abatement, stormwater management, underground and aboveground storage tank removal/closure, and emergency response projects developed contract specifications for numerous FDOT lead-based paint management and asbestos removal projects negotiating long term storage and reuse of >900,000 cubic yards of arsenic impacted soil on SR 207, saving the FDOT over $40 million. In addition, performed as Senior Transportation and Disposal Coordinator for Shaw Environmental on FDOT and FDEP program contracts throughout the state of Florida.
OSHA Project Management
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Site Safety Officer / Environmental Technician / Project Coordinator
Jun 1990 - Aug 1992
Houston, TX

Responsibilities included:

  • On site safety support of 5 to 40 employees in conjunction with soil and groundwater remediation projects in AL, AR, FL, LA, NC, and TN. Promoted to Project Manager in 8/1992 after only two years.
  • Implemented the site-specific health and safety plan, and conducted daily safety tailgate meetings
  • Maintained/ordered equipment and PPE, and conducted routine site safety inspections
  • Conducted employee site orientation/training, and maintaining training medical monitoring records.
  • Oversite of subcontractor safety, conducted air monitoring and medical monitoring, determined appropriate PPE requirements for on-site workers
  • Conducted incident/accident investigations
  • Manifesting, tracking, loading, transportation and disposal of hazardous/non-hazardous wastes from remediation activities, maintained files/records associated with waste treatment, transportation, and disposal and associated matters
  • Ensured compliance with Federal, State and local safety and environmental standards.
  • Completed daily work permits and high hazard permits (i.e., hot work, permit confined spaces etc.)

Note: Shaw Environmental, Inc. was formerly known as Chemical Waste Management, Inc./RUST Remedial Services/OHM Remediation Services/IT Corporation

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Bachelor's in Occupational Safety and Health,
Columbia Southern University 2023

Currently Enrolled

Bachelor's in Registered Environmental Manager
National Registry of Environmental Professionals 2009
REM - Registered Env. Manager (No. 592901611)
National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP)
CESCO - Certified Environmental Compliance and Safety Officer (No. 655243547)
CHST - Construction Health & Safety Technician (No. C2282)
Board of Certified Safety Professionals
OSHA #500/502 Authorized Outreach Trainer OSHA 10/30 Hour Courses (No. 38-0106691)
Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector (Insp. No. 5205)
Florida DEP
Certified First Aid/AED/CPR Trainer (No. FL 847)
EMS Safety
Project Management
Safety Guidelines
Safety Training
Safety Director
Underground Utilities
Budget Management
Operations Management
Risk Management
Vendor Management