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116 Toscana Ln
Saint Augustine, FL 32092
13 years experience W2
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Financial Crime Intelligence Unit
Jan 2021 - present


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Special Investigator
Nov 2017 - present
Financial Crime Intelligence Unit per week Supervisor: Cynthia Howell 904-271-2649 Conduct complex investigations of international and domestic financial records and transactions to determine if financial crimes, such as money launder, trade based money laundering, or terrorist financing, is occurring. Conduct investigations derived from law enforcement sources, such as subpoenas and National Security Letters or global and domestic projects, Congressional subpoenas, adverse media information. Conduct investigations, from various sources, on high profile clients, political figures, corporations, foreign government officials, and other PEPs. Draft Field Inquires and Suspicious Activity Reports, review Suspicious Activity Reports, Author Reports, conduct follow-up investigations to determine if criminal activity is continuing.
  • File Suspicious Activity Reports
  • Evaluate transactional data and identify suspicious activity
  • Knowledge of AML practices and regulatory requirements
  • Experienced working with Actimize and excel spreadsheets
  • Experienced working on confidential and Top-Secret matters
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Police Sergeant/Detective
Jan 2011 - Apr 2017
per week A/C Wayne Clark 904-858-6100 Joined as police officer, promoted rapidly through a series of increasingly responsible management positions based on strong investigative skills, leadership abilities, and my effective problem solving performance. Conducted complex, long term investigations of serious felonies including financial crimes, crimes against property, and crimes against persons. Conducted interviews, prepared reports, prepared case files, worked with State Attorney, testified in court, collected evidence. Used conventional and covert investigative techniques to investigate, identify, and certify criminal street gangs. Managed 12-plus employees that provide security for 167 schools located in Duval County.
  • Provided day to day direction and deployment for employees and operations
  • Investigated crimes, incidents, and complaints to improve security
  • Managed incidents and overall security operations
  • Provided crisis intervention and intervention response plans
  • Completed reports and evaluated subordinate reports
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Threat and Risk Assessor
Oct 2010 - Jan 2011
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Oct 2008 - Oct 2010
per week Conducted threat and risk assessments of Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources to calculate compliance, vulnerability and leveling criteria, in accordance with federal standards, for the Florida Regional Domestic Security Task Force Region 3. Coordinated and conducted joint assessments with the Department of Homeland Security Protective Security Advisor.
  • Managed on-site research and evaluations to improve safety
  • Prepared narrative fact based reports of findings
  • Recommended comprehensive and technical regulation changes
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Forensic Psychology Suma
Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Criminal Justice
Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Edward Waters College * FEMA
Law Enforcement Certified
Crisis Intervention Certified