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Mary Ann
AS/400-iSeries Sr.Programmer / Analyst / Engineer
21 years experience W2 Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Actively seeking
Mary Ann
AS/400-iSeries Sr.Programmer / Analyst / Engineer
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RPG AS/400 TCP/IP AS/400, iSeries Documentation Microsoft Office RPG IV RPG/400 FTP ILE RPG
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Recent Experience
AS400 Software Engineer at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines 07/11 - 11/13
AS/400 J.D. Edwards RPG RPG/400 SQL ILE RPG AS/400, iSeries Documentation Lotus Notes Microsoft Office RPG IV TCP/IP CL Hawkeye iSeries Software Engineer Turnover Database Design
AS400 Systems Administrator at BJS Wholesale 12/10 - 04/11
AS/400 DHCP Documentation FTP RPG RPG/400 SQL AS/400, iSeries RPG IV Microsoft Office TCP/IP CL Hawkeye iSeries ILE RPG System Administration Database Backups Database Upgrades
AS/400 Systems Administrator / Programmer / Analyst 12/10 - 03/11
AS/400 System Administration Database Backups Database Upgrades

Application Developer, Project Manager, System Engineer, and Business Analyst in a wide variety of business applications specializing on the AS/400-iSeries servers. Particular strengths in manufacturing applications as well as distribution, warehousing and EDI related transactions

I have moved in both cycles of the business world for employment. I have been a contractor and held full time permanent positions equally in the past. I currently am on my own and would like to be located near enough to enjoy my family that lives in Florida. When I first moved down here in 2011, I put my belongings in storage and set out to find a great job. At that time I only saw contract / contract-to-hire opportunities. So I applied to the one for Royal Caribbean ( was to be a contract to hire prior to their hiring freeze in 2013 ). I was there for 29 of the possible 30 months allowed to contractors hoping during that time that the hiring freeze would be lifted but no luck. In hindsight it was probably a good thing not to get hired then. I really wish to be located in or around Jacksonville. So you see I have been striving to find a full time position all along.

Attended classes from IBM specializing in AS/400:

  • Database Management, Distributed Data Management, System Migrations, Security, Communications, Sizing / Capacity Planning Configuration, Installation, Operations, Internet Access and TCP/IP, Job Scheduler, LAN Operations Console, Hardware Management Console, BRMS, IBM iSeries Access for Windows, DST Environment, Service Tools, PM400, RSF, Aldon Lmi, DHCP, Support Contact Information, Series Netserver, LPARs, Image Catalog Entries, and Disaster Recovery.
  • Attended classed from IBM specializing in CL, CLE, SDA, DFU, RPGIII, RPGIV, RPG400, RPG-ILE, RPG Free, COBOL, Query 400, Open Query and SQL Languages.
  • Attended specialized training at GMD for thirteen MAPICS software modules.
  • Attended classes from J.D. Edwards with emphasis in Accounting, Human Resources and Technical Modifications modules.
  • Extensive knowledge in the software area for MAPICS, J.D. Edwards, Lawson, Software 2000, EXTOL, GENTRAN, E3 Replenishments, CMAS, DMAS and KRONOS Timekeeper.
  • Knowledge of the following software packages; BPCS, Total, Office Vision, Ezview, EzBridge, iSeries Navigator, Websphere Application Server, IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems, TurnOver and Hawkeye.
  • Knowledge of the following EDI transaction sets: 810, 812, 814, 824, 850, 855, 856, 860, 861, 864, 867, 875, 879, 880, 996, and 997. Worked with various VANS as well as VICS, UCS, AS2 and SSL.
  • Knowledge of Personal Computers, applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Works, Groupwise, Visio, Campbell Labor Scheduling Systems, LIS (logistics software), Lotus Notes, Fund Ware, and EXCELL (warehouse management system).
  • Attended Tidewater Community College with a concentration in computer programming.

Top 5 Skills
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AS/400, iSeries
Education and Certifications
Attended in Information Tech
Tidewater Community College
Willing to relocate?:Yes
Relocation preference
Any location
Prepared to Travel:Up to 25%
Employment Type:Permanent
Security Clearance:No clearance
Citizenship:U.S. Citizen