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Galveston, TX 77555
7 years experience C2C
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Professional Experience:

  • Around 7+ years of software Design, Development, Integration, Testing and troubleshooting, including 3 plus years of experience in Guidewire product implementation (Claim Center, Policy Center,Billing Center 7.0/8.0/9.0), and 4+ plus years of experience in Java / J2EE technologies
  • Proficiency in implementation of Guidewire 9 Policy Center and Policy Conversion Accelerator 9 as an Integration and Configuration Consultant.
  • Extensive experience in Policy center 9 and Billing Center 9
  • Extensive experience in implementation of various web services (Publish and Consume) to integrate the Guidewire applications with other internal and external applications
  • In depth Insurance business knowledge of Personal Lines (both Auto and Residential), Re-Insurance
  • Extensive experience in implementation of Guidewire 9 Policy Center as an Integration and Configuration Consultant.
  • Extensive experience in implementation of Event Messaging Service in Guidewire
  • Extensively worked on Predefined Plugins in Guidewire.
  • Extensively worked on GX Model Methodologies in Integration layers
  • Extensively worked on Custom Batch Process to perform background tasks in Guidewire
  • Experience in customization of data model: Extended Base Entities/Type lists and Created Custom Entities/Type lists as per Business Requirements
  • Experience in customization of various wizards, pages, Location groups and Container widgets as per the Requirements
  • Experienced with edge framework for Public Collaborative Business Portal, self-service portal
  • Extensively worked on Various Business rules such as Pre-Setup, Segmentation, Assignment, work plan, Pre-update, Validation, and Event Fired as per business requirements
  • Capable of research and expand the new leading Technologies
  • Setting up of offshore team and handling offshore deliverables.
  • Scrum based Agile Software Development
  • Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Flexible with varies new working environments, having effective communication, customer interaction and Interpersonal skills
  • Strengths include strong technical base, good analytical skills, quick learner and domain knowledge in P&C Insurance.


  • SQL (5 years), MS SQL SERVER (3 years), Java (3+ years), J2EE 3 years), Spring (1 years), SQL SERVER (3 years), ORACLE (3 years), ECLIPSE (2 years)
  • Additional Information:
  • Operating Systems Windows, UNIX
  • Databases Oracle, SQL Server
  • Open Source Apache, Log4j
  • Build Tools Jenkins, Maven, Ant
  • IDE Guidewire Studio, IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.x, RAD, Eclipse
  • Version Control System Tortoise SVN, Git
  • Languages: Java 1.6/1.8, GOSU Scripting

Guidewire Developer
Information Technology
Apr 2020 - Apr 2020

GWPC Integration Point #1: Document Storage – FileNet

State Auto wishes to use FileNet to store all claim related documents. Integration Policy Center with the FileNet will allow claim handler to interact with required documents for policy transactions handling

GWPC Integration Point #2: Contact Manager

State Auto business to store all vendors, service providers contacts in central location to manage. Policy Center integrate with Contact Manager to retrieve contact information

GWPC Integration Point #3: Policy Search API

State Auto Claim Center application expected Policy Search API from Policy Center to search and retrieve Policy information from Claim Center. Exposed web service to Claim Center to enable Policy Retrieval functionality

GWPC Integration Point #4: Linking Documents to an Activity

State Auto Insurance wants to attach documents with corresponding Policy Activity to relate work on transactions. Policy Center need to consumed Document Center APIs to enable functionality

GWPC Integration Point #5: Integrating PC with Enterprise Claim Application

Integrating Policy Center with Claim Center to enable functionalities like Claim processing, Policy Search & Retrieval and Notifying Claim loss for Reinsurance


  • Responsible for Analyzing, designing, developing, coordinating, and deploying GW Policy Center application
  • Prepare Integration design documents for various integration functionalities.
  • Designed, Implemented, and tested FNOL GW Claim Center integration with internal customized system.
  • Technical support for GW Claim Center Application in production.
  • Configuring GW Claim Center UI PCF, Gscript classes according to client's requirement.
  • Design the Class, Sequence and Collaboration diagrams using UML.
  • Design and develop Inbound and Outbound Interfaces in Policy Center.
  • Involved in configuring Messaging plugins for communication between asynchronous external systems with Guidewire
  • Created WSI stranded web-services as part of updating the received from the external applications.
  • Worked with data models configuration, adding new fields to existing entities, creating new entities modifying type lists and adding new type lists
  • Customized Policy Search and Retrieval services to integrate PolicyCenter with ClaimCenter.
  • Worked on Integration between Policy Center and Contact Manager to fetch, update contact information during policy transactions
  • Implemented VIN validation and Address Validation Services in PolicyCenter
  • Created custom batch process to create activities for the periods scheduling as per Business requirements.
  • Involve in Design and Develop Reinsurance Agreement Admin Functions for Excess of Loss Treaty in ClaimCenter
  • Implement required business Rules in Post-setup, Pre-setup, Validation, Pre Update and Event Fired rule sets in Policy Center
  • Implement activity patterns and Assignment logic for Custom Assignable entities in PolicyCenter.
  • Worked on PolicyCenter Data Models, Screens, Flows and Business rules enable customers to tailor the solutions to the unique business needs.
  • Worked on PolicyCenter configuration activities like creating PolicyCenter UI screens, interacting with backend, screen evaluation and validation on PCF files
  • Developed various business rules including Assignments, Validation, Evaluation rules and Event fired rules in PolicyCenter
  • Worked on various User Interface screens like Policy Info, Building and Classification, Qualification, Question sets and Modifiers
  • Worked on creating underwriter issues like blocking quote, bind or issue and various underwriting rules
  • Worked with business rules sets like Pre update, assignment, event fired, post setup, update, Segmentation, Validations, - Configured and developed as per business requirement.
  • Worked with ClaimCenter integration requirement with Docs and Forms, BillingCenter, Rating, Customer Data Hub, Risk Report, Portfolio management, Policy Service, Analytical systems and Defining rules and requirements.
  • Created product rules and gathered requirements for the implementation of discounts, Rating inputs, and reports for implementing Guidewire PolicyCenter.
  • Worked on Java applications in project for claim center integration.
  • Actively involved in workshops to gather requirements and getting through understanding of the objectives and requirements of the company
  • Involved in Spring planning, retrospective, backlog and refinements part of Agile development

Environment: Guidewire PolicyCenter 10, Guidewire ClaimCenter 10, Contact Manager, Product Designer, Guidewire Rating framework, Guidewire Studio, GOSU, Java 1.8, GScript, Oracle, JBoss, Ant, GUnit, JUnit, Git, SOA, MQ Series, Jenkins, Agile.

Guidewire Guidewire Developer GW PolicyCenter Agile Methodology Git Gosu Guidewire Studio GW BillingCenter GW ClaimCenter GW ContactManager GW RatingFramework Java Oracle SOA UI
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Java Developer
Information Technology
Oct 2017 - Mar 2020



  • Interacting with Clients to gather business requirements and generated requirement specification documents
  • Worked in Agile environment, Experience working with scrum team, Used JIRA dashboard to view the tasks and requirements
  • Workflow Batch jobs scheduling Renewal transactions were triggered using Guidewire workflow and policies renewed
  • Designed Claim Center policy report integration with Ensearch.
  • Image Right is a Document Management system. The Objective of Project to replace the Policy Center Document Management system with Image Right through Guidewire Integration mechanism
  • Developed use case diagrams, class diagrams, database tables, and provided mapping between relational database tables and object-oriented java objects using Hibernate
  • Responsible for the design, analysis, development and maintenance of the Application using Spring MVC 3, Spring DI, Spring AOP, Spring Batch, Hibernate, JPA and JAVA 1
  • Configure the Edge framework to provide bespoke applications for end users
  • Designed and implemented the server architecture for various servers such as Database Server,
  • LDAP, Application Server and Web Server in Core and DMZ
  • Implemented the SAML federated services (SSO) for third party vendors
  • Used Web services
  • Spring Restful to implement business integration with third party vendors to get, save, update the customer investments
  • Used Log4j and implemented Log4j property file for logging purpose
  • Experience with Edge framework to Support mobile document scanners, RFID readers and finger print readers.
  • Involved in TDD by writing JUnit test case in coding part of Java methods like premium calculating and so Deployed the application on WebLogic server while customizing Configuration File
  • Implemented most of the new Data Model extensions, Billing Center Screen Enhancements, Policy Center Screen Enhancements, designed & developed Fax screens, & Payment Detail screens, Financial Reserves, Check Wizard etc.
  • Dealt with Billing Center data objects, data object sub elements etc.
  • Worked with Billing Center data panels, location groups, workflow activities and contact configuration
  • Used GIT extension for version control across common source code used by developers
  • Involved in code review of the team members and implemented best practices using crucible
  • Involved in warranty and production support
  • Provided system support for department user base and data analysts

Environment: Guidewire Policy Center 8, Tomcat 8.5, Guidewire Studio, Java 1.8, Oracle Database Server, WebSphere Application Server, Perforce, XML Studio, Guidewire Contact Manager 7.x.

Agile Methodology Data Analysis Git Guidewire Java JIRA MVC Oracle WebServices XML
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Service Locator
Information Technology
Jan 2016 - Sep 2017


  • Involved in the complete Software Development Life Cycle using Agile including effort estimations design development implementation verification and validation
  • Prepared Technical Specifications based on the functional requirements Involved in preparing Technical Design Document of the project JSF 1.2/Rich faces were used to prepare logical parts of the presentation pages Used Spring DI/MVC/AOP modules
  • Used Hibernate with JPA for attaining Object Relational Mapping
  • Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information from the Oracle database Used Hibernate Query Language (HQL) for writing the queries
  • Developed the application using Spring Framework that uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture with JSP as the view Implemented various design patterns like Factory Singleton, DAO, Business Delegate etc.
  • Used Servlets and JSP's in developing the web application on Apache Tomcat 7.
  • Used Spring IOC to inject DAO objects into the Business delegate classes
  • Provided security by authorizing the logged in user based on User designation
  • Provided Declarative Transaction management using Spring AOP
  • Wrote complex SQL queries to fetch statistics for the business users from Data warehouse on regular basis in Oracle 11g database
  • Generated Web service client code and end points using Axis. And developed the Restful web services using JERSEY API
  • Parsed the XML based responses using JAXB Parser and validated XML against the schema
  • Implemented SOA architecture for different application to exchange data for business process
  • Followed Agile Methodology (TDD, SCRUM) to produce high Quality software and satisfy the customers
  • Wrote build & deployment scripts using shell, Perl and ANT scripts
  • Wrote stored procedures and Database Triggers using PL/SQL
  • Involved in using IBM WebSphere MQ Series connection with AS/400 (IBM SYSTEM)
  • Designed network diagram, and set up the Development Environment, IST and UAT environment by installing and configuring Web Sphere Application Server on UNIX environment
  • Used SAX and DOM for parsing XML documents and XSLT for transformation
  • Used IBM Clear Case for version and source control
  • Used Eclipse for development purposes. And Rally for tracking tasks, user stories, and bugs
  • Used JUnit to do unit testing for the modules developed

Environment: Java 1.6, J2EE, JSF 1.2, Rich faces, Spring 3.2, Hibernate 3.0, JSP2.0, Web Sphere Application Server 8.1, HTML, Java script, AJAX, CSS, Oracle 11g, SVN, Axis 2 Web Services, WSDL, RESTFUL, UDDI, JERSEY, XML, DTD, XSD, XSLT, PL/SQL, Rally

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Java Developer
Information Technology
Feb 2014 - Jul 2015


  • Created the UI tool - using Java, XML, XSLT, DHTML, and JavaScript
  • Designed the applications using OOAD
  • Followed Extreme Programming (XP) concepts one of the method of Agile Methodology to produce high Quality software and satisfy the customers
  • Wrote stored procedures using PL/SQL for data retrieval from different tables
  • Implemented Kerberos Authentication Service to validate users logging into Quill
  • Designed and implemented Struts (MVC Paradigm) components such as Action Mapping, Action class, Dispatch action class, Action Form bean, and a form set for validation and used Java Beans to return dynamic information
  • Wrote Entitlement Accessory Classes
  • Incorporated entitlement checks in the entire session bean
  • Created and deployed numerous Session and Entity beans
  • Worked extensively on bug fixes on the server side and made cosmetic changes on the UI side
  • Part of performance tuning team and implemented caching mechanism and other changes
  • Recreated system architecture diagram and created numerous new class and sequence diagrams
  • Created combined deployment descriptors using XML for all the session and entity beans
  • Developed the Login screen so that only authorized and authenticated administrators can only access the application
  • Developed various activities like transaction history, search products that enable users to understand the system efficiently
  • Configured Oracle connection pool, which is included in Oracle JDBC driver JAR file, to allow concurrent access to the database and optimize performance
  • Involved in preparing the Documentation of the project to understand the system efficiently

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, HTML, Java script, JDBC, XML, XSD, JAXP, JAXB, JSON, Web Services WSDL, SOAP, JSF, JMS, Strut's framework, XSLT, Web sphere Application Server, Unix, MySQL -SQL, PL SQL, SVN, QC, WINSCP3, Putty.

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Bachelor's in Information Technology
Agile Methodology
Data Analysis
Guidewire Developer
Guidewire Studio
GW BillingCenter
GW ClaimCenter
GW ContactManager
GW PolicyCenter
GW RatingFramework