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6400 NW 2nd ave apt. 124
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Digital Logic Teachers Assistant
10 years experience
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C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP, MATLAB/Simulink, Multisim, orCAD Cadence, Electric: VLSI Design System, Wireshark, GitHub, XAMPP, Testing, Debugging

Digital Logic Teachers Assistant
Information Technology
Aug 2012 - present

MOTIL - Multisensor Footstrike Analyzer

  • Integrated sensors, microcontroller, SPP bluetooth module, and battery into shoe sole to measure plantar pressure distributions in target areas and determined if user is overpronated, normal, or Supination while walking
  • Tested various designs virtually in orCAD Cadence and physically using a digital multimeter to find optimal design, ensure sensor accuracy, minimize reading latency, and minimize output capacitance
  • Programmed microcontroller with C++ and SPP Bluetooth module with AT commands
  • Presented MOTIL to local businesses at showcase
  • Project sponsored by local engineering firm, Novel Engineering

7zip Bug fixes

  • Authored big fixes in C++ to 7Zip involving extraction and file renaming problems
  • Managed team revisions using GitHub
  • Presented and demonstrated fixes and improvements to peers

Smart Phone Controlled RC Car

  • Tested and Designed circuit to drive 2 motors using orCAD Cadence and a Multimeter
  • Programmed microcontroller in C++ and integrated Android accelerometer over bluetooth for controls
  • Selected optimal power supply to meet project specifications
  • Presented project to peers

Image Gallery Web Application

  • Produced web app providing unique user profiles, album viewer, and supports photo uploads
  • Designed web gallery coded in PHP, SQL, and CSS
  • Developed on local XAMPP server

Circuit Analysis

  • Designed circuits using required components on breadboard and a triple output power supply or function generator supply
  • Analyzed circuits physically using a oscilloscope and digital Multimeter and virtually with orCAD Cadence and Multisim
  • Calculated theoretical results using electronic theory to verify experimental data
  • Hexadecimal Number Guessing Game
  • Programmed Microcontroller in x86 assembly language
  • Integrated 16 button keypad and LCD display
  • Allows user to guess a randomly generates hex value from 00-FF and informs user if value is higher or lower until user guesses correctly

Lab Support

  • Maintained computers, printers, and projectors in computer labs and classrooms around campus
  • Assisted with installation of new systems (computers, projectors, security cameras, software, etc.)

Tech Support

  • Solved client account and network issues

Digital Logic Teachers Assistant

  • Maintained attendance records and provided assistance with other relevant tasks
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Computer Engineering
Florida Institute of Technology 2016
English, Fluent/Bilingual
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Dean's List, 2015