Staffing, Revolutionized
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Move to the cloud... Get rid of the friction
Why use traditional consulting companies that are still operating on outdated processes? This causes friction which hinders the hiring process and increases the costs.
Don’t get lost in the shuffle, move away from traditional resumes
Traditional resumes are becoming obsolete. Our candidate profile showcases what’s important, and helps accentuate your hard and soft skills.
Don’t be kept in the dark, we provide real-time updates
We don't like being kept in the dark and neither should you. Your dashboard will provide important updates and status changes on positions.  In addition, we provide useful information on how you stack up to other applicants.
What makes us stand out from other consulting companies?
Work hard. Earn more.
We don’t get rich off your sweat! Our business model is based on low margins and high volume, allowing you to pocket more money!
Transparency is key.
Our philosophy is the more you know the better. We don’t hide customer information, project details or even billing rates!
Private? You bet your arse!
Build your profile and choose who sees it. We don’t release your contact information. You control which companies you submit to.
Let us worry about bench time.
The only bench time we want is when you want it! We take the uncertainty out of bench time and start the marketing process before the contract ends.
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