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Dedicated Health Coach (BSN) - REMOTE
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Information Technology company
Brentwood, TN
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Brentwood, TN
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Seeking a Dedicated Health Coach BSN or RN for a 100% Remote role.

  • Maintain coaching center metrics: Accessibility and QA >=95%
  • Follow-up with their participants as scheduled 100% of the time.
  • Drive positive health outcomes of their participants
  • Follow the current Fogg Behavior Model and Motivational Interviewing style for coaching and documentation on all coaching calls.
  • Attend and complete all training opportunities, in classroom and online settings
  • Receive all necessary certifications, updates and licensures for coaching and will be responsible for supplying documentation of future certifications and licensure to their Team Lead upon completion.
  • Use their Coaches Dashboard and monthly QA scores as a self-management tool for excellence and proactively seek feedback in areas of opportunity.
  • Provide accurate and reliable client specific information individualized for that participant
  • Interact with the member in any modality (telephonic, email, text)
  • Work with other departments to solve member issues in a timely manner.
  • Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude at all times and demonstrate active listening
  • Ensure that members will be successfully engaged in the program.
  • Ensure that documentation of coaching call is completed correctly in an effort to support customer outcomes and reporting.
  • Deliver high quality, value added health coaching on every call.
  • Share any determined effective best practice with team.
  • Remove barriers and identify opportunities for the members by utilizing positive forces for change.
  • Set SMART goals with the member and document action steps needed to complete the goals.
  • Send appropriate supporting educational materials to the member.
  • Refer member to FB care resources as appropriate.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required in a health-related discipline including nursing, dietetics, exercise science, counseling, social work, or health education.
  • Master’s Degree preferred. OR Registered Nurse licensed in the state of TN, Registered Dietician, or Licensed Therapist. Maintenance of active licensure and/or registration required.
  • At least one year of clinical experience OR one year experience in health and wellness coaching, personal training, health education, counseling or social work
  • Prefer certifications in field of study Experience
  • Willingness to attain certifications, as relevant to field of study, as defined by Onlife
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Health Behavior Change Techniques
  • Results driven and outcomes oriented
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated skills in critical thinking, diplomacy, and positive relationship building
  • Passion and personal accountability for improving health of program participants
Skill Proficiency Years Experience Percent Used
Registered Nurse
Verbal Communication
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