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Senior CX Designer (Remote)
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Information Technology company
Jacksonville, FL
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Jacksonville, FL
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Seeking a Senior Service Designer for innovative health-care startup opportunity! 100% Remote.

Are you a seasoned service designer who wants to make a great impact especially in envisioning start-up, innovative healthcare concepts? Are you looking for a career that is truly helping people through the power of design and innovation? The Senior Designer is a key role in a growing, dynamic team that solves tough challenges; and brings innovative solutions to our customers, community, and the organization.
You will be a key team member who will bring end-to-end Service Design expertise supporting various business entities and strategic partners. Support on the visual aspects of the design (e.g., visualization of the concepts/prototypes, UI development) will be provided by a UI (User Interaction) Designer.

The role will lead the development of new, innovative, and future-oriented solutions that improve member experience and health. This role requires hands-on design strategy formulation, design research and synthesis, co-creation with customers, concept/prototype development/testing/refinement, business model design, and cross-functional team facilitation through the design and innovation process.
With that entrepreneurial mindset and approach critical to this role, you will work as part of a fast-paced team, starting from a broad opportunity area that leads to tangible customer-validated MVPs (minimum viable products). Ultimately, leading to a viable business model to launch the solution into market. Think: a startup mentality within a national enterprise!


  • Leadership in end-to-end service design, design thinking, design research/synthesis, concept/prototype development and testing, product/service blueprints and roadmaps, business model canvas
    • Develop the design strategy for the overarching venture design approach
    • Develop design research approach (areas of inquiry, types of research, customer recruitment, design research guides, sketch design research assets in partnership with visual/UX/UI designer)
    • Partner closely with a visual or UI designer who will take the lead in providing necessary visual design support
    • Uncover Insights:
      • Lead design research on a variety of topics (including sensitive healthcare topics
      • Expertly uncover latent and non-obvious opportunities through skillful probing
      • Lead sessions with stakeholders (customers, internal users, system architects) to identify organization needs and pain points
      • Identify opportunities for secondary research (e.g., literature review, market scanning, etc.)
      • Effectively conduct analogous research
    • Synthesize learnings:
      • Rapidly synthesize large amounts of complex information to uncover insights about beliefs, behaviors, pain points, and systems
      • Craft journey maps, personas, archetypes
    • Lead idea generation
      • Creative and out-of-the-box thinking / innovative ideas. Ability to see non-obvious opportunities, generate compelling creative solutions
      • Effectively “flare” and generate multiple possibilities to address discovered pain points
    • Lead concepting and early prototype development
      • Translate ideas into low fidelity concept sketches that can be tested with customers for desirability (in partnership with visual/UI designer)
      • Co-creation. Effectively facilitate multidisciplinary sessions with customers and stakeholders to generate and evolve concepts
    • Prototype testing
      • Setup prototype tests with customers to effectively get customer reactions
      • Supervise prototype iteration based on customer feedback
    • Product articulation.
      • Create service blueprints
      • Generate product roadmaps supporting the rollout of solutions
      • Determine differentiation and articulate competitive solution positioning
      • Design business model canvas
  • Leadership and effective management of cross-functional teams; lead design storyteller; keeper of the initiatives’ design principles, design frameworks, and project scopes
    • Strong communication skills.
      • Create effective narrative, presentations, and other communication assets to share with the business and customers
      • Communicate design findings clearly and in a compelling manner to the business
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, with activities and deliverables with a rapid turnaround
    • Ability to manage time and tasks to balance design process and timelines
    • Strategic thinking: ability to balance customer, business, and market needs in developing solutions

Required Experience:

  • 6+ years related work experience in end-to-end Experience/Service Design, Consumer or Customer Experience Design, Product Design
  • Bachelor’s degree in a directly related field of study

Required Qualifications:

  • Extensive (5+ years) first-hand experience in conceiving and executing each step of the design process in projects with unknown solutions: design strategy, design research, synthesis, opportunity identification, generating novel solutions, creating product or service prototypes, framing-up user testing research plan and scope, working with implementation teams
  • Experience with the product development lifecycle, either at a startup or within a new product/market division
  • Strategic thinking and planning capabilities; proven organization skills and detail oriented with ability to be flexible and work with ambiguity
  • Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills that scale to all levels of the organization and proven ability to influence others
  • Ability to lead a team (cross-functional teams, not necessarily direct reports) to deliver on initiatives from conception through completion on time, within budget, and on or beyond scope
  • A design portfolio that highlights the breadth of experience and past launched projects. The portfolio should include actual examples of work generated, and should highlight the following:
    • Project goals and design approach
    • Customer insights generated
    • Examples of prototypes created
    • User testing/project impact

Preferred Experience / Education:

  • 8+ years related work experience in end-to-end Experience/Service Design, Consumer Experience Design, Product Design
  • Master’s degree in a Design discipline
  • Fluency with Lean Process improvement Tools, Adobe CS, Figma, Miro, and other tools with similar depth for business assessment and prototyping
  • Experience in launching or implementing solutions in healthcare settings
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User-Centered Design
Adobe Creative Suite
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