Leader, Hardware Development Project Manager (Hybrid work)
Medical Devices company
Medical Devices company
Melbourne, FL 32901
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Melbourne, FL 32901
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Hiring a Leader, Hardware Development Project Manager to assist in Medical Equipment Development. Hybrid / Flexible to work on-site in Melbourne, FL, or ready to relocate.

The Project Manager is responsible for leading a variety of development projects throughout the Product Life Cycle (PLC) process, including planning, design, prototyping, verification, validation, and manufacturing transfer.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

Manage and direct day-to-day operational and tactical aspects of no less than 1-3 development projects including but not limited to:

  • Facilitate product requirements development in conjunction with product managers, physicists, and marketing
  • Create, monitor, and manage project plans, project risks/mitigations, and resource requirements
  • Support Product Manager to create, establish, and manage project accounting (ROI, Profitability, Margins, Costs)
  • Facilitate and lead design reviews, tactical development status reviews, and cross-functional project reviews
  • Manage prototyping, sampling, and pilot production build, assembly, and test schedules
  • Ensure proper and timely verification and validation activities, and manage associated resources
  • Ensure and manage proper design documentation and tracking, including but not limited to requirements, design reviews, risk analysis, DFx/FMEA, verification and validation plans and reports, as well as design history
  • Support the product launch team in manufacturing transfer and product launch activities

Managerial and leadership responsibilities:

  • Monitor and enforce accountabilities within project teams
  • Evoke creative and innovative thinking from team members while respecting individual ideas, and contributions

Support or Lead corporate and R&D department initiatives:

  • Promote project management best practices, and improve employee project management skills across the organization
  • Participate in efforts to continuously improve its PLC management tools and methods

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in an Engineering or relevant discipline
  • 5+ years’ experience in product development including HW design, testing, and verification
  • 3+ years of work experience in project management with a successful track record
  • Previous track record of organizing, and transferring to manufacturing small to medium size development projects
  • Experience with the Phase Gate Design Process
  • Experience and formal training in Scrum, and/or Scrum Master status
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and superior organizational abilities
  • Work well within a team environment and across multiple functions
  • Ability to take initiative, and meet deadlines under pressure
  • Hybrid / Flexible to work on-site in Melbourne, FL, or ready to relocate.
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Project Management
Agile Methodology
Process Validation Plan
Product Management
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