Commodity Manager
Medical Devices company
Medical Devices company
Melbourne, FL 32901
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Melbourne, FL 32901
Permanent Position
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Seeking a Commodity Manager to handle inbound supply chain to manufacture cutting edge devices. Flexible to work on-site in Melbourne, FL, or ready to relocate.

The Commodity Manager plays a crucial role in optimizing our organization's supply chain operations by effectively managing the sourcing, procurement, and distribution of commodities critical to our business. You will be responsible for developing and executing comprehensive commodity strategies, negotiating with suppliers, ensuring reliable supply, and driving cost efficiencies. Your expertise will contribute to maintaining high-quality products, minimizing risks, and enhancing overall operational performance, as well as supporting new product development.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Commodity Strategy Development: Develop and implement holistic commodity strategies aligned with the organization's goals, considering factors such as market trends, supplier capabilities, risk mitigation, and cost optimization.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Identify, evaluate, and select suppliers that align with the organization's requirements. Foster strong and collaborative relationships with suppliers, conducting regular performance evaluations, and implementing improvement plans.
  • Negotiations and Contract Management: Lead negotiations to secure favorable terms and conditions, including pricing, quality, delivery schedules, and payment terms. Draft and manage contracts to ensure supplier compliance and minimize potential disputes.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including procurement, logistics, and manufacturing, to optimize end-to-end supply chain processes. Identify opportunities for process improvements and cost reductions.
  • Risk Management: Proactively identify potential risks within the supply chain, such as supply disruptions, geopolitical issues, and market volatility. Develop mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of these risks on operations.
  • Market Analysis: Stay informed about market trends, industry developments, and technological advancements that may impact commodity prices, availability, and quality. Adjust strategies as needed to capitalize on opportunities or mitigate challenges.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with internal stakeholders, such as product development, engineering, and finance teams, to align commodity strategies with product lifecycle requirements, innovation goals, and cost targets.
  • Support strategic sourcing and VAVE initiatives and drive project implementations with functional groups and suppliers.

Skills & Experience

  • Proven experience (8+ years) in supply chain management, procurement, or sourcing, with a focus on commodities.
  • Strong negotiation skills and the ability to influence outcomes while maintaining positive supplier relationships.
  • Analytical mindset with proficiency in data analysis tools and techniques.
  • Knowledge of supply chain best practices, market trends, and industry regulations.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with diverse teams.
  • Strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to manage multiple priorities.
  • Proficiency in using supply chain management software and tools.


  • Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management, Business, Engineering, or a related field. Master's degree or relevant certifications (e.g., CSCP, CPSM) are a plus.

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