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Jacksonville, FL 32224
Business Analyst
17 years experience W2
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  • Over 15 years experience in Information Technology, with 8 years experience as a Business Analyst.
  • Proven track record of mastering new businesses and new technologies quickly.
  • Experience working with both Waterfall and Agile methodologies, with 4 years of experience using Waterfall and 2 years working in an Agile environment.
  • Well-versed in requirement elicitation as well as a wide variety of documentation including user stories, use cases, business process flows, entity relationship diagrams, wireframes, and more.
  • Solid knowledge of and experience with project management issues including scope control, change control, task dependencies, time estimation, milestones, and effective stakeholder communication.
  • Thorough knowledge of relational databases, with two university semesters including Database Systems and also Data Mining and Warehousing.
  • Experience with multiple languages including Java, C, COBOL, VBA, HTML, and SQL (not current).
  • Four years of experience working with geographically dispersed teams, including international teams.

Information Technology
Jan 2017 - present
  • Started and operated a small, home-based business offering a variety of services to model railroad hobbyists, including custom painting models and custom decal artwork and printing.
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Business Analyst and General Analytics
Information Technology
Jan 2013 - Mar 2017
Jacksonville, FL
  • Analyzed available technology, available resources, and company risk policies for a 4 year project where user-developed technologies such as Excel were integrated into more controlled data systems.
  • Elicited requirements from all stakeholders, created business process flows, and wrote waterfall requirements documents for each user-developed technology to be integrated.
  • Acted as the primary liaison between local stakeholders and an offshore development team to ensure that completed solutions would satisfy all requirements and to ensure timely project progress.
  • Conducted manual quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing for each deliverable, and then managed bug reports and change requests after going live.
Business Analysis Microsoft Excel
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Business Analyst
Information Technology
Jun 2010 - Sep 2012
Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Led an initiative to develop new web-based software for attorneys, mortgage servicers, banks, and homeowners to manage distressed properties and to process short sales efficiently.
  • Elicited and documented requirements, first using a Waterfall business requirements document, followed by converting the project to an Agile approach using sprints and several hundred user stories.
  • Conducted manual quality assurance testing for each deliverable, and then managed bug reports after going live.
  • Created Visio diagrams to document business process flows, database structures, entity relationships, and user interface wireframes.
  • Assured timely project progress using a freeware version of MS Project, including phases, milestones, tasks, task dependencies, and resource allocation.
Business Analysis
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Chief Operating Officer and Website Administrator
Information Technology
Mar 2005 - Mar 2008
Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Managed the incorporation and rapid expansion of a website and discussion forum devoted to sport fishing in the Southeastern United States.
  • Served as Chief Operating Officer handling corporate records, finance, marketing, and daily operations.
  • Enhanced search engine optimization, promoted the website, and built website traffic to approximately 3.4 million pages of content served per year.
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Bachelor's in Science, Computer and Information Science
University of North Florida
Business Analysis
Microsoft Excel