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44 Richard Lee Ln
Phoenixville, PA 19460
eClinicalWorks Consultant
14 years experience W2
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Objective: To obtain a position with an organization that utilizes my skills and experience and offers opportunity for growth and advancement.


  • Service Oriented:

Cooperative, friendly and outgoing

  • Team Player:

Dependable, diligent, and courteous

  • Technically Astute:

Excellent comprehension and basic computer skills

  • Good Communicator:

Clear, concise, and understandable both written and oral

  • Energetic:

Motivated to succeed, hard worker

  • EMR Skills

Dragon Naturally Speaking Program, GE Centricity EMR 9.0, 9.5 and 10.0, 11.0, CCC Forms, TFE (Editing), Visual Form Editor (VFE), MEL, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Outlook, eClinical Works (ECW) 9, 10.0.,10e, 11, 11e 3M 360 R2, Webex, 3M Code Assist (Code Ryte), RCM (eClinical Works Billing), NaviNet, eClicinal Works Certified (10,10e,11e), Unity BPO ticketing application, Cerner Millennium, uCern, Cerner Bedrock, SysAid ticketing application

eClinicalWorks Consultant
Information Technology
Jul 2021 - Oct 2021
  • Completed client work in accordance with established budgets, work plans, quality standards, and timeframes
  • Identified and resolved issues critical to the clients' strategic and operational success
  • Structured and solving problems from beginning to end in relation to the eClinicalWorks application
  • Developed conclusions and recommendations for clients based on clinical needs
  • Leaded client interviews to understand complex business issues
  • Developed content for client presentations
  • Provided technical/functional content for client needs
  • Provided implementation assistance as required based on contractual agreements with clients’ needs
  • Met with clients to assure assignment progress
  • Maintained and expanded client relationships through the delivery of high-quality work
  • Led coaching, developing, and supervising the efforts of junior staff
  • Conducted workflow and gap analysis’
  • Updated internal records/timesheets
  • Performed other duties as assigned
Progress eClinicalWorks Analysis
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EMR Data Conversion Analyst/Jr. Project Manager
Information Technology
Jul 2019 - Jun 2020
  • Lead conference calls, produced agendas, minutes, and follow-up on action items for clients
  • Mapped clinical nomenclature between multiple systems
  • Oversaw and assisted with data validation, issue tracking and resolution
  • Developed and maintained project plans
  • Lead multidisciplinary teams towards project success
  • Managed multiple projects, across a wide array of clients
  • Followed clients’ change control processes
  • Documented current state workflows and developed future state workflows
  • Worked with client(s) to increase productivity and ensure proper documentation of patient visits
  • Provided users with workflows that meet their needs and help them accomplish their daily tasks.
  • eClinicalWorks system administrator for 11&11e
  • Created and curated eClinicalWorks optimization processes
  • Ability to think critically and effectively apply problem-solving techniques.
Data Conversion Data Validation eClinicalWorks EMR Project Management Project Planning System Administration Documentation
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Application Support Specialist II
Information Technology
Jan 2019 - Jul 2019
  • Accurately and consistently maintained the complete configuration of eClinicalWorks 10e
  • Matched end user requirements with effective solutions and ensured intended application functionality, integrity, and compliance with documented workflows in eCW
  • Evaluated request configuration changes to ensure approved changes worked as intended, met, or exceed expectations, and adhered to business rules, scope and security and privacy standards
  • Constructed templets and order sets for PCP and specialist physicians (over 90 plus)
  • Developed, documents, and executed test plans to evaluate application functionality throughout the development, testing, and deployment cycles.
  • Documented all outcomes within the eCW application tested process, worked with team to evaluate, and recommend resolution for testing failures
  • Provided prompt, courteous first and second level “EHR HelpLine” support via telephone, email, and remote assistance
  • Utilized the “EHR SysAid” help desk application-the eCW ticketing system and other applicable incident/request management software to capture all relevant information regarding reported end user issues
  • Monitored change after implementation(s) to validate change functioned in the eClinicalWorks production environment as intended (via 10e)
  • Provided evidence of on-going training activities while working within the eCW training environment
Compliance Training Test Planning eClinicalWorks Cabling Application Support
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Healthcare EMR Analyst / Implementation Analyst
Information Technology
Feb 2018 - Feb 2019
Los Angeles, CA
  • Assessed current state workflow and worked with implementation team to validate proposed future state fits with overall project objectives
  • Attended conference calls with the clients regarding hardware requirements, interface requirements, and overall project expectations
  • Assisted in establishing objectives and timelines for achieving milestones to meet project deadlines
  • Worked interactively with client staff and team members to configure, test, and validate the 3M application environment
  • Accurately tracked and document issues encountered and process steps within a project
  • Worked with internal resources for issues requiring escalation or handoff to other teams
  • Provided timely resolution of technical issues encountered during the implementation of 3M CRS and 360 Encompass
  • Created conversations and tested conversation rules for registration and scheduling
  • Created EBO reports for eClinicalWorks for version(s) 10,10e, and 11
  • System administrator for eClinicalWorks (duties included):
    • Schedule and template configuration
    • Current state and future state optimization
    • Curated workflow processes and executed deliverables
Timeline Scala EMR eClinicalWorks System Administration
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eClinical Works Analyst
Medical Devices
Aug 2017 - Feb 2018
Oaks, PA
  • Assist clinical and clerical end users on eClincal Works workflow
  • Transition end users from Greenway and Athena EMR application to eClinical Works
  • Implement new workflows for multiple OBGYN practices
  • Work with end users that ranged from physicians to front desk staff, within a one on one session setting.
  • Created canned reported eBO reports
  • Created QRG for eBO reports
  • Open and close tickets for endusers and troubleshoot any issues related to eClinical Works 10 and 10e via Unity BPO.
  • Gap analysis EBO reporting-verifying, creating, and enforcing all EBO reports.
  • Built templets for OBGYN providers
EMR eClinicalWorks Analysis
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Implementation Analyst
Information Technology
Jun 2017 - Aug 2017
Houston, TX
  • Implemented eClinical Works for large healthcare practice in Houston, Texas
  • Created templates for providers
  • Created order sets
  • Go-live base implementation
  • One-on-one support with physicians, nurses, and front office end users
  • Configuration of office based demographics for all practice staff and end users
  • Transition clients from Nextgen to eClinical Works
  • Created CCM Reporting in eBO
  • Created canned reports in eBO
  • Strategically planned methods to achieve the implementation into 20 primary care practices.
  • Created and upgraded VFE templates.
  • Upgraded and maintenance CCC forms.
  • Link-Logic support for multiple types of interfaces
  • Monitor ACM Server Errors
  • MU and PQRS reporting
  • DTS interface engine support
  • Interface testing with IT department for (Epic document interfacing)
  • Quarterly knowledge base updates
  • Trained end-users on Centricity 9.8, Document management, CQR, Patient portal and ABN assisted form.
  • Troubleshoot system slowness and server issues.
  • Periodic inquiries reporting.
  • SQL Report Builder
  • SQL database Admin
  • Qvera audits
  • Duplicate Chart merging.
  • Added/Removed end-users form HIN, ESM and CQR.
  • Identified, research, and resolved technical and clinical workflow problems.
  • Worked reported incidents, assigned, documented, tracked, and monitored the problem to ensure a timely resolution.
  • Direct contact with GE, generated SR tickets.
  • Gatekeeper of security.
  • Partnered/Cross trained with Allscripts and Meditech PM Support team.
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Interim EMR Healthcare Director
Information Technology
Nov 2016 - Apr 2017
Philadelphia, PA
  • Develops and manages project plans for the deployment of new and/or changes to information system applications, and administers to system applications and serves as an educator and resource regarding system functionality.
  • Monitors vendor knowledge base and other available forums for system software patches and configurations which may resolve or prevent issues.
  • Participates in software updates according to established vendor management, project management, change management and quality assurance and testing methodologies.
  • RFP Management Engage all appropriate stakeholders Focus on end user capability requirements Invest adequate time in the RFP process Hold vendors accountable to their responses
  • Working with Clinical Application Analysts and Clinical System Administrators, implements user change requests related to orders, coding, charges, results and clinical documentation for assigned applications.
  • Ensure that new or modified clinical information systems maintain patient confidentiality and privacy, in accordance with HIPAA and JCAHO.
  • Develop, document, and maintain policies, procedures and associated training plans for appropriate use
  • Develops and maintains documentation of downtime and recovery procedures for assigned departments.
  • Project a positive image of the Medical Center with a focus on customer/stakeholder relations, i.e., appearance, communication, demeanor.
  • Provides cross training to business unit super users to assist in the day to day support of physical equipment located in and managed by the business unit.
  • Responsible for functioning within scope of individual education and competence.
  • Identifies opportunities for and contribute to the improvement of quality, and cost, as well as patient, customer, and employee satisfaction.
  • Adheres to Department and Organizational Values.
  • RCM payments and adjustments, verifying insurance through NaviNet
  • eBo Reporting
  • Primary EHR application eClinical Works
Change Management Project Management Project Planning Quality Assurance Stakeholder Engagement HIPAA eClinicalWorks Patch Management
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Implementation Consultant/Implementation Analyst
Medical Devices
Apr 2014 - Nov 2016
Silver Spring, MD
  • Understands workflow processes
  • Oversees testing, assists with identifying, escalating and resolving issues
  • Implements applications and provides end user training
  • Assist with application testing, issue identification and resolution
  • Build 3M CRS application
  • Train end-users on 3M 360 Encompass
  • Onsite client training
  • Work closely with PM and EM in a team environment.
  • Build and maintain 3M 360 CDIS, Analytics, Focus, HIM, System Tools dashboard.
  • Build and maintain 3M WebCVConfiguration
  • Work closely with the client during integration process and assist client with interface and document scoping worksheets
  • Built 3M NLP engine (Code Ryte)
  • Design, build, maintenance of Cerner Registration Conversations for Downtime, FirstNet, PowerChart, Profile, PathNet, RadNet, Ambulatory and Depart Process
  • Design, build and maintain locations, organizations and new user and provider security
  • Build and maintain Event Set Hierarchy - Core Event Manager
  • Design custom CCL reports, scripts, ops-jobs and ad-hoc queries in DV-Dev, VE and Discern Explorer Design, build and maintain EKM Editor and purge rules
  • Build and maintain Care Management and Patient Care Doc with respective Bedrock wizards
  • Build and maintain PowerChart preferences, application groups, positions, and privileges using Bedrock and DCP Tools
  • Worked with FSI resources building and maintaining HL7 interfaces to include BAR (Cerner to Eclipsys), bi-directional MDM, Epic to Cerner SIU, ADT (Eclipsys and Epic), and MFN
  • Analysis, design, build, testing, implementation and maintenance of appointment types, display schemes, schedule resources, user and position security for
  • PowerChart schedule display
  • Developed and implemented processes for future appointment back-fill interfaced from Epic, training documentation for end-users, and resolution procedures for scheduling interface errors
  • Identified PHI security conflict with behavioral health appointment notes
  • Completed multiple Cerner code upgrades between 2007.14 and 2015.01.11 EMR Manager/Head Physician Administrator
Project Management
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EMR Manager/Head Physician Administrator
Information Technology
Sep 2010 - Apr 2014
Miami, FL
  • Advise and assist providers with day to day operations with eClinical Works (ECW)
  • Maintain and update templates
  • Build templates for all providers in primary practice
  • Traveled to providers offices for any technical problems they could not solve with remote accessibility
  • Updated and maintained all the data for Meaningful Use within ECW
  • Trained any new physician as well as any new hire end-user on ECW application
  • Provided outlined and detailed reports for over 40 physicians within the practice as well as, any HIPPA thresholds, and guidelines
  • Assist doctors with ICD9 codes
  • Used established project management, change management, and quality assurance methodologies
  • Executed developments of projects including conclusive testing, architecture of tables, files, report formats, testing, user training, documentation, implementation and follow-up
  • Superintendent Clinical Application Analysts and Clinical System Administrators
  • Surveyed, analyzed and resolved user and system problems related to assigned applications.
  • Accommodated support for production serviceability team to deal with user and system support calls as assigned.
  • Built and maintained Order Set for providers
  • Created custom prescriptions and pharmacy's for physicians
Change Management EMR Project Management Quality Assurance eClinicalWorks
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Application Analyst (Contract/GE Centricity)
Information Technology
Jan 2008 - Aug 2010
  • GE Centricity EMR application analyst: System setup and configuration.
  • Create letters, create handouts, build users, orders, document templates and encounter types
  • Facilitation weekly core team meetings
  • Facilitation clinical content meetings
  • Manage project timelines and milestones
  • Create biweekly status reports for leadership
  • Create/edit forms with Visual Form Editor (VFE), including mapping OBS terms
  • Edit forms with TFE (text file editor)
  • Managed project timelines and milestones
  • Support and trained clinical staff on how to capture meaningful use measurements
  • Troubleshoot and resolve application issues
  • Submit ticket to vendor
  • Assist with go-live support
  • Workflow re-engineering/workflow analysis
  • Centricity admin training (front office, nurse, and providers)
  • Elbow-to-elbow support
  • Train staff on document management (Docutrak) and Trained providers on Dragon Clinically speaking
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Non-cloudteam Skill
Associate's in NA
Florida A&M-Tallahassee
Certified (10,10e 11e Unity BPO ticketing application
Project Management
Change Management
Quality Assurance
Project Planning
System Administration
Data Conversion
Data Validation
Patch Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Application Support
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Test Planning