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Atlanta, GA 39901
Senior Web Developer
19 years experience W2
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- While at Turner, ~3x-10x'ed CNN.com's page load speed through a prototype by rearchitecting it in a theme-matching prototype for an estimated ~$15 million / year revenue increase and a $1 billion user-time-savings. Ideated & architected the improvements on my own between tasks, developed proof-of-concepts & a presentation, passed two rounds of vetting, and shared the improvement suggestions with CNN developers - Invented and developed a Wordpress plugin that automatically SEOs small business websites using highly advanced analysis, and showcases knowledge of almost every aspect of Wordpress plugin development. You can check it out at bestlocalseotools.com and in the Wordpress.org plugin directory. - While at Turner, helped maintain the highly-trafficked websites Golf.com and SI.com (Sports Illustrated) and was recommended for other work at Turner by multiple managers - Took over a CIO-level role with Tea Party Patriots and became a certified AWS Solutions Architect (which is one of the most valuable tech certifications available - even higher in market value than a PhD in computer science according to salary surveys). - Founded and ran a web development shop for about a decade and maintained an A+ BBB rating. - As the only kid in my top-tier high school's class to place into all honors classes, I was heavily recruited by the Ivy League, but instead went to the University of Michigan, and was a member of their famed football team (as a placekicker), where the business & computer science programs were also higher rated than Harvard's. I've since invested that focus into computers, software and business, and I hope it shows. Ben is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Senior PHP/Wordpress/Drupal Web Developer, with 13 plus years of PHP and significant management, consulting, and project management experience. He has 12 plus years of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He has 10 years of MySQL and 10 years of Wordpress. He has 9 years of jQuery. He also has 3 years of XML, 4 years of JSON, and 3 years of Shell Scripting on Unix.

Senior Web Developer
Information Technology
Jan 2015 - Jan 2018
Developed, modified and debugged plugins and responsive themes for Wordpress. Helped develop pitches and maintained & modified Wordpress sites and maintained their security for clients. Invented, pitched and developed a Wordpress plugin, Best Local SEO Tools (bestlocalseotools.com), in my free time between tasks, which earned additional revenue as it was used for clients and also got traffic and leads for the company. On one of the larger projects, enduringhearts.org, I developed a responsive Wordpress theme from a .psd, developed a custom WooCommerce subscriptions payment integration plugin with a payment API we helped define, and developed a back-end system and plugin for scientific advisors to collaboratively rate and score (via Wordpress' ajax integration point) uploaded grant applications uploaded on the front-end by researchers. Other sites I built out include raisinghelp.org and wholesalecoffeebeans.net, which is a contest site that allows people to submit and vote upon coffee flavor ideas, Reddit-style. I ended up using and modifying a plugin for that one. Occasionally developed HTML emails from .psds
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Senior PHP Web Developer/Founder
Information Technology
Jan 2004 - Jan 2014
Personally provided consulting, custom PHP/MySQL web development, various PHP/MySQL software platform integrations, web design, marketing, and graphic design for business websites. With client input, designed and developed lots of ecommerce websites and other custom PHP/MySQL projects on various PHP/MySQL platforms, often with customizations such as CRM integration, social voting, online scheduling, and multi-level-marketing. Managed remote contractors to complete web development and marketing projects Attended various tech conferences, SEO conferences, and Wordcamps Personally developed an enormous social network side project (Meet Neighbors) built on the Wordpress & Buddypress PHP platforms, with features including localized & customizable newsfeed, 100 different social post and review types, local news feeds, recommender systems, live chat / video chat & much more. MeetNeighbors.net (currently being migrated to jQuery Mobile framework on MeetNeighbors.com) Highly Customized PHP/MySQL WordPress/BuddyPress OOP/MVC Stack. Show Users On a Map JavaScript Integration with Google Maps and then Leaflet. Custom Designed and Conversion Rate Tested. JavaScript Hover cards on User Photos Shows Profile Information via jQuery, AJAX & MySQL. Directory of Businesses shows category and location-based results for businesses in a particular area using PHP, MySQL Queries, and modification/rewrite to create SEO-friendly URL's.
• Modifications to the social software made so that users are automatically joined to groups based on their interests and profile information.
• Modifications made using jQuery, AJAX, PHP & MySQL to allow users to post 100 different post types instead of just one post type (i.e. Reviews of Books, Businesses, Bucket List Items, Plans, etc.)
• PHP Email importer script integration to allow users to invite their friends to join the site. Leaderboard and Local Leaderboard reports programmed using PHP and MySQL Queries. Robust Recommendations System and Algorithm integration using PHP & MySQL (recommends friends, books, businesses, movies, etc. based on user info provided). Customized JavaScript chat system to enable smart-random-chat with recommended online friends. Using Flash/Flex Builder, customized JavaScript chat system to enable browser-based video chat. Created a mobile version of the site using JavaScript and the SideTap (sidetap.it) framework.
• Made many signup flow customizations and split tests using PHP & MySQL. MyCabinCrew.com Integrated CRELoaded and SugarCRM through PHP and MySQL customizations to enable online
• scheduling of cleaning services which would then be fulfilled by various vendors. It was pretty much
• made into a marketplace where any vendor could post their services was my recollection. Chorelink.com
• Customized a CRELoaded storefront, using custom PHP and MySQL, to transform the storefront into a marketplace for posting chores. Vendors could then buy subscriptions to be alerted to when chores of a certain type were posted in a certain area. ElectionCandidates.com Developed a PHP / MySQL (customized BuddyPress & WordPress) social network for political Candidates.
• Client was reportedly ultimately offered $500,000 for the site before he closed it down. The customizations I made enabled users to invite their friends, "vote" for candidates listed on the
• site, share those votes/endorsements, chat, video chat and create video chat rooms. GC Consulting Group Designed and built out a documents ecommerce site based on CRELoaded. Web & Graphic Solutions, Inc.
• Built and optimized a services website that integrated online ordering with a SugarCRM backend through SOAP via custom PHP code. Developed a job application system in PHP & MySQL & processed thousands of applications. Trunks Depot Designed and Themed a CRELoaded ecommerce storefront using CSS and PHP file customizations. Exotic Floors Direct Designed and optimized a brochure-style ecommerce website. Gained leads from the rankings.
• More portfolio examples (archived) can also be viewed at "http://www.webandgraphicsolutions.com/portfolio.html" http://www.webandgraphicsolutions.com/portfolio.html on "http://archive.org/"http://archive.org
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