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1173 Dina Montgomery Rd
Davis Crossroads, SC 29148
7 years experience W2
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  • I possess professional foundations of computer science studies to create web applications, mobile applications, and windows applications using system software and any software listed in my resume and any software that has a complier.
  • I understand the concepts of programming language.
  • I am able to influence language design and create computer architecture, programing design methodologies, and computer systems architecture. I do know how to use multiple programing environments.
  • I know how create object-oriented programming projects and software applications. I know how to create projects using exception handling and event handling, abstract data types and encapsulation constructs, data structures, and algorithms.
  • I understand expression and assignment statements, statement level control structures, syntax and semantics, data types, lexical and syntax analysis, names, bindings, and scope and logic programing languages. I understand operating systems concepts and networking operating systems.
  • I understand creating the databases and understand database systems concepts and architectures.
  • I am proficient at relational data model and relational database constraints and create the sql code.
  • I know how to create conceptual modeling and database design. I know how to create conceptual modeling and database design using ER model, create enhanced entity relationship model, create relational database design using entity relationship and relational mapping, and create practical database design methodology and use of uml diagrams.
  • I understand database recovery techniques.
  • I understand computer networks and internet, application layer, and transport layer.
  • I understand the concepts building systems, engineering software, software process models, requirements engineering, design, design characteristics and metrics, implementation, testing, configuration management, software support maintenance, security, and software project management.
  • I able to use multiple programing languages to create projects and applications.
  • I know how to use digital log circuits, digital components, data representation, register transfer and microoperation, basic computer organization and design, programming the basic computer, microprogrammed control, central processing unit, pipeline and vector processing, computer arithmetic, input-output organization, memory organization, and multiprocessors.
  • Java (Used java in notepad++ for windows. Use with vim for Linux machine command prompt)
  • Python (Used python with windows PowerShell and python ide)
  • Html
  • CSS
  • SQL (Use command prompt in windows 10)
  • C++ (Use with visual studio in windows 10)
  • C# (use C# IDE and used C# with NetBeans and eclipse software in windows 10)
  • SQL and Rational Database Management Schema
  • Understand TCP and UDP
  • Knowledges of Algorithms Analysis and data structures
  • Knowledge of networking protocols, including TCP/IP, HTTP, NTP, DNS, MLLP, and NDM
  • PHP (used php with notepad++)
  • JavaScript

Computer Science
South Carolina State University/United State Army National Guard
Scott's Branch High School