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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33318
Mainframe Software Engineer
36 years experience W2
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Mainframe software engineer/developer with diverse experience on IBM based batch, MQ Series and online applications. Performing key technical system development life cycle roles on credit card account monitoring/maintenance/bureau reporting, homeowner/auto/healthcare insurance, mutual fund transfer agency/fund accounting, data warehousing, consumer/commercial/construction loan, sales and marketing, R & D, medical, account reconciliation, payroll, personnel and manufacturing applications.
• High and low level system and database design
• Technical leadership, individual contributor
• New development, testing and implementation
• Project estimating/technical requirements
• Migration, reengineering and enhancements
• Business/functional requirement review

Mainframe Software Engineer
Information Technology
Jan 2014 - Jan 2018
* Software engineering on continuous global customer credit monitoring, credit bureau reporting and risk based analytic legacy applications. Technically responsible for medium/large scale development projects driving new revenue streams, changing business requirements, banking regulation compliance and cost reductions.
• Cross platform augmentation of mainframe and Informatica Experian, Trans Union and Equifax bureau positive/negative reporting for new personal loan products.
• Reengineering global consumer/small business/corporate credit file quality control reporting from Cobol to Informatica/DB2.
• Flawless major expansion of multiple domestic/international credit history IMS DB areas, ensure availability of high profile cross application batch, online and API interactions.
• Transition waterfall to agile methodology working closely with internal business partners, external credit bureaus Experian, Trans Union, Equifax, Dun and Bradstreet and other countries local market bureaus.
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Senior Application Developer
Information Technology
Jan 2013 - Jan 2014
Mutual Funds Senior Application Developer
• Senior Developer on large scale development of batch semi-annual/annual fund reporting and prospectus delivery application. Designed/developed complex batch job scheduling via Control M.
• Developed multiple DB2 stored procedures for handling insert, update and delete functionality.
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Technical Lead/Senior Application Developer
Information Technology
Jan 2009 - Jan 2012
* Technical lead on large scale migration of auto/homeowner insurance policy premium rating from Cobol/DB2/Vsam to XML based Inbridge (Oracle) rating engine. Creation of functional/technical requirements documents. Break up and re-organization of integrated software to pre and post rating functions, translate policy characteristics into XML received by Insbridge and parse XML policy premium details back for consumption by primary applications.
• Regulatory upgrades including annual/semi-annual rate changes and addition of numerous policy endorsement offerings.
• Self-initiated reorganization of nightly batch job cycles resulting in 60 percent reduction of run time.
• Continuous upgrades to policy holder renewal notices and declaration page document generation Automated Financial Systems
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Senior Application Designer/Developer
Information Technology
Jan 1996 - Jan 2006
* Executed multiple innovative medium to complex technical roles in functional and technical design documentation, USE case diagrams, application design, DB2 database design, development, migration and enhancement of retail mutual fund systems. Systems ranged from transfer agency, data warehousing, broker sales reporting, 401k rollover tracking, asset reporting/statements, non-transfer agency tracked trading to 12b-1 systems.
• Successful two year migration project of Putnams' internal fund accounting and broker sales reporting applications to DST vendor platform. Application function analysis and comparison, data mapping and definition, creation of data conversion processes, assist DST developers in customization of base applications to handle Putnam specific business and reporting requirements. Creation of application to application testing procedures and processes.
• Produced systematic inclusion of spreadsheets containing $2 to $3 billion dollars of annual trades into all Putnam Retail Management reporting systems. Led the design and development of complex multi-function real time message queries and databases, which interacted with a Java/J2ee based internal website. System allowed spreadsheet download/transformation and input/reversal of non-transfer agency tracked trades. Developed a batch system to integrate trades into Putnam Retail Management reporting/websites.
• Designed/developed complex message querying interfaces and batch transaction processing for the Siebel based Putnam 401k Rollover Network website in order to track asset retention success rates. System retrieved real time 401k participant demographic, financial and retail/plan broker information from databases across multiple mainframes. Batch processing of rollover/disbursement transactions.
• Technically led the engineering of multi-system software and database enhancements for new product launches to process trades and assets (Hartford/Allstate Annuities, separately managed accounts and offshore funds) into the broker legacy system, data warehouse and Putnam Retail Management sales reporting/websites. Processing accounted for $5 to $6 billion dollars of annual trades and $18 to $20 billion dollars in assets.
• Designed/developed transfer agency, broker sales reporting and data warehouse modifications due to brokers changing from individual accounts to bulk trading house (omnibus) accounts. Produced a complex daily batch sub-system to integrate $6 to $10 billion dollars of yearly trading detail received directly from multiple brokers (Surpass System). This allowed retail management to maintain rep level report consistency within the enterprise.
• Designed/developed Putnam's Security Services (Brokerage) database and reporting system. Instituted security trade, account asset and security pricing from Pershing LLC brokerage platform to Putnam's data warehouse and retail management reporting.
• Technical lead on other online, batch and database projects to restructure/upgrade broker territory demographics, broker clearing/executing relationships, firm tier structures, fund asset reporting categories, quarterly asset statements, sales reporting website pages (SAS/Pearl script), revenue sharing, testing enterprise wide upgrade to IBM (E) nterprise Cobol and transmission file infrastructure. All projects were geared to dramatically improve systems due to changing global marketing environment.
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Senior Application Developer
Information Technology
Jan 1994 - Jan 1995
Albany, NY
* Clients included General Electric Power and Industrial Systems, Blue Shield of Northeastern New York, Key Services Corporation (Key Bank), New York State Workers' Compensation Board.
• Designed and enhanced GE's Health Care Preferred Insurance Eligibility/Enrollment System to edit/track GE and Martin Marietta employee dependent care information.
• Architecturally designed and developed core online input/edit/inquiry medical claims process system. Enhanced primary/secondary batch billing edits and management reporting for Medicare claims and adjudication.
• Re-engineered and integrated Key and Society Bank's daily/weekly/monthly batch account reconciliation and reporting systems. This eliminated duplicate processing and databases. Expanded multiple VSAM file key structures.
• Developed, tested and implemented New York State Employer Workers' Compensation/Disability Penalty Tracking application in Powerbuilder software.
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Senior Programmer/Analyst
Information Technology
Jan 1993 - Jan 1994
Washington, DC
* Clients included U.S. National Air and Space Agency (NASA). * Architecturally designed batch/online process flows, developed and implemented scheduler automation of over 300 Clist and batch processes within accounting, personnel and payroll applications. Re-engineered and streamlined all programming and JCL to reduce processing time by 80 %.
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Information Technology
Jan 1990 - Jan 1993
Wayne, PA
* Clients included Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Maryland, Liberty Mutual Insurance, E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, University of Pennsylvania.
• Developed, tested and implemented a simplified IMS sales/order subsystem for the structural steel manufacturing division.
• Successfully completed design, programming and testing of various Medicare claims adjustments, pre-existing conditions and exception billing report applications. Developed send/receive electronic file transfer protocol between Pennsylvania and Maryland claim systems.
• Responsible for the re-engineering of batch actuarial and cash reserve reporting system for the automobile insurance division. Completed conversion of multiple fixed to variable length data file structures and development of workers' compensation reports.
• Performed enhancement, maintenance and production support of an IDMS based medical testing divisions' product database hierarchy and contract tracking applications. Designed, developed and implemented the automation of regional sales/marketing reports, bi-yearly database price increases and customer finance tracking creation/distribution applications.
• Re-engineered batch and online university management applications.
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Programmer/Analyst Internships
Information Technology
Jan 1987 - Jan 1989
Philadelphia, PA
Completed feasibility studies, technical analysis, design, development, and implementation of multiple Focus software interactive applications to track automotive paint finish research technology across the corporation.
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JAVA Programming
Camden County Community College 2009
Computer Information Systems
Elon University 1990