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3317 Citation Dr
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Business Systems Analyst
19 years experience W2
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9046541247 CAPM Certified Business Systems Analyst with over 8 years of proven E-mail experience in process improvement. Committed to building effective collaborative tanya.kacsan@gmail.com cross-functional teams focused creating innovative solutions to meet business LinkedIn needs. Extensive experience in process improvement, data collection and www.linkedin.com/in/tanya-kacsan-capm- analysis, facilitation and presentation, problem identification and resolution, and ma-767122100 leadership.

Business Systems Analyst
Information Technology
Jan 2019 - present
  • Facilitated the establishment of a collaborative team of 15 subject matter experts to streamline design and planning process reducing staff allocation Skills time by 25% Microsoft Office Suite
  • Partnered with IT personnel to create effective user access solutions resulting in 90% increase of user off-campus access to key programs Project Management
  • Recommend, implemented, and monitored printer user authentication process Data Collection that consistently resulted in an annual 25% decrease in printing cost Data Analysis
  • Conducted audits an made recommendations improving effectiveness of resource allocation significantly decreasing resource misallocation and under
  • Data Mapping utilization Technical Writing
  • Leveraged extensive knowledge of data collection and analysis to identify Problem Solving needs and recommend solutions
  • Prepared and maintained business systems flow charts and models to support Facilitation ongoing operational, technical, and, training solutions Presentation
  • Collaborated with subject matter experts to ensure deliverables were Communication completed within project time constrains and met quality standards
  • Ensured continuous project scope alignment with business objectives Leadership and made modifications to enhance effectiveness toward intended results Relationship Building
  • Engaged business partners and drew on all available resources to reduce cost Qualitative Data Analysis resulting in significant increase of available resources for project initiatives
  • Updated project plans based on changing objectives, specifications and Needs Assessment staff availability Consensus Building
  • Interfaced with state and county leadership to share best practices and Organizational project updates for continuous improvement planning
  • Established and cultivated professional working relationships with stakeholders Presentation improving overall efficiency and effectiveness of projects
  • Identified source of issues
  • planed, facilitated, and monitored corrective courses of action
  • Aligned project specifications, schedules and deliverables across all teams, members and external parties to ensure conformance with user needs and client requirements
  • Developed and delivered process improvement project progress presentations to executive teams Training and Development
  • Initiated, monitored, and evaluated multiple training programs positively impacting over 75 educators and 1,200 learners per year
  • Built collaborative cross-functional teams to develop, implement, and monitor continuous improvement efforts
  • Developed and delivered presentations to explain complex projects, technical, and analytical data leading to increased understanding of process improvement initiatives
  • Leveraged extensive background in research and data analysis to develop a systems of best practices that was adopted district-wide
  • Recruited, interviewed and hired personnel that displayed exemplary skills to perform and complete projects
  • Spearheaded projects resulting development of partnerships with local universities resulting in increased talent acquisition and development
Auditing BSA Data Mapping Project Management System Analysis
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Certified Associate
Information Technology
Jan 2015 - Jan 2015
in Project
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Project Management Institute
Information Technology
Jan 2012 - Jan 2015
  • Serves as the primary link between the PMI Chapter and the PMI Educational Foundation, PMI's philanthropic arm and registered nonprofit organization, by building connections and networking both throughout the community and within the chapter.
  • Instrumental in building North Florida PMI Chapter Educational Programs from ground up
  • Spearheaded efforts to engage local schools in the development and implementation of Project Management Educational initiatives positively impacting 1200 middle and high school students
  • Engaged stakeholders and community partners to secure funding for educational programs
Project Management Stakeholder Engagement
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Department Chair
Jan 2003 - Jan 2008
  • Oversaw school improvement team tasked with conducting need assessments, initializing, planning, and executing school improvement projects
  • Worked cooperatively with subject matter experts and project team develop instructional materials that meet diverse student needs resulting in over 75 point learning gains in underrepresented student groups
  • Managed professional development projects resulting in increased instructional performance leading team to earning the highest effectiveness rating districtwide
  • Collected, disaggregated, and analyzed a variety of performance and outcome data to make informed decisions in initiation and management of projects
  • Managed enrollment, tracking, monitoring, and documentation of professional development programs ensuring 100% compliance with state and district standards Trainer
  • Spearheaded training programs for enlisted personnel ensuring optimal performance and mission readiness
  • Served as a intermediary between junior and enlisted personnel by communicating training needs ensuring readiness at all times
  • Utilized medical flight readiness to execute readiness drills to assess the readiness of squadron
  • Analyzed results of readiness drills to improve training programs
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College of Education 2017
Jacksonville University 2012
CAPM Certified Business Systems Analyst with over 8 years of proven
Project Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Data Mapping
System Analysis