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Jacksonville, FL 32201
Data Analyst
15 years experience W2
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Data Analyst
Nov 2018 - Nov 2019
Contracted (Apex)
  • Assisted in supporting all aspects of processing and administration of the electronic exchange and the service of perpetual data files.
  • Operational responsibilities include documenting of file processing status.
  • Analyzing file validation results and taking appropriate actions to release for issue or rejecting for further corrective action
  • Preprocessing and loading of data.
  • Conducting data forensics to identify root-cause where errors may be the result of source data.
  • Configuring systems to facilitate automated handling of high volumes of enrollment data.
  • Data Entry
Data Analysis
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Product Analyst
Apr 2017 - Oct 2018
Contracted (Insight Global)
  • Created and managed my own queue of excel financial reports
  • updated SQL queries
  • Maintain contacts with external clients and updated as needed
  • Product performance tracking
Microsoft Excel SQL
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Sep 2016 - Mar 2017
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Feb 2016 - Sep 2016
Anti Money Laundering | Citi Bank
  • assist and facilitate research and investigation of potentially AML investigations/escalations.
  • ensure that there is timely action/resolution/quality on disposition of AML alerts.
  • ensure timely resolution of cases and filing of suspicious activity report to the regulator.
  • Highlight any unusual/suspicious cases to the AMLCO.
  • Understanding of Mantas scenarios and thresholds and the capability of assessing those against the local market and local regulatory environment
  • co-ordinate and keep an effective oversight on AML monitoring hub in Poland
  • Collaborate closely with the Regional and Local AML Teams in the implementation and management of effective AML transaction monitoring policies and procedures
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Information Technology
Jan 2014 - Feb 2016
  • Served as the first person in this tailor-made role, in order to streamline and consolidate responsibility for management of client complaints.
  • Quality review of all incoming and outgoing documentation.
  • Reviewed all incoming documents, updated the complaint document status, distributed the document to designated team members.
  • Documents were used to update the complaint database to ensure it remained in compliance with all regulatory standards
  • Managed a pipeline of 250+ complaints presented through in-house template forms received from various departments. Parse data into database, while maintaining data and ensuring proper fields were selected. Demonstrate understanding of MSP software to ensure data integrity for mortgage servicing specialists.
  • Worked alongside IT department to coordinate the building of new complaint database template. New database became a valuable resource for the department. Pioneered the creation of an instrumental sub-department with this mortgage services company.
  • Data Entry
  • Access data fields within back-end of complaint database to generate a series of reports representing diverse job functions to accurately reflect loan data and specific tasks assigned pertaining to customer complaints. Accurately identify course of action on reports, harnessing a formula to evaluate data on task ID and circumstances.
  • Harness Microsoft Access to map data from template forms, subsequently exporting data into Excel to allow for convenient management of various tasks and timelines. Efforts allow for the adherence to strict service level agreements. Conduct extensive QC of database elements, ensuring integrity of data and proper tracking.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with internal compliance team during issue resolution life-cycle and prior to departmental audits. Serve as a valuable conduit for information within the department pertaining to databases.
Compliance Data Analysis Data Integrity Microsoft Excel
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Jan 2007 - Apr 2011
  • Harnessed SQL, Access and Excel to generate formula-based reports for senior-level management, to allow for the monitoring of product effectiveness for target market, and evaluation of internal performance.
  • Generated various ad hoc reports, accessing critical company data from various streams present on multiple databases. Wrote extensive code in SQL toward the completion of weekly and monthly reports, with new code consolidating data from multiple databases in an efficient and automated manner.
  • Accurately reflected financial and performance data including city and state-specific product performance metrics for all company products, loan and consumer data, loan delinquencies.
  • Worked alongside a team including fellow Analysts, and a Senior Analyst. Maintained relationship with IT department professionals for testing of technical resources, serving as final source of technical quality control and application testing.
  • Conceived specifications for new applications alongside IT department, serving as a bridge of communications for other departments to present IT-oriented details to IT department.
  • Instituted the automation of Excel processes for department, building useful formulas and macros allowing other professionals to complete data entry in a streamlined manner.
  • Drove testing for an application allowing for loan acquisition by zip code and loan number. Contributed to long-term testing, maintaining ongoing communication of progress with IT department.
Business Analysis Microsoft Excel SQL
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Microsoft Excel
Business Analysis
Data Analysis
Data Integrity
Database Design
Root Cause Analysis