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Jacksonville, FL 32290
Senior Target Analyst Reporter at US Navy
6 years experience W2
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A motivated self-starter with over eight years of experience as an analyst in the United States Navy. Possesses a comprehensive background in data analysis, target profiling, strategic planning, and intelligence technical reporting. Team-oriented leader with exceptional personnel management skills derived from leading operations across multiple platforms and roles.

Senior Target Analyst Reporter
Sep 2016 - present

• Provides report products to customers by researching, analyzing, and reporting intelligence via appropriate reporting vehicles in response to Intelligence Community requirements and in accordance with NSA missions of Signals Intelligence, Information Assurance, and Computer Network Operations
• Communicates with stakeholders, including preparing and conducting briefings to organizational leadership
• Collaborates with intelligence entities to refine collection and reporting requirements; shares target-related information and provides feedback to customers as appropriate
• Issues appropriate products, which relayed developments, trends, indications, warnings, and/or situational awareness regarding specific targets, as well as countermeasures and courses of action
• Ensures that products conformed to reporting policy guidance and style standards for proper dissemination, report structure, and information conveyance

Regulatory Reporting
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Intelligence Oversight Officer
Sep 2016 - present

• Conducts independent audits and related reviews of Agency programs and operations in accordance with government auditing standards in order to improve the Agency’s efficiency and effectiveness in program performance, information technology, and cyber security areas
• Developed and implemented mission compliance solutions to keep NSA’s activities consistent with the laws, policies, and procedures designed to protect privacy during mission operations
• Supported the development, implementation, and monitoring of an ongoing mission compliance program that includes internal control activities, risk assessments, standards and procedures, awareness and training, and verification and assessment to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations

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