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612 11th Ave. N
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Quality Assurance Analyst
18 years experience W2
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  • Other Professional Experience: Bank of America (2020), Raymond James (2005-2007) & Northwestern Mutual (2004-2005) ED

Quality Assurance Analyst
Jan 2016 - present
Jacksonville, FL
  • Collaborate with the Operation's management team to benchmark existing processes in order to establish a baseline for measuring success.
  • Responsible for conducting QA audits for the Operations Business Units which have downstream financial impact.
  • Provide reporting statistics to managers based on audits performed to allow managers to effectively performance manage their employees.
  • Reviews commenced leases to reduce potential losses and risk to customers, internal business units and vendors
Auditing Project Management Regulatory Reporting
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Equipment Finance Account Specialist
Information Technology
Jan 2015 - Jan 2016
  • Helped achieve the largest one month and quarter by dollar volume in Lenovo lease program history
  • Developed efficiency enhancements for various relationship based clients to reduce the number of contacts and time spent manually entering data.
  • Oversees originations of large, commercial loans and leases by interacting with vendors, clients and internal partners
  • Performed Know Your Client and CIP reviews and other due diligence functions
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Control Associate
Information Technology
Jan 2012 - Jan 2014
Jacksonville, FL
  • Maintained over the 2 1/2 years of the Abandoned Properties project a 100% quality review on work while leading the team in production.
  • Developed a process to review certain claim payments same day in order to reduce the error rate amongst the processors which led to 4% fewer errors.
  • Collaborated with management in the Sarbanes-Oxley fraud testing to make sure that the proper guidelines were being followed by the claim processors.
  • Assisted management with payment corrections on over/underpayments on claims which allowed them to free up time to work on other items.
  • Reviewed death claim payments for the abandoned property project to assure claims were being paid correctly.
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Account Associate
Information Technology
Jan 2008 - Jan 2012
Jacksonville, FL
  • Facilitated focus group meetings to implement process improvements amongst the workgroup.
  • Led team in efficiency which allowed time to assist peers in their work.
  • Tasked with spotting trends in the policy application process.
  • Once identified, was able to translate the trend to management so that process improvements could be implemented.
  • Proactively monitored new business, life insurance applications to expedite the process.
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Raymond James
Jan 2005 - Jan 2007
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Non-cloudteam Skill
Bachelor's in Advertising
University of Florida
Project Management
Regulatory Reporting