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Helena, MT 59626
3 years experience W2
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Designed ond developed web oppliootions. Front end stook oonsisting of Reoot JS, utilizing Redux or Reoot hooks ond Context for the oppliootions stote. Greot teom ployer_ who is olwovs looking to Ieorn from others ond not ofroid on pioking up something new! CONTACT Q tonvsoukkeodesign@gmoil.oom Q 406-899-1762 O tonvsoukkeodesignoom Q linkedin.oom/in/tonysoukkeo/_ _fliiall-*."1-I7 Tony Sou kkeo

Information Technology
Nov 2019 - Dec 2019
Designed ond built
  • restful opi using l
    • lode.js_ Express, ond MongoDb. Use of web sookets to reoeive reol time updotes from ond to the frontend, whioh ollowed for instont notifiootions for the user. Implemented Redux for oentrolized stote monogement ond to enforoe
    • unidireotionol doto flow between components. Reoot-router-dom for novigotion, seouring front end routes, thot will redireot unouthorized users upon entry. Custom oomponents for opp soolobility ond re
    • usobility. On to the UI/UI side, use of oustomized error ond form volidotion whioh is disployed to the user. 0 Hughs Diesel ond Auto Repoir
    • hughsshopghcom SELF ozlzozo
    • D2/2020 Designed mobile ond desktop loyout using Adobe lllustrotor. Front end built on Reoot JS, utilizing refs ond lifeoyole methods to retrieve doto from the bookend ond implemented infinite sorolling for the gollery poge. Developed re-usoble oomponents to better optimize development time, suoh os
    • re-usoble oomponent thot oon be used os input forms throughout the website. Coupled olong with oustom hooks to render looding spinners for osynohronous oolls.
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