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Dallas, TX 75228
DevOps Engineer
5 years experience W2
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Aws certified solutions architect

  • associate
  • Aws certified cloud practitioner
  • Experienced DevOps Engineer with 4 + years hands-on practice of DevOps processes, setting up Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines, Setting up Infrastructure as a code with terraform, automation and quality engineering,
  • Experience in administration, in terms of setting up application load balancers, auto scaling, managing Kubernetes clusters
  • Automation Anywhere Certified RPA Developer.
  • Good working knowledge on Application development and maintenance of life cycle process.
  • Hands on experience in gathering business requirements and incorporating it in Process Definition Document (PDD).
  • Experience in creation of Solution Design Document (SDD) and Proposing solution for automation
  • Setting up CI/CD for production releases
  • Setting up production environment for Infrastructure as a code
  • Set up a very good monitoring and autoscaling for my applications

DevOps Engineer
Information Technology
Feb 2018 - May 2020
Dallas, TX
As a member of Azure DevOps team.
  • The team's role was to automate infrastructure on the AWS cloud using terraform and managing and monitoring of resources using industry-based tools. Responsibilities include:
  • Using terraform to set up Aws infrastructure
  • Automate applications like Ec2, database such as sql, postgre sql, CloudFront, ALB/ELB
  • Coordinate with security and network teams to provide a robust AWS infrastructure platform by setting up user access and roles on IAM with VPC and subnetting.
  • Setting up networking as Infrastructure as a code
  • Give continuous support 24/7 to applications based in the AWS cloud
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps and deployment of code to production
  • Setting up Azure DevOps Api's and Azure DevOps extension
  • Use Azure Logic Apps/ azure Functions and scripting Languages HTML/XML.
  • Dockerized web application by creating Dockerfile and creating Docker containers and image push into Docker registry
  • Setting up Kubernetes clusters to manage Containers for easy deployment and scalability
  • Improved system performance with continuous monitoring with CloudWatch
  • Utilized best practices at all times by creating git branches for GitHub environment/Repos such as tagging
  • Developed strong communication, active listening, and interpersonal skills, which were used when collaborating with product development team and other stakeholders.
  • Reduced deployment time for critical agile project infrastructure from 1 month to 2 days. Environment: AWS, Terraform, Git, RDS.
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RPA Developer
Information Technology
Sep 2017 - Feb 2018
Boston, MA
  • Automating manual tasks using Automation RPA.
  • Handful experience in Automation client, Control Room and Metabots.
  • Worked on Surface Automation for the web applications.
  • Importing data from server and exporting data between files and applications in AA.
  • Created BOT'S that automate daily manual tasks using Automation Anywhere.
  • Created new objects and processes using workflows that are efficient and well structured.
  • Experience in working on windows applications, Web pages, PDF, Web applications.
  • Deployment to Production environments UAT Support.
  • Generating reports like Task Timeline and Workflow Timeline.
  • Designed bots for Excel, PDF and Email automation.
  • Experience in using Send Email, Excel and CSV commands with Automation Anywhere.
  • Worked on Monitoring Exception handling, Queue Configurations and use of stages, session and environmental variables for processing business process and Process flow charts.
  • Experience in Running Scheduled task Bot's anytime by using Task scheduling.
  • Migrating the Bot's to Control Room and Deploy Bots to the Client Machines.
  • Designed the development Workflow limiting the in scope and out of scope.
Jenkins Terraform Ansible Tomcat
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Rpa Developer
Information Technology
Jun 2016 - Sep 2017
Designed Automation Anywhere process solutions in accordance with standard RPA
  • principles and conventions.
  • Worked in close association with internal SMEs for creating IPA, PDD, SDD, OID, PDI, ODI.
  • Created repository of common BOTs which is used across all use cases to improve
  • productivity.
  • Extensively used AA v11 features like Recorders, Email, Excel Operations, Environmental
  • Variable, Session Variable, Credential Manager, Error Handling.
  • Utilized Exception Handling techniques in all possible cases. Can manage and investigate
  • Exceptions (System and Business).
  • Worked with Release Management to create the Package and Release to promote the code
  • from development to Integration, UAT and production environment.
  • Experienced in working with surface automation using the Image, Co-ordinates and
  • Object Cloning mode.
  • Experienced in BOT deployment in the different environment (Development, test and
  • production).
  • Supporting the operational team during UAT and rollout phases.
  • Been part of RPA COE/RPA Practice setup both at company and client' s site.
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Maritime Navigation And Engineering
Aws certified solutions architect
Aws certified cloud practitioner
Automation Anywhere Certified RPA Developer
English, Fluent/Bilingual