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838 Salzedo Street Unit 307
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Epic Analyst
27 years experience W2
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I have over 20 years in health informatics, training, build, design, project management, and consulting. I have been successfully collaborating with multiple constituencies including physicians, nurses, ancillary departments, administrators, and senior leadership at physician offices, specialty groups, and medical teaching institutions nationwide. I participated in implementations with Revenue Cycle (Prelude, Cadence and Resolute, Link, Research and Tapestry) and Clinicals (Inpatient, Ambulatory, ASAP, HOD, Beacon, Willow, and Kaleidoscope) since 1996.


  • Implementing Clinical and Revenue Cycle at healthcare organizations, medical centers, specialty groups, and physician offices
  • Remediate projects on the critical path or already implemented projects
  • Process Engineering
  • Practice Management
  • Training and Instructional Design
  • Project Management
  • Optimization
  • Epic EMR
  • EpicCare Ambulatory, Inpatient (Certified) and ASAP
  • Beacon (Certified) /Willow
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Cadence/Prelude/ADT/Bed Management/Professional Billing
  • Affiliate Link (Referrals)
  • Tapestry
  • MyChart
  • Identity

Participated in Emergency Department, Hospital Service Departments (Ancillary) Inpatient and Ambulatory implementations - General Medicine and Specialty Practices: General and Specialty Pediatrics, Rheumatology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Endocrinology, Dermatology, Otolaryngology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Surgery, Orthopedics, Oncology (Beacon) & Ophthalmology (Kaleidoscope).

Master Files (INI): LRP (Reports), LPG (Print Groups), ELT (Smart Lists), ETX (Smart Text), LTR (Task Record), LTT (Task Template), LVN (Navigators), LWS (Workstations), LOM (Destination Maps), LOD (Descriptors), EAP (Procedures/Charges), ERX (Medications), EPD (Procedure Category), FLO (Flowsheet Rows), FLT (Flowsheet Templates), LPF (Preference Lists - Orders/Charges), LGL (Best Practice), PRL (SmartSets/Order Set/Beacon Protocols), OSQ (Order Panels/Smart Groups), HRV (Reason for Visit), Category Lists, (EMP), User Roles (E2R), Security Classes (ECL), In-Basket Security Classes, Security Points, Chronicles, SER (Provider), EMP (User), LPR (Profiles) DEP (Departments), Workflow Engine Rules, Order Tx, etc.

Beacon Research Analyst
Oct 2018 - Jun 2020
  • Facilitated Validation Sessions with Clinical Operations: Pharmacy, Nursing, Principal Investigator.
  • Configured Inpatient and Outpatient Beacon protocols for Research patients.
  • Developed custom Inpatient Toxicity Management Order Sets for studies.
  • Responsible for updates, edits, data migration, and study activation.
  • Worked with HL7 standards for medical data transfer.
  • Draft Beacon Research Test Scripts for Upgrades or Enhancements.
  • Provided Elbow Support to Beacon/Research users at Sylvester Cancer Center and satellite locations.
  • Generated custom reports for Clinical Operations.
  • Managed tickets submitted via ServiceNow for Research, Ambulatory, Inpatient, or Beacon issues.
HL7 ServiceNow Database Upgrades Data Migration
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Epic Ambulatory Consultant
Apr 2018 - Oct 2019
  • Provided remote Epic Ambulatory Production Support for Walgreens Quick Care (with Piedmont Providers), Piedmont Ambulatory Clinics, and Urgent facilities throughout Northeast Georgia.
  • Supported clinical data transfer according to HL7 standards.
  • Resolved tickets, service/change request, routine maintenance, build possible), while client focused on building at acquired facilities.
  • Mapped LabCorp and Quest laboratory orders.
  • Verified Provider Access for new and retired (inactive) providers (InBaskets, SER, EMP).
  • Generated SureScripts ID for new providers to support ePrescribing access.
  • Created Provider Pools and assigned new users.
  • Verified charges using the Charge Reconciliation Report.
  • Provided training and documentation to new users for escalated issues.
  • Supported go-lives at two medical centers (Columbus and Athens) acquired by Piedmont and provided continuous Production Support to users at campuses in metropolitan Atlanta.
Epic HL7 Training Documentation Database Maintenance Production Support
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Epic Ambulatory Inpatient Beacon/Willow Research Project Manager (Consultant)
Jul 2017 - Dec 2017
Cleveland, OH
  • Completed outstanding standard of care protocols from Phase II of implementation.
  • Scheduled Weekly Status Meetings, Build Review, Validation, and Pre Planning Sessions.
  • Managed the transition of Research protocols to Beacon for actively enrolled pediatric patients.
  • Documented standard guidelines for Research builds, validations, and governance.
  • Requested Research specific lab orders used for Online Roadmaps in Episode Report.
  • Coordinated testing with the Laboratory team to implement future orders in Pediatric Research protocols.
Project Management Clinical Beacon Epic
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Epic Ambulatory Beacon Analyst
Jun 2017 - Jul 2017
Palm Springs, CA
  • Built customized SmartSets, Order Sets, and Therapy Plans by Hematology-Oncology subspecialty.
  • Reviewed and tested laboratory component build names for medications, synopses, treatment plans, therapy plans, and protocols, to resolve result mapping and order transmittal issues.
  • Communicated with Beaker and Orders team to customize Laboratory Preference List.
  • Collaborated with the Beaker team to test/identify treatment plans that required revisions for orders dependent on Creatinine or Carboplatin results.
MS Visio Epic
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Epic Beacon Research Consultant
Jan 2017 - Apr 2017
Atlanta, GA
  • Configured Hematology Oncology protocols for pediatric studies
  • Interpreted Coverage Analysis and Pediatric protocols (including COGS) to develop billing calendars studies
  • Collaborated with Research Monitors and Coordinators to resolve reported issues with study calendars
  • Supported Research staff in clinic when protocols were released to PRD for clinic use
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Epic Inpatient Beacon Consultant
Medical Devices
Jun 2016 - Dec 2016
Weston, FL
  • Developed training curriculum for Certified Oncology Nurses to implement Epic Beacon treatment plans on Inpatient units
  • Facilitated training and assisted physicians with converting Ambulatory treatment plans for Inpatient use
  • Partnered with CCF Analyst regarding EpicCare security, Workflow Engine Rules, Treatment Plan Conversion in preparation for Beacon go-live
  • Collaborated with Epic teams across the enterprise at Main Campus (Cleveland)
  • Beacon, Healthy Planet, Willow, Inpatient, HOD and Ambulatory
  • Participated in build planning for Clinovations project, a solution designed within Epic to support Population Health and Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding for Medicare patients with chronic diseases during Ambulatory encounters
  • Developed Beacon Inpatient and Ambulatory test scripts for Beacon, Clinovations and Upgrade 2015 go live
  • Provided support to end users during Upgrade 2015 in the following departments: Surgery/PACU, ICU, Interventional Radiology
  • Optimized SmartTools for clinical departments (SmartText, SmartLinks and SmartLists)
Epic Medicare Training
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Cerner Revenue Cycle Liaison
Feb 2016 - May 2016
Miami, FL
  • Provide Cerner IT Support to The Miami Medical Center, a joint venture hospital with Nueterra Capital and Miami Children's Health System
  • Developed SLAs with Nicklaus Children's Hospital IT Support for neonatal patient transfer following delivery
  • Draft Risk Mitigation Plan for escalation to Executive Director and Chief Information Officer
  • Coordinate Financial Report Migration to Discern Analytics II
  • Develop communication regarding change management process, workflow integration and multiple surgical level billing
  • Coordinate resolution of Registration, Scheduling, Patient Accounting and HIM issues
  • Facilitate weekly Revenue Cycle Advisory Group meeting with MCHS and TMMC leadership
Change Management Project Management
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Epic Beacon Research Consultant
Medical Devices
Jun 2015 - Dec 2015
Houston, TX
  • Utilized Velos eResearch Clinical Trial Management System to develop research protocols and study calendars for clinical research trials/studies coverage analysis
  • Organized Standard of Care and Research charges in Beacon protocols
  • Developed build components to expedite build with Medication and Procedure codes
  • Collaborated with Beacon team to address billing charges prior to Clinical Research Finance approval
  • Resolved build issues with Research team for Beacon/Ambulatory office visits
Clinical Research Epic
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Provider Support Consultant
Jun 2015 - Dec 2015
Allentown, PA
  • Provided support to providers to ensure Epic adoption, customer satisfaction and preparation for go-live
  • Facilitated training sessions in Advanced Level training courses and Personalization Labs
  • Drafted user documentation (Beacon, Inpatient, OpTime) for Specialty departments and Personalization Labs
  • Support the following clinical modules in Epic Inpatient, Ambulatory, OpTime, Beacon, Anesthesia
Epic Training OPTIM
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Epic Beacon Oncology Analyst (Consultant)
Information Technology
Dec 2014 - May 2015
Tucson, AZ
(formerly University of Arizona Health Network)
  • Designated secondary support for Beacon issues following Beacon Ambulatory go-live
  • Completed all outstanding Beacon issues related to Ambulatory and Beacon build prior to acquisition by Banner Health
  • Resolved issues related to Redirection for Same Day Surgery for Pediatric patients receiving care at Pediatric Hematology Clinic
  • Created build to optimize Bone Marrow Transplant workflow to reduce multiple referrals through Referral Administration
  • Reconfigured System List for Pre
  • Admission Pediatric Patients
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Epic Ambulatory Beacon Analyst (Consultant)
Apr 2014 - Aug 2014
Miami, FL
Health System Epic Ambulatory Beacon Analyst (Consultant)
  • Participated in Adult/Pediatrics Protocol Validation Sessions with all Oncology sub-specialties
  • Configured and revised Adult Beacon protocols across all disease classes following validation sessions
  • Participated in Technical Dress Rehearsal (TDR) in Adult and Pediatric infusion centers
  • Built Children Oncology Group (COGS) Pediatric Protocols
  • Provided support to Beacon team for build integrated with Inpatient and Ambulatory
  • Coordinated test scripts with ancillary systems i.e. Lab, Radiology, Blood Bank, etc.
  • Drafted test scripts for Inpatient, Hospital Outpatient Department (HOD) and Ambulatory encounters
  • Developed Outpatient Pediatrics and Adult Blood Transfusion Order Set
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Epic Inpatient ICD-10 Consultant
Medical Devices
Oct 2013 - Mar 2014
Winston Salem, NC
  • Developed customized reports via Reporting Workbench to identify Inpatient consults
  • Combined project management and analyst role collaborating with Operations, Project Management Office and WakeOne Project Team to update the current ICD-9 build to ICD-10 compliant design
  • Partnered with ICD-10 Transition Lead/DeLoitte Consultants to customize Precyse curriculum to meet the needs of physicians and clinical staff using EpicCare
  • Provided Train-the-Trainer demonstrations to the WakeOne (Epic) Training Team of ICD-10 features and functionality (i.e. Diagnosis Calculator, Diagnosis Replacer, Problem List Calculator, etc)
  • Developed documentation and delivered presentations to Nursing Advisory Committee to identify new features and functionality impacting Inpatient and Ambulatory Nursing staff
  • Optimization to current features to improve ICD-10 documentation for Physicians Advisory Council approval
  • Coordinate import of diagnoses groupers to satisfy quality measures for Joint Commission, Meaningful Use, PQRS, HEDIS and CMS
  • Completed project weekly status reports identifying issues, risk and decisions needed for PMO meetings
  • Participated in ICD-10 Workstream Meetings to identify changes in policy, workflow or project risks
  • Complete outstanding build configurations identified in Affected Records Spreadsheet by Dec 31, 2013
  • Drafted test scripts to support changes for Phase 1 (Clinical Go-Live) and Phase 2 (Dual Coding) Go-Lives
  • Prepare and participate in Application Unit Testing and Integrated Testing for Clinical and Dual Coding Go-Lives
  • Participated in testing for Clinical and Dual Coding Testing (Professional Billing and Hospital Billing)
  • Provided support throughout Upgrade and ICD-10 go-live
Project Management Epic HEDIS PMO Unit Testing Training
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Epic Inpatient Consultant - Inpatient Orders Analyst
Jul 2013 - Oct 2013
Syracuse, NY
  • Designated point of contact for recommendations and troubleshooting based on past clients and implementation
  • Participated in Order Set development with Epic Application Coordinator and client project team
  • Built customized Inpatient functionality not available in Foundations build, i.e., Order Sets, Facility Preference List, Best Practice Advisories, etc.
  • Trained/mentored analysts in build configurations
  • Collaborated with Beaker team to validate lab components from current Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Resolved issues related to Phases of Care, Sensitive Orders (HIV) and Hospital Outpatient Departments (HOD)
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Health Informatics Consultant
Information Technology
Jan 2013 - Jul 2013
Atlanta, GA
  • Assist physician offices with post go-live issues and optimization
  • Communicate with software vendors to address outstanding post go-live issues
  • Develop workflow redesign for physician practices to improve efficiency
  • Provide guidance and information related to ICD-10 and Meaningful Use Stage 1 requirements
No skills were added
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Inpatient Analyst Consultant
Medical Devices
Jan 2013 - Feb 2013
Hattiesburg, MS
  • Validated build with Respiratory Therapy Director and Educator in daily meetings to address critical issues for Mar 2013 go-live
  • Reviewed Reporting Workbench configuration with Respiratory Department to streamline reports
  • Provided solutions related to reports to support Respiratory Therapy, EKG and Neurology workflows
  • Reconfigured Documentation Flowsheets to capture $29M charges in Respiratory Therapy revenue
  • Revised Preference Lists, Navigators and Profiles for Respiratory Therapy procedures and medications
  • Redesigned Task Templates and Task Records to customize Respiratory Therapy Worklist for documentation of medications and over 100 procedures
  • Developed SmartLists to support SmartTools documentation for physicians' notes
  • Tested and resolved Clinical Documentation, Orders and HOD issues during Enterprise Testing
Project Management
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Epic Consultant- Inpatient Orders Analyst
Sep 2012 - Dec 2012
Melville, NY
  • Modified Order Sets and Preference Lists in preparation for Inpatient 2010 go-lives, Dec 2012 and Mar 2013
  • Mapped, tested and migrated laboratory orders from Identity to Epic
  • Met regularly with other application analysts and IT on integration points across applications specifically Ambulatory, Radiant, Identity, Laboratory and McKesson Star
  • Created Charge Capture Preference Lists in preparation for Ambulatory go-live
  • Revised Respiratory Therapy flowsheet selection lists in preparation for Inpatient go-live
  • Collaborated with Clinical Documentation team to resolve issues during go-live
  • Confirmed Inpatient and Outpatient charges are interfaced from Epic to Star Billing System using Epic Identity
  • Submitted Change Control Request and move from POC to TST and PRD environments using Data Courier
  • Reviewed Order Transmittal and Workflow Engine Rules for errors and updates
  • Participated in transition from Zynx order sets to Epic Order Sets for downtime
  • Built and customized orders based to meet Meaningful Use and State Regulatory agency standards
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Epic Consultant - Inpatient Orders Analyst
Jul 2012 - Sep 2012
New Orleans, LA
  • Provided floor support for all modules and provided Inpatient Orders 2010 build for 3 week go-live
  • Provided end user training in Customization Labs to physicians and nurse to optimize clinical documentation tools and computerized physician order entry features
  • Addressed issues identified by Inpatient units and Ancillary departments to reflect daily workflows
  • Worked with end users to validate system design and identify additional requirements for successful adoption/use
  • Emergency remote support for Clinical Documentation and Orders following Hurricane Isaac
  • Redesigned order sets to address critical issues impacting patient care in Cardiology and Critical Care
  • Provided remote and onsite end user support and resolve issues following system go-live and activation
  • Resolved Help Desk issues in Production, Proof of Concept (POC) and Test environments
  • Participated in training and go-live preparation supporting faculty and staff with SmartTools customization Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Epic System Design Training
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Epic Community Connect Project Manager
May 2012 - Jul 2012
Atlanta Bmc, GA
  • Managed implementation of Practice Management (Prelude, Cadence & Resolute) and EMR (EpicCare Ambulatory) modules at Children Center for Digestive Healthcare at Main office and 12 satellite locations
  • Managed 6 Epic Application Analysts for phased implementation
  • artnered with Training Manager to develop and deliver training plan
  • Facilitated contract approval for external training facilities for all community practices
  • Coordinated Case Management and Referral letter transmission with RightFax Administrator
  • Managed scope changes related to Gastroenterology and Infusion specific workflows
  • Directed remediation of critical issues following transition from former project manager
  • Revised project schedule, mitigated training and resource risks associated with project

EMR Project Management Epic Practice Management Training
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Epic Inpatient Consultant
Mar 2012 - Apr 2012
Baltimore, MD
  • Provided Training Environment Development for upcoming Inpatient 2010 version go-live
  • Completed Orders, Clinical Documentation and HIM training environment development for go-live
  • Configured system build to adapt workflows in ADT, Ambulatory, ASAP, Willow and HIM
  • Developed user import spreadsheets for Cadence, HIM and Inpatient
  • Resolved build errors prior to final load in Master Train environment
Epic Training
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Epic Ambulatory Consultant
Feb 2012 - Mar 2012
New York City, NY
  • Acted as Implementation Manager for Kaleidoscope implementation
  • Developed Risk Identification for Leadership review and mitigation plan
  • Partnered with Project Manager to develop project artifacts documents
  • Contracted to provide full service training and project management consulting services
  • Participated in departmental Design, Build and Validate sessions
  • Directed Optimization phase of departments actively using Epic clinical applications
  • Managed end users profiles, class rosters and training schedules in Learning Management System
  • Developed current state workflows based on department site visits
  • Attended weekly meetings to update and review status of training initiatives
  • Partnered with medical school affiliates to facilitate Annual New Residents training
  • Managed and developed educational content materials for clinicians and administrative personnel
  • Responsible for assigning urgent issues to Project Team during go-live
  • Participated in Dress Rehearsals with physicians to confirm accuracy of workflows and functionality
  • Participated in Technical Dress Rehearsals (TDR) to confirm workstation and printer accuracy

Epic Project Management Training
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Epic Beacon/Willow/Inpatient Project Manager
Aug 2011 - Jan 2012
Hollywood, FL
  • Report to Epic Inpatient Clinical Director
  • Identified and resolved Beacon/Willow/Ambulatory issues reported in the test (TST) and production (PRD) environments
  • Partnered with Beacon TS to makes changes to Beacon settings for Upgrade to 2012
  • Remediated and revised research protocols with representatives from Pharmacy and Nursing – Breast Cancer Center
  • Provided elbow support to Ambulatory/Willow clinicians during go-live at Breast Cancer Centers
  • Developed Integrated Oncology project plan to identify dependencies, milestones and tasks for Willow, Beacon and Ambulatory modules
  • Coordinated Kick-Off meetings and Validation sessions for clinical staff
  • Provided demonstrations and presentations for Clinical Leadership to resolve outstanding Inpatient and Ambulatory issues
  • Participated in Oncology Integrated Workgroup Meetings to determine build platforms; Ambulatory or Hospital Outpatient Department (HOD)
  • Facilitate meetings with Clinical Operations, IT and Epic departments for implementation and validation
  • Coordinated knowledge transfer from Epic to Memorial staff to address HOD concerns
  • Participated in Meaningful Use 2012 initiative
  • Completed gap analysis for Ambulatory departments currently live using Beacon and Ambulatory

Project Management Epic Project Planning
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EpicCare Beacon/Willow/Ambulatory/Link/Tapestry Project Manager
Jan 2012 - Jan 2012
Atlanta, GA
  • Reported to KP HealthConnect Project Director
  • Partnered with Operations to develop performance and productivity reports for Population Health initiative
  • Coordinated Leadership reports to identify develop project success matrix
  • Facilitated workflow validation sessions to identify exceptions and assist with workflow resolutions
  • Drafted business and functional requirements for the internalization of specialties using Epic Ambulatory, Affiliate Link and Tapestry
  • Worked with Clinical Informatics and Director of Clinical Specialties to ensure that physicians received adequate communication and training for workflow and functionality changes
  • Worked continuously with analysts from all modules to determine downstream impacts related to requested changes
  • Implemented Beacon/Willow modules in 3 infusion centers throughout Greater Atlanta
  • Provided Level 2 and 3 support for day-to-day production issues related to Ambulatory/Willow/Beacon
  • Made weekly site visits to sites following go-live to address issues and discuss process improvements with nurses, pharmacists, physicians and support staff
  • Submitted build change request via Remedy and presented documentation/rationale to CAB for approval
  • Facilitated weekly issues resolution meeting with Beacon/Ambulatory/Willow analysts pre/post go-live
  • Identified downstream impacts in collaboration with Ambulatory Clinical, Beacon/Willow, Revenue Cycle and IT departments
  • Resolved EpicCare Ambulatory and Resolute issues associated with Incident to Billing for improved coding and reimbursement
  • Configured medication administration records (MAR) selections to address Start/Stop Infusion for Oncology billing
  • Facilitated weekly Beacon/Willow Workgroup Session with Oncology Chief, Managers and Clinical Staff to resolve outstanding issues

Project Management Process Improvement Epic Training BMC Remedy
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EpicCare Ambulatory Training Project Manager
Sep 2010 - Dec 2010
Gainesville, FL
Physicians EpicCare Ambulatory Training Project Manager
  • Reported to Brookmeade Vice-President
  • Provided weekly status updates to Executive Sponsors and Brookmeade Consulting Leadership
  • Managed 13 contractors and 4 Training FTEs to implement Epic Ambulatory in Primary Care and Medical Sub-specialties
  • Created Training Needs Assessment and Go-Live module
  • Developed Go-Live Training/Support Implementation Strategy for 40 remaining Ambulatory clinics
  • Developed Training and Optimization Project Plan to address optimization of existing live clinics
  • Reviewed and approved support schedules, status reports and time allocation for consultants
  • Developed Resource Allocation Plan for the implementation of Internal Medicine and Specialty Clinics
  • Redesigned and distribute training documentation and delivery to physicians, nurses and medical students
Project Management Project Planning Epic Training
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EpicCare Inpatient Consultant
Medical Devices
Jun 2010 - Aug 2010
Chicago, IL
  • Participated in planning to resolve Epic OpTime and ADT issues
  • Partnered with physicians to optimize SmartSets for Adult Emergency and Inpatient Departments
  • Revised, SmartLists, SmartPhrases and SmartText for Emergency Department documentation
  • Resolved critical issues that impacted patient safety and patient care
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EpicCare Inpatient Consultant
Medical Devices
Jan 2010 - Jun 2010
Weston, CO
  • Communicated with Medical Informatics Committee (MIC) regarding Optimization and enhancement requests made by physicians and staff
  • Resolved outstanding In Basket, Medication Administration Configuration and SmartText by Specialty
  • Developed online reports specified by MIC for Joint Commission Compliance
  • Resolved complex issues from computerized order entry (CPOE) using Inpatient version 2007
  • Reviewed Order Transmittal and Workflow Engine Rules for errors and updates
  • Configured Epic Ambulatory and Inpatient in collaborative build with Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
  • Optimized Case Management workflow by developing Best Practice Advisories Pre-Authorization for Cardiology procedures
  • Assisted with Epic projects related to e-Prescribing and e-Billing
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Epic Ambulatory Consultant
Sep 2009 - Jan 2010
New York City, NY

Epic Ambulatory Consultant

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EpicCare ASAP Consultant
Medical Devices
May 2009 - Jun 2009
Dallas, AR
  • Completed a workflow assessment for clinical leadership regarding functionality and training gaps
  • Presented project assessment to leadership in Surgery Service departments
  • Designated Department Support Lead for go-live implementations for EpicCare Inpatient, ADT and ASAP
  • Facilitated Train the Trainer session for secondary support
  • Supported Mobile Meds (Rover), an integrated medical administration device, at Epic beta site
  • Identified and assigned issues for EpicCare and related applications (i.e. OmniCell, CITRIX, Rover, etc.)
  • Drafted recommendations documentation to resolve issues during go-live

Epic Training
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Epic Training Consultant
Feb 2009 - Apr 2009
San Francisco, CA
Mills Peninsula Epic Training Consultant
Epic Training
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Epic Training Consultant
Oct 2008 - Dec 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
  • Provided consulting services focusing on workflow related to EpicCare Inpatient, ASAP, Beacon and ADT modules
  • Participated in project status meeting with department managers
  • Created recommendations to resolve issues during go-live
  • Integrated case management and clinical workflows into training to address discharge planning, social work consults and coordination of services and equipment
Epic Training
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Prelude/Cadence Consultant
Information Technology
Jan 2008 - Feb 2008
Palo Alto, CA
Stanford Hospitals and Clinics Prelude/Cadence Consultant
  • Trained Epic functionality to coincide with Nursing Technicians and Ancillary workflow
  • Provided feedback regarding change management leadership related to go-live
  • Available for on-call consulting services for various disciplines
  • Supported Ambulatory rollout of
Epic Change Management
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Epic MyChart Project Manager
Jan 2007 - Nov 2007
Georgia, IN
Atlanta, Mar Epic MyChart Project Manager
  • Provided leadership of various Health Care Delivery technology projects including Epic MyChart, Population Care Information System (PCIS), and Medicare Modernization Act (MMA).
  • Collaborated with EpicCare Ambulatory team during weekly meetings to assess project status for Epic MyChart upgrades and new releases
  • Coordinated Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Functionality Testing
  • Represented Georgia region regarding Epic MyChart and SOX Compliance projects on national conference calls
  • Provided leadership and direction for assigned business areas, contracts, vendors and consultants
  • Maintained 30-60-90 day review project plan in preparation for upgrades
  • Coordinated, facilitated, and monitor milestones and budgets for assigned projects
Medicare Project Management Project Planning SOX Epic Database Upgrades Integration Testing
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Epic Inpatient Consultant
Jul 2006 - Oct 2006
Cleveland, OH
  • Designated Command Center Manager during Inpatient Go-Live
  • Managed and developed a project plan for Spring 2006 upgrade
  • Responsible for communicating system conversions, urgent issues and assigned issues to Project Team during go-live
  • Addressed technical issues regarding reports, print groups, order transmittal
  • Built application for product demonstrations to introduce workflow and features
  • Built, validated and tested orders and order sets for CPOE implementation
  • Configured in Epic Test, Production and CareEverywhere environments
  • Resolved escalated issues during go-live
  • Reviewed Release Notes and made recommendations for future enhancements
Epic Project Planning Spring
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Information Technology
May 2005 - May 2006
Georgia, IN
  • Implemented EpicCare Ambulatory and Cadence at 10 ambulatory facilities throughout metropolitan Atlanta
  • Participated in KP HealthConnect (EpicCare Ambulatory) Phase I and II rollouts
  • Internal Medicine, General Pediatrics and Specialty departments)
  • Acted as the liaison to Urgent Care Manager, KPHC Project Director and Physician Lead
  • Submitted analysis report approved by Leadership to increase the training budget for additional FTE positions
  • Developed training documentation for Urgent Care and Specialities
  • Re-engineered workflow processes specific to end users in Urgent Care
  • Facilitated EpicCare training to Hospitalists at local affiliates (i.e. Piedmont Specialty, Northside Hospital) Loyola University Medical Center, May wood, IL
Project Management Training
Remove Skill
Consultant – EpicCare Inpatient
Jul 2004 - Apr 2005
Maywood, IL
  • Acted as Lead Consultant to implement the module for Hospital Service Departments (Epic HOD)
  • Managed projects with critical status to meet the project deadline for go-live, Feb 2005
  • Developed workflows with Social Work and Case Management staff to address discharge planning
  • Designated Command Center Manager during Inpatient CPOE go-live
  • Identified and reengineered workflows based on user records and security
  • Provided EpicCare feature demonstrations for Leadership and Ancillary Department Heads during strategic meetings
  • Tested and built Inpatient multidisciplinary order sets prior to go-live
  • Configured and imported orders and departmental preference lists
  • Provided personal coaching and support throughout the implementation lifecycle in the following Epic modules: Epic Ambulatory, EpicWeb, EpicCare Inpatient, ASAP, Hospital Outpatient Visit (HOV), Bed Management, ADT EpicRx, Clinical Documentation, Order Entry
  • Responsible for the development of training materials, training of clinical staff and 24/7 go-live support.
  • Managed and supported trainers in meeting project deadlines
  • Developed training templates to identify learning objectives for clinical and administrative providers
  • Tested security profiles, data integration and EPIC functionality in various environments
Data Integration Epic Training
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Visiting Instructional Designer
Information Technology
May 2003 - May 2004
Chicago, IL
  • Participated in the Enterprise wide implementation of system designed for Human Resources, Finance and Student populations at three campuses.
  • Engineering processes based upon consultation with Subject Matter Experts
  • Managing the development of training curriculum for various functions
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Independent Contractor
Information Technology
Nov 2001 - Apr 2003
  • As a generalist for this health system, I worked with a variety of functional areas for multiple projects.
  • Developed and implemented training services for all computer software
  • Collaborated with Public Relations department to support change management initiative
  • Planned and monitored systems installations and upgrades using Project 2000
  • Managed rollout of Medical Records Document Imaging software
  • Performed Quality Assurance of charting in Electronic Medical Records
  • Reviewed HIPAA standards to advise hospital compliance
  • Organized the transformation from Corel to Microsoft Office 2000 products
  • Participated and advised in Infant Security System implementation
Change Management HIPAA Database Upgrades Microsoft Office Quality Assurance Training
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Systems Trainer
Information Technology
Apr 2001 - Nov 2001
Chicago, IL
On an as needed, contract basis, worked with a team of trainers to design, develop and implement University of Chicago Hospitals Systems training across multiple user groups for multiple modules.
  • Provided Epic Prelude and Cadence training for outpatient facilities
  • Participated in various hospital initiatives to improve admission response times, assigning charges for increased revenue and develop supply chain management
  • New employee orientation included IDX Last Word and Epic Cadence
  • Trained all clinical and operational applications for scheduled rollouts
  • Facilitated New Residents Orientation sessions annually in Jun
  • Analyzed and evaluated vendor software for future implementations
  • Designed training assessments, job aids and course materials
  • Facilitated computer training sessions designed for UCH employees
  • Administered certification and competency testing for hospital staff
Epic Training
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Application Specialist/Software Trainer III
Information Technology
Dec 2000 - Apr 2001
  • Partnered with Career Services Department to implement Microsoft Office curriculum
  • Managed Homecare software issue resolution with vendor
  • Supervised software selection process for new homecare software
  • Provided workflow analysis to support the implementation of new system
  • Resolved software and hardware issues throughout the organization
Microsoft Office
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Practice Partner Consultant
Feb 2000 - Dec 2000
Seattle, WA
  • Managed the implementation of Practice Management software at medical centers, physician offices and specialty groups nationwide.
  • Managed up to 10 new implementation sites at any given time
  • Imported and managed data files, which included physician orders (CPOE), ICD-9 codes and CPT codes
  • Managed projects and assigned tasks using Microsoft Project 2000
  • Implemented Practice Partner Practice Management suite: Patient Records, Appointment Scheduler and Billing
  • Configured and customized data tables and forms to meet the clinical needs of Family Practices, Specialty Groups and Medical Centers
Practice Management MS Project
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Educational Assistant
Feb 1996 - Oct 1998
Chicago, IL
  • Reported to Inpatient Project Lead
  • Collaborated with Clinic Care Managers to communicate expectations and generate support for implementation
  • Participated in $250 million Transformation project to implement Computerized Order Entry (CPOE) throughout enterprise
  • Provided 24 hour/7 day on-call support and personal coaching to inpatient/outpatient staff during rollout
  • Implemented and supported clinical and operational software
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Non-cloudteam Skill
Master's in Health Informatics
University of Illinois 2007
Attended in Information Systems Project Management Certification
Northwestern University 2002
Bachelor's in Advertising
University of Illinois 1995
Attended in High School Diploma
University of Chicago Laboratory Schools 1990
Inpatient Procedure Orders
Inpatient Order Transmittal
Beacon Oncology
EpicCare Ambulatory (Expected Certification
Database Upgrades
Project Management
Change Management
Data Migration
Database Maintenance
Microsoft Office
Practice Management
Production Support
Project Planning
Quality Assurance
BMC Remedy
Clinical Research
Data Integration
Instructional Design
Integration Testing
MS Project
MS Visio
Process Improvement
System Design
Unit Testing