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Senior Procurement and Supply chain manager
9 years experience W2
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Senior Procurement and Supply chain manager
Mar 2013 - Mar 2016
UAB Dovaina
  • Senior procurement manager. It was a big new issue to control purchasing's of completing parts like engines reducers bearings other SKU's to create and to control companies internal purchases system and the most important and difficult
  • to create system and to control different manufacturing operations like metal cutting by laser metal bending and machining of metal operations. To reach that Supplement department had cooperate very intense with Constructors and Quality Departments. From the start it was clear that factory has very bad cooperation conditions with suppliers especially in purchase prices payment terms and MOQ. Per first 4 months I have renewed cooperation conditions with suppliers negotiated better cooperation conditions especially payment terms payment terms have been improved drastically not just for new orders but and for already existing invoices (there has been very important communication between two companies book keepings). Despising all the organization questions one of the biggest problems was to find a solution, how to compare prices of manufacturing operation between different suppliers
  • there has been made a lot of administrative work with the help of Microsoft Excel Main wins agreed better cooperation conditions with suppliers created MIN
  • MAX system of warehouse stocks and agreed storage of stocks with suppliers
  • suppliers have committed to storage agreed assortment level its owns warehouses. With this solution we have minimized our monthly cash flows per 40%
  • 45%. UAB "Mobili Baltija" responsible for company foreign trade sales (have created it, because of my agreed cooperation conditions with suppliers). I am responsible for all company supply chain and communication with suppliers in senior level. My main responsibility is supply chain from the idea about the product until the sales of the product and aftersales. The strategic outsourcing is under my tasks as well. I am particularly strong in all type and level negotiations with strategic suppliers and preparation for negotiations. I have a lot of experience in communication with suppliers from Asia (outsourcers, factories and Europe companies based in China) and suppliers from Europe (outsource accounts and world known brands distributors). I have created different tactics and 'access to the situation' in communication with the small supplier from Asia and working quite differently with the world known brand distributors. I am responsible for the strategy of supply chain in Mobili Baltija, but together I'm involved very actively in daily responsibilities for the products developing, new suppliers, and senior level transport and logistics tasks. Kesko Senukai
  • Business Development Manager. Daily communication with suppliers in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages One of the main responsibilities was creation of supply chain with my products group's suppliers. Organizing negotiations with suppliers from the idea to the contract. Developing and implementing purchasing strategies to introduce new products to the market from the idea to products delivery to shopping centers, sales monitoring. Biggest wins
  • have successfully involved new suppliers into Senukai assortment, the products is still in the assortment of Senukai
  • 3 years after I have left the company. I have decreased costs of products without changing a supplier, have found new successful suppliers and started cooperation with them and have started new products or new brands as well. 2011-04-02
  • 2014-03-12 2008-05-01
  • 2011-03-31 2007-06-01
  • 2007-10-01 Head of SIA addPack branch in Lithuania Administration of branch activities, business development, personal administration. Senior Specialist Vilnius City Municipality, Konstitucijos avenue 3, Vilnius Department of Personnel and Law, Service Department of Interest Advising on social and urban issues, documents management
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