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Houston, TX 77299
Project Manager
28 years experience W2
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  • Leadership, Program Management, Enterprise Application & Integration Architect, Project Management and Senior Application Consultant
  • More than 25 years of healthcare information technology (HIT) experience- design, implementation, optimization, managing and supporting application for the healthcare systems


  • Leadership & Development
  • Planning, strategic, long-range roadmap
  • Business development
  • Lifecycle process management
  • Vendor Management
  • Scrum and Agile process
  • Interoperability, Data conversion
  • Device integration
  • Team coaching and mentoring
  • Adoption
  • Functional Knowledge
  • Workflow analysis and redesign


  • Interoperability: Cloverleaf, HL7, HIE, EDI, MDI, BMDI, MobileMD
  • Vendor-Specific: Cerner, McKesson, GE, Varian, 3M, TeleTracking, Omnicell, Epiphany, CBORD, TeleMedicine


  • Patient access/RCM: EMPI, Registration, Scheduling, HIM, RCM
  • Clinical – RIS/PACS (McKesson, GE), Surgery, ED (T-system Oncology (ARIA), Lab (McKesson), TeleTracking, CBOARD, Blackbaud, Omnicell, and PYXIS, Cardiology (McKesson), Pharmacy, Ambulatory
  • Infrastructure:
    • Developed a comprehensive infrastructure strategy, delivery, and management process
    • IAM, Single sign-on, Active directory, Datacenter Migration, Security
  • Reports: Business objects, Crystal Reports
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Lead the implementation of EMP, EHR/EMR enterprise solutions
  • Developed application migration to a single-vendor solution
  • Developed standardization across enterprise applications and user security matrix
  • Managed system & application upgrades, release management, Datacenter migration, and data conversion

Enterprise Integration Architect

  • Developed integration migration plan for both Clinical and Business (McKesson and Cerner)
  • Lead the implementation of Integration efforts between EHR (Cerner, McKesson) to HIE, CBORD, 3M, Aria, Tele Tracking, RIS/PACS, LAB, Blackbaud, Omnicell, and PYXIS
  • Managed the entire lifecycle of interoperability solution– analysis, requirements, design, test, implementation, and support. Worked with developers, functional/business/clinical stakeholders, Cerner FSI, Vendors and stakeholders
  • Lead the migration of interfaces from E-gate to Cloverleaf
  • Worked with support to transition and train individuals on integration technology
  • Managed the successful implementation of Pumps, Fetal monitors, PACS, Weight scale, ECG, and Vital sign monitor
  • Lead the workflow analysis and redesign; developed training and policy and procedures

Project Manager
Nov 2016 - present
Baltimore, MD


  • Lead the implementation of TeleHealth for ambulatory and Pre-Surgy
  • Lead the enterprise implementation of Cerner and patient bed management, tracking system, and device integration. Lead the current and future state analysis, testing, and training and cross-functional team.
  • Developed partnership with business stakeholders and leadership to understand their business needs and define application requirements. Managed Clinical, Business, integration, security and infrastructure SME in support of the implementation of an Enterprise solution
  • Developed and Managed implementation, applications, projects, integration, technical designs, and strategies. Lead integration development, technical requirements, identified and resolved complex problems, designed and implemented viable solutions to operational and technical challenges.
  • Lead process development representing system functionality, consult user community on improvement opportunities and liaison between users, IT technical staff, and vendor relationships.
  • Formulate long and short-term plans analyzes plans, policies, programs and directives to determine requirements reviews life-cycle management processes to determine support and replacement resource requirements.
Project Management Stakeholder Engagement
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Integration Lead
Information Technology
Oct 2014 - Nov 2016
Phoenix, AZ
  • Lead the enterprise-wide integration solution between Cerner and Tele Tracking, ARIA, HIE, 3M, CBOARD, RIS/DICOM, Pharmacy (340B), Mobile MD, LAB, RCM, Blackbaud, and device integration.
  • Coordinate/Manage the entire lifecycle of interface solution
  • analysis, requirements, design, test, implementation and support
  • developers, functional/business/clinical stakeholders, Cerner FSI, Vendors and Leadership
  • Worked with other departments and community partner teams to ensure interoperability and joint implementation of commercial products addresses issues and develops mitigation for issues previously experienced by the health system.
  • Responsible for developing proposed system design and interface specifications based on identified business needs using structured analytical techniques, employing technical and specific business knowledge.
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Institute of Inner Science Center
Information Technology
Jan 2010 - Jan 2016

Project Manager, Contract 2016 to 2018

  • Managed cost-effective interoperability business solution
  • Provided application analysis and standards in support of integration and implementation of an enterprise solution

Sr. Application Consultant, Contract 2010 to 2014

  • Lead the implementation of TeleHealth for community outreach
  • Led analysis, gather requirements, plan, map interface specifications, and implementation
  • Provided leadership and coordination in setting up community-based rural clinics
  • Led process development representing system functionality
  • Consulted user community on improvement opportunities and served as a liaison between users, IT technical staff, and vendor relationships
  • Maintained communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organization
Project Management
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Clinical Application
Information Technology
Feb 2013 - Sep 2013
Dallas, TX
  • Provided leadership and coordination in implementation, upgrades, integration, configuration, customization, high availability, training, and support of clinical systems.
  • Lead the upgrade and support for enterprise-wide Oncology - ARIA, Provation, and other ancillary systems. Implemented high availability solution for ARIA. Provided HL7 integration for Varian - ARIA & Provation.
  • Successfully build credibility, establish rapport, and maintain communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organization.
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Lead Business Solution
Information Technology
Sep 2011 - Apr 2012
Nashville, TN
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, business users, and technical solution providers to understand business needs and participate in the solution definition (business processes, technology, and data) to support business goals and initiatives.
  • HL7 (ADT, SIU, ORU, ORM), HIE, Cold feed and EDI integration for EHR solution, Identity Federate solution
  • Collaborate, review, facilitate, and develop current state and future state business processes and workflows, functional and non-functional requirements, use case, solution requirement, and test scripts.
  • Provided real-time HL7 and file transfer interface subject matter expert leadership and coordinate modifications, issue identification, and resolution, as well as process and data testing.
  • Analyzed, evaluated, and created integration impact assessments / technical requirements based upon user and endpoint application functional requirements.
  • Managed migration strategies, developers, consultants, and technical resources
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Sr. IT Project Manager
Feb 2009 - Nov 2009
Houston, TX

Defined and initiated projects, lead teams, managed schedules, risks, and issues while working to ensure the ultimate success and acceptance. Presented dashboard reports on the current status, future opportunities and issues to stakeholders and Sr. Leadership as appropriate Tele Tracking, PICIS

  • OR Manager, GE
  • RIS/PACS, Siemens -Cardiology
  • Participated in executive decision-making bodies and recommend ways IT can contribute to organizational success.
  • Present information to either individuals or groups effectively and respond appropriately (technical and non-technical)
  • Translate strategic plans and mission objectives provided by Information Technology (IT) into vision and guidance for IT field staff.
MS Visio Project Management Stakeholder Engagement
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Sr. Clinical Analyst
Medical Devices
Aug 2008 - Jan 2009
Greenwood, SC
  • Developed and managed work objectives, sets priorities, assigns tasks, coordinates operations, and monitors work progress related to clinical and business applications.
  • McKesson
  • Bedside medication administration, Oncology (Varian & ECLIPSE)
  • Coordinated incident resolution and problem management within the organization and submit corrective action recommendations to problems.
  • Coordinated the development of training modules for nursing, non-clinical, and physicians.
  • Mentored and coached team members - Clinical, Non-clinical and IT
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Clinical Application/Solution Architect
Information Technology
Feb 2008 - Jul 2008
  • Provided comprehensive technical expertise related to migration, implementation of an integrated single-vendor solution. Provided analyses, the solution to clinical and business systems and user needs.
  • Developed blueprint for migration/conversion to a single-vendor solution (McKesson)
  • Managed and developed an integration plan for migration and implementation of a new EHR & Revenue cycle solution.
  • Managed and developed migration strategies to close gaps between the current and future state of the clinical application architecture
Applications Architecture Solutions Architecture
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Enterprise Application Architect
Medical Devices
Aug 1998 - Jan 2008
Madisonville, KY
  • Lead interface engine selection process Lead the migration process from E-gate to Cloverleaf
  • Assist with the selection process of interface engine developed and managed the migration from E-gate to Cloverleaf.
  • Successfully implemented RCM, Facets, Cloverleaf, EMPI, EHR, EMR interface (HL7 (ADT, SIU, ORU, ORM), EDI, DICOM)) solution for Acute care & Ambulatory
  • Lead the architect, integration, and technical team for the HIS, EMR, EHR Revenue cycle & implementation of enterprise applications.
  • Managed the successful implementation of EMR/EHR solutions for hospital and ambulatory.
  • Setup and Coordinated effective patch management process, upgrades, application security modules, problem analysis, and root cause analysis, and release management.
  • Developed training modules for physicians, Clinical, Business, and IT users. Provided on-going training for new and current staff members and super users.
  • Oversaw overall expansion, upgrades, standardization, and integration of systems their interconnectivity and practical applications within the organization.
  • Provided technical expertise and management on the implementation of assigned programs and projects. Reviews directives, policies, programs, enterprise-wide functional user requirements, and acquisition strategies/vehicles for program-related issues to determine the impact and implications in supporting information systems.
Applications Architecture Database Upgrades
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Application Specialist
Information Technology
Apr 1994 - Jul 1998
Walnut Creek, CA
  • Successfully lead the implementation of software development, releases, and upgrades.
  • Participated in testing and implemented changes in software applications.
  • Coordinated with business units and super users on the operational impacts.
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Non-cloudteam Skill
Master's in Science in Mechanical Engineering
California State University
Project Management
Applications Architecture
Database Upgrades
Stakeholder Engagement
Agile Methodology
Data Center
Delivery Management
MS Visio
Program Management
Release Management
Solutions Architecture