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4727 East Warner Road Apt 1010
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Business Analyst I
10 years experience W2
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Business Analyst I
Sep 2016 - Jun 2020
Little Rock, AR
  • Communicated trends and patterns to limit membership abrasion
  • Used root cause analysis to identify information gaps and identify anomalies from various sources
  • Adjusted rapidly to new situations warranting attention and resolutions and provided accurate remediation.
  • Assisted in the design of data analytics and data warehousing systems
  • Assisted in the research, contact, and effort needed to adjust aging authorizations and obligations.
  • Supported specific project task tracking and short-term milestone tracking
  • Provided updates at weekly cross-functional review meetings, including tracking and resolution of issues and defects
  • Worked with Technology Product Owners to document business requirements, supporting transition of current state processes to align with new technology platforms and flows
Business Analysis
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Community Waiver
Apr 2012 - Sep 2016
Arkadelphia, AR
  • Assisted in the necessary daily care of residents
  • Administered and documented prescribed medications as ordered
  • Participated in data collection and performance improvement reporting processes
  • Ensured confidentiality of resident health information in accordance to HIPAA
  • Collaborates with various program officials in preparing multi-disciplinary replies to inquiries. Takes time to fully understand questions, perform needed research, and provide complete responses.
  • Locate and interpret instructions and policy disseminated by national Community Care and other offices to recommend actions needed to ensure compliance and determine their effect on program operations. Used judgment to choose, adapt, and interpret the guidelines to specific cases or problems and/or to interpret various polices and regulations.
  • Consistently communicates and treats veterans, staff, and others in a courteous, tactful, and respectful manner. Shares information and interacts in a helpful manner to promote successful outcomes. Adjusts to change or work pressure in a pleasant manner. Conducts himself/herself with honesty and integrity in communications with others.
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Financial Analyst (Internship)
Dec 2012 - Aug 2014
Sherwood, AR
Financial Financial Analyst (Internship)
  • Consolidated and analyzed financial data budgets, income statement forecasts, etc
  • Provided creative alternatives to reduce costs and improve financial performance
  • Assembled and summarized data to structure sophisticated reports on all financial aspects
  • Developed financial models, conducted benchmarking and process analysis
  • Communicated both orally and in writing with management to guide and influence long-term and strategic decisions
  • Assists departments including, but not limited to: Fiscal, on budget formulation, obligation management, budget execution, and reconciliations.
  • Prepared analysis to aid in funds distributions, projections, management of obligations, and budget projections in accordance with federal appropriations law.
  • Used information from various financial and data systems to keep accounting and projections for assigned fund control points and request adjustments and additional funds if necessary.
  • Collected information to be used in formal presentations
  • Used programs such as Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server to extract, compile, and analyze data.
Microsoft Excel SQL
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Ashford University 2015
Henderson State University 2012
Business Analysis
Microsoft Excel