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7507 Chippewa Trail
Cleveland, OH 44130
27 years experience W2
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I'm a well-organized team player with the ability to adapt to new situations and learn quickly. A strong attention to details and excellent problem solving skills enables me to successfully meet challenges and deadlines. Give my employer 110 percent effort in whatever I do.

Information Technology
Aug 2008 - present
I do conversion of new client implementation in the developing of EDI maps. Converting maps using new EDI software EDIC and migrating new maps from old mapping software Mercator to EDIC and still maintain the maps in Mercator. Design customer specifications. Design and implement FTP scripts. Develop edifact mapping. Help data processors with error and issues and how to improve the problem. Attend client meeting and discuss steps on getting client setup. Create ftp script to pull data in. Write batch scripts to automate excel file to be mapped. Talk to clients and carrier to discuss best possible solution to integrating to our internal software. Create batch scripts in helping with mapping process. Manage department that we are up to date with software and handle any issues that occur. Handle the higher end implementations for the company in my department.
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Computer Programmer
Information Technology
Nov 1997 - present
Developing and testing programs using COBOL for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) applications. Maintaining primary responsibility for updating EDI standards tables for ANSI and trading partner requirements. I was also responsible for maintenance and execution of a custom interface developed in Microsoft Access in order to process the importing and conversion of spreadsheets to be loaded into electronic catalogs for GSA (General Service Administration).
Cobol EDI
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Aug 2006 - Mar 2007
In charge of payroll and the inputting of employee information into ACS payroll system. Deal with day to day activity that the employees needed. Dealing with health insurance, child support, and 401k plans. Also was in charge of funding money coming into the company I would log into books and make deposits to the bank.
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Information Technology
Mar 2004 - Nov 2005
Beach Wood I assisted in the conversion of new client implementation in the developing of EDI maps. Design Carrier and Client specifications. I used PROEDI and Application Integrator mapping software to map standards. Work with transaction set such as 204,214,210,820,824,997. Used day to day FTP method to get files transferred back and forth to customers. Writing ftp procedures to get data in to system to get mapped. Installed companies base core product on to customer site by live meeting or telnet in. Help with day today problems customer was having with product or any changes needed to maps by client. Plan and implement EDI partnerships. Improve any methods that were needed for our customer or core product. Attend user conference meeting with clients and see what problems they were having and obtain new customer.
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Programmer Analyst
Information Technology
Apr 2000 - Jan 2004
Assisted in the conversion of new client implementation in the developing of new EDI maps. Assisted in the design of customer specifications for are European customers and our US customers. Successfully developing and designing specifications to feed the information into our customer's warehousing computer system. Successfully converted a manual circulation scheduling system into an automated system that reduced process time from weeks to one day. Successfully wrote UNIX scripts to ftp a file or get a file from customer site which involved automated to reduced process time. Successfully parsing of data and the cleaning up of data in their files. Assisted in mapping using GE software GXS Application Integrator. Provided technical support to users of our Enterprise System. Work with transaction sets such as 204,214, 810,830,855,850, 856, 997, any to any maps and edifact standards. Send data to the Van so customer can get their files or send. Assisted in monitoring our mainframe jobs and EDI system and provide the support that is needed in any failures besides developing. Developed flows charts of our final implementation. Developing of email programs in receiving data and sending data to our customer. Information Access
EDI FTP Unix scripts
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Information Technology
May 1995 - Feb 1997
Computer Operator Monitor the execution of nightly jobs. Maintaining the system operations IBM ES9000 and TANDEM mainframe environments. My regular duties included the monitoring of all mainframe computer systems, notifying programmers and assisting in the corrections of the jobs that abend, processing and sorting departmental paperwork, tape drive, tape loading and maintenance, laser printer maintenance and print distribution including loading of laser link. I was also responsible for working one-on-one with representatives from each department in the organization.
Database Maintenance
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Computer Science
Cuyahoga Community College 1994
Minor: Business Management
Business Management
University of Akron 1991
Minor: Computer Science
Hondros Career Center and College Indepence
Certified Appraiser
Unix scripts
Database Maintenance
EDI Analyst
Microsoft Excel