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Vancouver, WA 98660
Interim Director of Labor Relations
20 years experience W2
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Interim Director of Labor Relations
Mar 2019 - present
with Providence Responsible for providing overall direction on all labor relations issues, including bargaining and administration of contracts, advising leadership on union issues, and working with the Chief Human Resources Officers and HR Strategic Partners in developing standards and policies. Principal Consultant, Labor & Employee Relations Responsible for serving as a strategic consultant to local HR and operations leaders where subject-matter expertise is needed. Provides recommendations for best practice approaches to labor and employee relations, collective bargaining, grievance, and ULP resolution, adherence to HR policies, compliance with regulatory and system requirements, investigation direction, and making recommendations for workplace improvements.
  • Principal labor and employee relations leader for Northern California, Oregon, and Southwest Washington.
  • Strike operations leader for multiple multi-facility Union strikes.
  • Risk Mitigation Expert
  • labor fundamentals for core leaders, risk assessments, engagement action plan review, issues identification, and plan development.
  • Successful and ongoing collaboration with labor/employment counsel to prepare and lead constant collective bargaining negotiations and contract implementations.
  • Successfully designed and executed multiple leadership development curriculums, working towards positive leadership transformation and sustainable engagement throughout the PJSH and SHS system (s). Creative approach to stimulating an organization's culture through innovative HR administration, proactive and impactful employee relations, and resourceful and coordinated operational planning. Human Resources Leader with a talent for launching programs and contributing expertise for transformation that positively impacts the employee experience and overall business objectives. Adept at optimizing relationships with executive management, core leaders, employees, and business partners across various organizational levels.
  • Strategic Human Resources Planning Employee Relations
  • Labor Relations
  • High Performing Talent Acquisition
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Union Avoidance/Training
  • Labor Fundamentals
  • Contract Management
  • Workplace Investigations E a s t m a n
  • K i n g | P a g e | 2
Compliance Contract Management Performance Management Project Management Risk Assessment
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Director, Employee & Labor Relations
Nov 2017 - Mar 2019
Served as a principal Service Area Leader on labor and employee relations matters and activities occurring within the Service Area. Provided prompt advice to leaders on the full range of labor and employee relations matters collaborated closely with the Service Area Human Resources Leaders to execute, implement, and oversee ongoing labor and employee relations activities.
  • Significantly reduced Service Area grievances from previous year, coaching and mentoring towards favorable manager/union relations.
  • Recognized for successfully bargaining multiple collective bargaining agreements aligning the terms with business and operational objectives.
  • Led the bargaining strategy for standardization of multiple service lines across the system.
  • Collaborated with Senior Leaders to bargain the impact of several operational restructures to align span of control and enhanced services across the Service Area.
  • Partnered with local HR business associates to create a sustainable leadership development program highlighting just culture, performance management, HR processes, manager/labor relations, and the employee experience.
Performance Management Project Management
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VP of Human Resources (HRD) / Facility Compliance Officer
Sep 2016 - Nov 2017
Provided executive-level leadership, integrating innovative HR practices, policies, and programs while working with Senior Leaders to develop a business strategy in a very challenging market. Worked with the HR team to pioneer a labor strategy to minimize costly grievances and improve relations overall. Collaborated with corporate resources, ensuring continued success and risk mitigation with the local compliance program.
  • Promoted to Vice President overseeing the Lab Services and Hospitality Services Leaders and operations.
  • Realigned focus on employee engagement and retention, sustainably decreasing turnover.
  • Acted as the chief negotiator, successfully settling on four (4) open collective bargaining agreements.
  • Successfully planned and implemented strike operation plans during labor unrest.
  • Reduced critical vacancies while slashing contract labor costs.
  • Championed the design of an in-house Occupational Health Program tailored for employee health needs, reducing occupational health costs related to onboarding, compliance, and worker's compensation management.
Project Management
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Director of Staffing
Aug 2015 - Sep 2016
Delivered guidance and vital HR resources to leadership regarding legal regulations within staffing, scheduling, and contract labor.
  • Advocated for innovative HR strategies to develop and sustain key processes, improving the quality of patient care, employee morale, and simultaneously reducing facility premium workforce costs. E a s t m a n
  • K i n g | P a g e | 3
  • Dramatically improved the organization's productivity by streamlining the nursing services staffing matrix and pioneering an electronic staffing/scheduling platform.
  • Reduced department waste, seeing a savings of eight percent (8%) on the fiscal budget.
Project Management
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Human Resources Generalist & Recruiter
Nov 2013 - Mar 2015
Directed various HR functions and initiatives, including talent acquisition, policy and procedure development, employee engagement activities, and employee/labor relations. Worked with hospital management to pinpoint gaps in leadership, organizational effectiveness, and work performance. Administered contract/agency staff and conducted performance evaluations and company assessments.
  • Transformed new hire orientation to engage new employees and emphasize the company mission while delivering the why behind our core values.
  • Revamped recruitment platform to utilize the tools correctly, promptly filling critical vacancies and reducing contract labor costs through forward-thinking position control measures. Additional Work Experience
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Laboratory Assistant
Jan 2007 - Jan 2011
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Emergency Room Unit Coordinator
Jan 2002 - Jan 2004
Mt. Shasta | Mt. Shasta, California
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Emergency Medical Technician
Medical Devices
Jan 2002 - Jan 2004
| Mt. Shasta Ambulance
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Western Governors University
Health Administration BSHA
University of Phoenix
Project Management
Performance Management
Contract Management
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