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Merriam, KS 66203
Contract Senior consultant/project manager/lead
25 years experience W2
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  • Points of discussion and interest
  • 20+ years of IT experience with the majority being in Project and Management roles came up through the ranks.
  • Managed internal and matrix teams of two to several hundred IT professionals in projects ranging from three months to several years in duration
  • Proficient in all phases of software development lifecycle (SDLC) Excel in cross functional implementation plan development, maintenance and execution
  • Ability to work with all levels of management and IT professionals to develop successful systems.
  • Mediated discussions and linked business needs to technical solutions
  • Proficient at creating and implementing company and departmental procedures.
  • Consistently developed all phases of Quality Assurance, defining all testing environments, SIT, UAT, release, upgrade and implementation testing.

Contract Senior consultant/project manager/lead
Jan 1997 - present
* Relocated to design application and lead team in the development of new patient records tracking system and implement and distribute system across enterprise locations. Project delayed and materialization of project funding dissolved.
Project Management
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Contract Project Manager/Sr. Consultant Multiple returning contracts
Jan 1997 - Jan 1997
  • Project Manager of several large projects including design for Project management system.
  • Assisted with development and implementation of project management system.
  • Provided process and procedures for change control process.
  • Project Manager of several large projects including design for Project management system.
  • Managed several project managers on numerous projects.
  • Provided project spreadsheet to track progress and estimates and then costs, status and time to tasks remaining for project.
  • Followed Six Sigma standards, Waterfall standards. Provided the design for the project management system and helped implement that system along with project tracking of costs, progress, resources, which is now their standard.
  • Business Analysis securing project requirements, defined project plan and project tasks, production flow.
  • Defined critical path, assigned tasks to respective team members defined technical project steps
  • Reviewed team member progress reports and testing results.
  • Managed multiple Project managers and teams exceeding 2000 plus persons.
  • Gave presentations to respective business clients to review system overview requirements and progress.
  • Implemented tasks for conversion from legacy system to new environment.
  • Projects covered eCommerce, Mortgage/Brokerage and Brokerage networks and Personnel Online, Online Banking, Visual Mortgage, LoanLine, Loan Solutions Mortgage Network, VGS, Quality Center testing environment, developed test scripts for SIT testing, UAT testing and implementation testing. Oversaw team Migration of new software for releases to numerous sites across the country
eCommerce Strategies HP QC Project Management Project Planning Waterfall
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Contract Project Manager
Jan 1997 - Jan 1997
  • Designed and architected a Human Resources data warehousing System and secured project requirements
  • Completed all project management documentation, defined project plan, and all project tasks.
  • Completed data analysis, overall systems design, database modeling and design, and defined production flow.
Data Warehousing Project Management Project Planning System Design
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Contract Sr. Consultant, project lead/design Architect
Jan 1997 - Jan 1997
  • Managed the entire project, setup workflow, defined all tasks and processes and procedures.
  • Designed their North American Tire distribution and warehouse system.
  • Created and defined all procedures, processes, and environments for quality assurance and testing. Acquieon Contract Sr. Consultant, Projects Lead
  • Assigning tasks to developers, testers and development Oracle DBA's to maintain the client data both physical and logical.
  • Defined developer testing procedures and environment.
  • Assisted in the setup and implementation of the SAP system.
DBA Oracle SAP
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Contract Senior Oracle Design Architect
Jan 1997 - Jan 1997
  • Managed several projects for the conversion of insurance legacy based system to Oracle server environment.
  • Provided method specifications for insurance sub-systems including general ledger financials
  • Reviewed GUI Visual Basic screen layouts Netherlands Insurance Contract Senior Systems Analyst/Consultant
  • Managed project for converting legacy agent sub-system to Oracle environment
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Contract Project Manager/Consultant
Jan 1997 - Jan 1997
Managed and assigned all projects. Provided input for technical and software development for medical records, prescription interaction, claims submission, and accounting interface. Smartpay Digital Banking Contract Digital electronic banking system First Internet/telephone
  • Designed and developed Digital Internet/telephone electronic banking and bill paying system.
  • Wrote the system, selected hardware, tested and secured certifications
  • Made all selections regarding software, hardware contract services and software development, managed and negotiated contracts for all vender relations . Ascalapian Contract Sr Consultant
  • Setup and designed a full clinical medical system, project development life cycle and over saw project. Selected Hardware and software for each clinic and managed relations, contracts and maintenance agreements.
  • Performed technical analyst. Integrated to Mutual of Omaha claims processing and bill paying system. Guarantee Mutual Contract Project Manager/Design Architect
  • Performed duties of project manager and technical lead overseeing all development and implementation including testing.
Project Management
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Non-cloudteam Skill
Iowa Western Community College
Bellevue College
PMP others
Metropolitan Community College Omaha, Nebraska, Financial Investment License, TESOL/TEFL teachers ce
and Training
Oracle DBA Masters Certification, PowerBuilder
Oracle Financials Applications PowerBuilder Mastering DataWindows
Oracle New Features for Administrators PowerBuilder Performance Tuning and Techniques
Oracle Backup and Recovery Pathway
Oracle Symmetric Replication NonStop SQL
Oracle Data Modeling and Design Databases Tandem
Oracle DBA Administer 1 Tandem SQL Series (8 classes)
Oracle Tuning and Troubleshooting Data Communications Concepts
Oracle PL/SQL Tacl Command Language and Tacl Programming
Requestor/Server with Tal Concepts and Facilities
Tandem Multi LAN/WAN distributed systems (Cloud)
IT Consultant
Performs tasks of IT Consultant, IT Management, IT Project Management, Team Lead, Systems Design, Da
Managed staffs of 2100 plus
Budgets of 20 million plus
Defined processes and procedures for companies entire Information Technology needs improving functio
Designed and implemented project management systems for several companies
with cost saving of hundreds of thousands. (20+ years)
Managed entire staffs, on shore and off shore, and all functions of the IT departments. (20+ Years)
Managed budgets, vender agreements (both hardware and software) relations, contracts and Maintenance
Managed relations from both the business and technology, translating into understandable dialog for
20+ Years
Managed client facing relations and preformed presentations to clients, stake holders and upper Mana
Covid 19 Albuquerque NM
The State Governor shut down everything because of Covid19 and all the jobs in the state ceased
I got layoff due to covid when the Governor shutdown the state
I moved to Overland Park KS. No jobs here because of covid
Project Management
Data Warehousing
eCommerce Strategies
Microsoft Excel
Project Planning
Quality Assurance
System Design