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Oklahoma City, OK 73101
Sr. Salesforce Consultant
14 years experience W2
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  • Nearly 8 years of IT experience in Application Software Designing, Development, Testing and Implementation using Salesforce CRM and Java/J2EE technology.
  • Over 7 years of experience with Salesforce customization, Security Access, Workflow Rules, Approval Processes, Data Validation, Analytics, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support Administration in Force.com platform.
  • Experience in the complete life cycle of project development (SDLC) and in working with Agile Scrum Methodologies.
  • Experience in analyzing a functional requirement and converting it into technical specifications.
  • Proficiency in building data model by creating apps, objects, tabs, fields with various field types, establishing relationship using Master-Detail, Lookup and Many-to-Many relationship.
  • Strong exposure in implementing business logics using formula fields, cross object formulas, validation rules, roll up summary fields, field dependencies, etc.
  • Experience in setting up user interface using Page types, page elements, and page layouts, record types and configuring home page using home page layouts and home page components.
  • Experience working with integration features such as callouts, future methods, REST and SOAP APIs.
  • Expertise in Sales cloud, Service cloud and Marketing cloud and acquainted with customizing standard Salesforce application.
  • Proficiency in implementing Salesforce security model by creating users, roles, public groups, queues, profiles, field level security, and permission sets. Also worked on controlling record visibility using OWD, role hierarchy, and sharing rules.
  • Worked extensively with Data Import Wizard, Apex Data Loader, and Workbench for Data Management.
  • Experience in Data export, scheduled export and setting up search layouts.
  • Good at other administrative tasks such as setting up audit trail, field history tracking, creating email templates and list views.
  • Automated business process by creating workflow rules, configuring immediate and time dependent workflow rule actions, configuring approval process, assignment rules for Leads and Cases.
  • Extensive experience in creating reports, scheduling reports, dashboards, setting up dynamic dashboard filters, and scheduling dashboard refresh.
  • Experience in creating Service cloud console, configuring agent console, developing Force.com sites, enabling and using customer portal and partner portal.
  • Expertise in apex programming language, apex triggers, apex scheduler, batch apex, apex web service and partner WSDL and Enterprise WSDL.
  • Experience in customizing Salesforce CRM user interface using Visualforce, custom controllers, extensions, CSS and JavaScript libraries.
  • Installed Apps from AppExchange, Configured and maintained user Security Permissions in compliance with organizational needs.
  • Experience in managing full sandbox, developer sandbox and Configuration-only sandbox.

Sr. Salesforce Consultant
Mar 2016 - present


  • Configured Sales cloud to enable client's Sales process by implementing a) a process to capture and progress lead and data loading from RigDig b) Account and Contact management c) Opportunity management with Products and PriceBook d) Activity management and e) Chatter for collaboration and communication purposes.
  • Attended meetings to interact with end users to gather the requirements and documented them as per client's business requirements document artifact.
  • Analyzed the requirements and prepared the functional design specification document and assisted in converting it to technical design specification document.
  • Worked on standard objects such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Products, and Price Books and created various custom objects per requirements.
  • Managed users, security, roles, profiles, groups, page layouts, queues and other Salesforce.com setup options as needed for the Sales team.
  • Automated client's sales process using workflow rules and approval processes.
  • Developed various Apex classes, triggers and Visualforce pages per business requirements.
  • Provided detailed analysis and recommendation for use of Salesforce lightning vs. Salesforce classic (aloha) UI.
  • Participated and contributed ideas in team meetings that address strategic business initiatives involving Salesforce.
  • Designed and presented a solution to load huge volume of invoice data from the client's legacy system.
  • Created various reports and dashboards per reporting requirements.
  • Assisted in migrating data from various source systems to Salesforce with the help of SSIS package and command line data loader.
  • Created test scripts, train-the-trainer training document and trained SMEs to use the application and provide training to their internal end users.

Environment: Salesforce.com CRM platform, Apex, Visualforce, Command Line Data loader, and custom objects, page layouts, workflows, triggers, email templates, Force.com IDE, Force.com Migration tool.

APEX Salesforce VisualForce
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Sr. Salesforce Consultant
Jul 2015 - Feb 2016


  • Attended meetings and interacted with various business team members to gather the requirements.
  • Design and development is being done using Agile Methodology.
  • Prepared the Functional requirements document based on the requirements from the Business SME's.
  • Developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application. Migrated data from external sources and performed insert, delete, upsert, export operations on millions of records.
  • Involved in Salesforce.com Application Setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional needs of the organization.
  • Extensive experience with Permission Sets, Roles, Profiles, Licensing Types and Sharing Rules and their usage in providing various levels of access to the users.
  • Created workflow rules and defined related tasks, time-triggered tasks, email alerts, field updates to implement business logic.
  • Created users, roles, public groups and implemented role hierarchies, sharing rules and record level permissions to provide shared access among different users.
  • Created page layouts, search layouts to organize fields, custom links, related lists and other components on record detail pages and edit pages.
  • Built Batch Apex triggers that update the fields and its related records on operations like update delete and insert.
  • Used SOQL & SOSL with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects.
  • Used Salesforce Automation (SFA) for Sales Lead Management, Campaign Management, Opportunity Management, Account and Contact Management.
  • Developed custom Visualforce pages that handle the business process with the respective UI development Using Java scripts, JQuery languages.
  • Automated the functionality by writing Triggers and Apex Classes.
  • Reengineered APEX code already in production.
  • Implemented pick lists, dependent pick lists, lookups, master detail relationships, validation and formula fields to the custom objects.
  • Involved in Data Modeling and Designing to create Custom Objects and customize Standard Objects.
  • Provided the training and technical documentation to the internal business users to use the application and develop their own custom reports.

Environment: SalesForce.com CRM platform, Apex, Visualforce, JavaScript, Data loader, and custom objects, page layouts, workflows, triggers, email templates, Force.com IDE, JIRA, Accurev, Force.com Migration tool.

Salesforce SoQL APEX VisualForce Java
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Sr. Salesforce Developer
Information Technology
Apr 2014 - Jun 2015


  • Involved in requirement gathering, analyzing the information and documenting the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Designed, and developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes, extensions and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Responsible for building an application based on business rules on the Saleforce.com platform with customized VF pages, Controllers and Apex triggers.
  • Worked on various salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Opportunities, Products, Opportunity Line Items, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and dashboards in Sales Cloud.
  • Worked on Profiles, Permission Sets, Roles, Groups, and Sharing Rules to maintain security.
  • Helped to automate some business processes by creating workflows (email notification/fields/updates/tasks).
  • Created workflows to send emails to users if field values are changed in standard or custom objects.
  • Importing and exporting of large volumes of data using the Data Loader.
  • Defined lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects and created junction objects to establish connectivity among objects.
  • Customized different objects at field-level, implementing advanced fields such as Pick lists, Field Dependencies, Custom Formula Fields and Validation Rules.
  • Worked with Visualforce list Controllers for pagination and to get the output in a list of records and also worked with Visualforce styling sheets and components to override all the standard styling on the pages to get the desired display or output.
  • Configuring Email-2-Case customizing the service cloud for various business support groups.
  • Created various Reports (summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts, dashboards and graphics) and Report Folders to assist managers to better utilize Salesforce as a sales tool and configured various Reports for different user profiles based on the organization's need.
  • Assigned workflows for Lead conversion, transfers, merging duplicates, managing web-to-lead to track responses to online campaigns.
  • Maintained data cleanliness and accuracy by adding custom validation rules and custom formulas.
  • Customized the Reports & Dashboards to track usage for productivity and performance of business centers and their sales teams.

Environment: SalesForce.com CRM platform, MS Visio, MS project, Apex, Visualforce, HTML, JavaScript, Data loader, S-objects and custom objects, Layouts, Workflows, triggers, email templates Approvals, Reports, Dashboards, Sandbox, Eclipse, Web Services.

Eclipse HTML JavaScript Salesforce Salesforce Developer Sandbox Triggers APEX VisualForce Project Management MS Project
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SFDC Developer
Information Technology
Jan 2013 - Mar 2014


  • Worked extensively with the business sales and marketing teams for gathering business requirements and effectively communicated guidelines regarding project scope and project estimation timelines on a regular basis.
  • Designed user roles and permission levels in Sales Cloud for sales people and marketers for two business units.
  • Developed a Visualforce page and assigned to Home tab displaying Approvals, Tasks and multiple object links using Components.
  • Created Visualforce Components to minimize the code and Re-use of components in different Visualforce pages.
  • Involved in identifying, planning new Salesforce.com features and functions (new screens, workflow, force.com objects, and reports) in response to business needs.
  • Created Tabular, Summary, Matrix and Joined Reports using standard and custom Report Types.
  • Created Visualforce pages for custom search and display of results.
  • Implemented Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) by using Cisco adapters.
  • Worked on Profiles, Permission Sets, Roles, Groups and Sharing Rules to maintain security.
  • Maintained the test coverage for developed or existing code.
  • Created and updated test classes to maintain code coverage and avoid problems in deployment process.
  • Documented the design, developments, Deployments, user interface and Data architecture of the project.
  • Worked as Delivery manager for deployments. Deployed the Code, customization and field level security.
  • Used a third party tool called Dell boomi to integrate with legacy system to Salesforce.com by developing Apex classes with SOQL queries.
  • Used the sandbox for testing and also performed User acceptance testing.

Environment: Saleforce.com Enterprise Edition, App Exchange, Apex, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Security Controls, Data Management, Lead processes, Record types, Sandbox, UAT.

Salesforce APEX Sandbox SoQL VisualForce Project Management Data Architecture Cisco
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SFDC Developer/Admin
Information Technology
Oct 2011 - Dec 2012


  • Experience in Agile methodology for Requirements gathering and Project was divided into Sprints.
  • Managing User module to give access permissions to the underlying data as per the profiles defined and managing ownership of records whenever there is change of User in the organization.
  • Worked with various salesforce.com objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Working with multiple sandboxes.
  • Worked with SOQL Queries and SOSL Queries.
  • Data Migration using Apex Data Loader.
  • Development of Test Methods for all the Apex methods and Triggers.
  • Developing batch apex.
  • Migrated data from different environments to Salesforce by using data loader and third party tools.
  • Created sliders, custom buttons, and auto-grow text areas and imported HTML editor into Visualforce pages. Involved in working with CSS and Java Scripting while designing the Visualforce Pages.
  • Created and used Email templates in HTML and Visualforce.
  • Developed and configured various Custom Reports and Report Folders for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Involved in SFDC application support for end user.
  • Lead and co-ordinate with offshore development teams during development in various sprints of the project.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Force.com IDE, Triggers, Visualforce, Apex, Data Loader, Sandbox

Agile Methodology CSS Java Salesforce APEX HTML Sandbox SoQL Triggers VisualForce Data Migration Scripting
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Salesforce Admin/Developer
Information Technology
Nov 2009 - Aug 2011


  • Created various custom objects, established Lookup and Master-Detail relationship among objects as per the functional requirements. Also created junction objects to establish Many-to-Many relationship among the objects.
  • Designed, developed and deployed Apex classes, triggers, controller classes, and extensions. Also developed batch and schedule Apex classes as per the functional requirements.
  • Developed various Visualforce pages using Standard, Custom Controller and Controller Extensions.
  • Created Page Layouts, Record Types, Validation Rules, Custom tabs, and Email templates as per business.
  • Created Users, various Profiles, Permission Sets and configured the permissions based on the organizational hierarchy requirements.
  • Automated business process using Workflow Rules and defined related tasks, time triggered tasks, email alerts, field updates. Also created Approval Processes to implement business logic.
  • Used SOQL and SOSL with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform sObjects.
  • Created various custom Reports and Dashboards and deployed them for different business user levels.
  • Developed test classes to maintain the overall code coverage of 95%. And used Change Sets to migrate all the required components to test sandbox and then deployed to production org after testing.
  • Involved with Salesforce.com Premier Support and handled the support cases with the help of Salesforce.com Support.

Environment: Salesforce.com platform, Apex Classes, Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visualforce Page and its components, Security Controls, Workflow, Approval Processes, Eclipse IDE.

Salesforce APEX Eclipse Sandbox SoQL Triggers VisualForce Salesforce Admin
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Java/J2EEE developer
Information Technology
Jun 2008 - Oct 2009


  • Developed use cases, class diagrams and sequence diagrams using Visio as per the requirements.
  • Part of the team which was responsible for designing and developing the application in n-tier fashion as per struts based MVC architecture standards.
  • Utilized the various J2EE Design Patterns to develop the business modules based on the required functionality.
  • Responsible for developing the application level flow by utilizing Java, JSP and Struts.
  • Responsible for developing the OS specific scripts (Shell Scripts) for automating the closing doc process.
  • Used JavaScript front end validations.
  • Developed Session beans and entity Beans representing business logic abstractions.
  • Responsible for testing of application on various levels like integration and system testing by utilizing various methodologies.
  • Involved in bug fixing of development and production issues.
  • Provided support to the onshore team during different test phases from time to time.

Environment: Java Server Pages (JSP), JavaScript, CSS, Java, Servlets, Oracle 10g, Eclipse, Visio.

Design Patterns J2EE Java Servlet JSP MVC Oracle Struts CSS Eclipse Java JavaScript
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Computer Science and Engineering
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Certification Number: 4447093
Project Management
Salesforce Admin
Agile Methodology
Data Architecture
Data Migration
Design Patterns
Java Servlet
MS Project
Salesforce Developer